I got married too young at 20 years old to a gal 5 years older, and after a couple of years the relationship was about done. In this marriage, she would sometimes give me light spankings on my bare bottom but nothing real severe. She was the aggressor of these mild spankings, which I loved most about her.

I did crave real spankings, so one day I suggested she give me real spankings and maybe things would get better. This surprised her. She thought I was just letting her do what she wanted. I informed her that I actually liked them and maybe getting a good spanking with a belt or paddle would be a good way to go.

She wasted no time taking me into the bedroom, undressing me, then have me bend over the bed. She then took a belt and gave me about two dozen strokes and I must say they really hurt. That was the beginning of some real spanking play that made the marriage last a couple more years. I also must say there was a time where she took a paddle to me and I seriously couldn’t sit for two days and the bruises took two weeks to go away!

Although we eventually went our separate way all the spankings where a fond memory and I’m glad I got them.