My name is Jack and when I was 16 years old, I was a regular young adventurous Australian teen, always looking for the next good time. So, when my school informed us of an-upcoming school exchange program to America, I jumped at the opportunity to apply.

A few months passed and the time had come. I was on the plane for the adventure of my life and I couldn’t wait. I was headed to Cape Coral, Florida, which I had no idea what it was going to be like. I was full of nerves and excitement, and had so many questions about what the family I would be staying with was like, what the school would be like, would people like me, and so on?

After a long flight, I finally landed in Florida. I was met at the airport by the woman I would be staying with. She came up to me wearing a long flowing yellow sundress. She was brunette, in her early forties, and was in great shape for her age with a curvy figure and rather large breasts.

She introduced herself by saying, “I’m Catherine and you will be staying with us for the next 6 months.”

Catherine walked me to her car and helped me load my bags before we started our drive home. Catherine informed me that her husband had passed away 3 years previously, and it was just her and her 2 daughters that I would be staying with. Morgan was my age, 16, and Kayla was 14.

After a lengthy drive, we finally arrived at the home where I would be staying. It was amazing; nothing like what I was used to. It was a 2-story home with a huge pool backing on to ocean views. I thought it was going to be the best 6 months of my life.

Catherine took me inside and showed me to my room. She told me to take my time settling in and when I was ready for me to come downstairs so we could talk over some expectations for my stay. I went downstairs to find Catherine sitting in the lounge room. I took a seat on the couch across from her. Catherine asked if I settled in okay and I informed her I had and I loved the place.

Catherine went on to say, “Now, whilst you are here, for you to get the best experience, I want you to feel like a member for this family. That means you will live by the same rules and expectations as my own children. Are you happy with that?”

“Yes, of course,” I said.

“That’s good. Whilst you are here, you may call me ‘ma’am’ or you may call me ‘mom’, as I will practically be that for the next 6 months and I believe no children should use adults’ first names. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mom,” I replied.

“Mom? Good, I like that. Now for the rules. They are very simple. Firstly, always treat all members of this family with respect. Secondly, always do your set jobs around the house. And thirdly, do well in school. They pretty much cover everything. Are you happy with that?”

“Yes, they all sound very reasonable,” I replied.

“I am glad you think so, because if you break them, then just like my own children you will be punished the same,” Catherine said.

I thought nothing of the remark, thinking there was no way I’d be breaking any rules anyway. It was at this time the door opened and Morgan and Kayla walked in from school. They were both very attractive, not unlike their mother. Kayla was thin with long flowing brunette hair and bright green eyes. Her sister, Morgan, was very similar but more mature physically in the hip and breast areas. We were all introduced and immediately got along. It was great.

The next week, I started school which was great. I met some great friends and home life was the same; we all got on like one big happy family. I felt like I had lived there my entire life.

One Wednesday morning, we were all getting ready for the day as per usual. Catherine told me and Morgan to remember our key as she would be back home when we got there that afternoon as it was Kayla’s parent-teacher meeting that afternoon.

Morgan and I got home that afternoon, did our homework, and were the relaxing on the lounge watching TV. I then heard Catherine’s car pull up and Catherine and Kayla got out. I could hear arguing between the pair, but not what they were arguing about. The front door then opened and Catherine and Kayla came inside.

I heard Kayla say, “You can’t possibly believe her. She hates me.”

It was then I heard a tone in Catherine’s voice I’d never heard before.

She angrily yelled, “Kayla, I don’t want to hear it. Get upstairs to your room now! I’ll deal with you later.”

Morgan and I slowly sunk into our chairs and didn’t dare say a word. Catherine went into the kitchen for a few minutes before storming up the stairs. I looked up the stairs and saw Catherine turn right towards her own room, not left towards Kayla’s. However, she wasn’t in her room long before she came storming out and into Kayla’s room with a rather larger wooden hairbrush in her hand.

Once Kayla’s bedroom door closed, Morgan muted the TV.

“Aww, Mom is pissed. She’s gunna get it,” Morgan said before giggling to herself.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Ha-ha! Just be quiet and listen.”

The house was so quiet you could have heard a coin drop. I heard Catherine yelling at Kayla for over 5 minutes about embarrassing her and misbehaving at school before it eventually went quiet upstairs.

Then I heard the deafening sound; Crack, Crack, Crack.

There was no doubt in my mind it was the sound of that wooden hairbrush being applied to Kayla’s bottom. The cracks continued relentlessly. I heard Kayla start sobbing and pleading.

“Ahh! Ahh! Mom, please. I’m sorry!”

But the cracks continued for what felt like forever. Eventually Kayla stopped pleading and was just sobbing, and then the cracks stopped.

I heard Catherine say sternly, “Don’t you leave this room until I call you down for dinner. And you’re grounded for a week. Do you understand me?”

Kayla was sobbing and struggling to get air in, but she managed a muttered, “Yes mom.”

Morgan then quickly flicked the volume back on the TV.

I was in shock. I could have never predicted the events that I had just heard. spankings were unheard of in my household at home.

I whispered to Morgan, “Was that what I think it was?”

Morgan chuckled. “Oh yeh, I’m guessing you’re not used to that.”

I replied, “Oh god no.”

We continued watching TV. However, I wasn’t really watching. My mind was running wild with the image of Kayla being spanked with the hair brush over her mother’s knee. I wondered if this was a common occurrence. The night went on, dinner time came, and we all ate dinner together. Catherine was talking to Morgan and me like nothing had happened that afternoon. Kayla, however, didn’t say a word, clearly embarrassed knowing we had all heard. We finished dinner and cleaned up before all going to our rooms for bed.

I couldn’t relax. I had so many thoughts in my head. I wanted to know more about the spanking, so I went and knocked on Morgan’s bedroom door. She told me to come in. She was sitting in bed, hair in a pony tail and wearing a pair of black satin pyjamas.

I said to Morgan, “I was bored; thought I’d come chat.”

Morgan replied, “Sure, I could use the company.”

We chatted for a while before I brought up the spanking.

“I wonder how Kayla is going.”

Morgan chuckled. “She’s fine; might have trouble sitting at school tomorrow, though. She deserved it. She’s a brat.”

I then asked, “Does your mom still spank you?”

Morgan replied, “Yeh, but rarely. It’s not that hard to follow the rules.”

Morgan was a lot more the rule-follower than Kayla, who was more of the wild child, I had noticed in my stay.

I then asked, “What’s it like and how does it happen?” I was hoping Morgan would go into detail on the matter.

Kayla just sarcastically replied, “I don’t know, Jack. Maybe you will have to be naughty and find out?”

I was shocked. Surely she wouldn’t spank me.

I then asked, “What? You think she would spank me?”

Morgan just laughed it off. “Who knows, maybe. Nah, probably not. I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t stress.”

I then said, relieved, “Thank god, it did not sound fun. Anyway, I’m off to bed.”

Morgan replied, “It’s not. Haha. Goodnight.”

I then returned to my room and thought about Kayla being spanked, and also wondered if Catherine would spank me, before I eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next few days continued as normal, other than the thought of spankings, that is.

It was a Friday night, and at school Morgan and I had been invited to a friend’s party. That afternoon, we asked Catherine if we could go. She was apprehensive as she was working nights at the hospital that night. However, she agreed we were trustworthy and she would allow us do go.

Later that night, Catherine was leaving for work and gave us the warning, “You two better behave, and curfew is 11.00 pm. Understand?”

Morgan and I both agreed.

Once Catherine had left, I asked Morgan, “So, are we getting drinks?”

She looked at me in shock and said, “You can’t be serious!”

I replied, “I’m 100% serious. I would never go to party without beers back home.”

Morgan replied, “Mom would kill us if she found out.”

I reassured her, “This isn’t my first rodeo. She won’t find out. I promise.”

Morgan was still apprehensive.

“Mmm. Yeh, okay. If you’re sure and you get them.”

I quickly replied, “Done. You have a deal.”

We went to the party and I got us some vodka pre-mixed drinks. We were all drinking and having a good time before Morgan said to me, “It’s 10.30. Mom will check the cameras. We better not be late home.”

I agreed and we left. We had two drinks left and decided to drink them on our walk home. We got home before curfew and everything was well.

We both ran upstairs to our rooms and I said, “See! You stress too much. I told you we would be fine.”

Morgan replied, “Yeh, you were right. Thanks, it was a fun night. Thanks. Goodnight.”

We then both went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and had the hangover from hell. I threw on a black t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit pants. Once I got to the kitchen, Morgan was there wearing a tight-fitting white singlet and black pyjama pants.

“I take back what I said last night. It was a bad idea. I’m never drinking again,” Morgan said.

I chuckled. “Yeh, never again.”

We finished our breakfast and went and started watching TV in the lounge room. Catherine returned home from work shortly after and saw us in the lounge room.

“Good morning, guys. I seen you got home in time. That’s good. Did you have a good time?”

Morgan replied, “Yeh, it was okay.”

Kayla then came running down stairs.

“Come on, mom. I’ll be late for practice.”

Catherine replied, “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go. Morgan, Jack, I’ll be home shortly. I just have to drop Kayla off at swimming,” before walking out the door.

Morgan and I both continued laying, watching TV, relieved knowing we were now safe.

About half an hour later, Catherine returned home. Her demeanour was obviously different. She walked in to the lounge room, picked up the remote and turned the TV off.

She snapped, “So, is there anything either of you would wish to tell me?” She stood in the middle of the room wearing black gym tights with a grey jumper.

We both just sat there in silence.

Catherine snapped, “Well?”

We both quickly replied, “No mom. Why?”

“Oh, that’s funny because I was told you two were drinking alcohol last night. Well, were you?” Catherine snapped in an angry tone.

“Who said that?” Morgan asked.

“Does it matter? Answer the question,” Catherine replied.

At this point it was clear she knew something and I felt guilty for talking Morgan into it, so I stated, “I was drinking at the party,” trying to take the blame.

Catherine glared at me with an angry look, then turned to her daughter.

“Well? What about you?”

Morgan then admitted, “Yeh, I was drinking too.”

Catherine then started yelling angrily, “I can’t believe you two. I trusted you and this is how you repay me. I’m told by the neighbours they seen you walking the streets with alcohol. Not to mention, you two are 16. It’s illegal. What if you were seen by police?”

I looked over and saw Morgan’s eyes watering up.

I then stated, “It’s not Morgan’s fault. It was my idea. I talked her into it.”

Catherine snapped back, “I don’t care whose idea it was. You both agreed to it and both know better.”

Catherine then faced and pointed at Morgan and said, “You go get the hairbrush. Now!”

Morgan teared up and said, “Mom! Please, I’m sorry.”

Catherine replied, “Don’t start. You’re only making things worse. Go! Now!”

I watched Morgan walk up the stairs, her pyjamas firm around her bottom, and I thought to myself, ‘I’m about to see Morgan get spanked! All my questions about spankings are about to be answered.’

But then I thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute. I’m in this with her. Am I going to be spanked? Surely not. But then again, I am more at fault than Morgan.’ My heart was racing with fear.

Morgan then started walking back down the stairs with a rather lager wooden hair brush in her hand. I had zoned out in the moment, and not realised in the time Morgan was gone Catherine had dragged one of the dining room chairs into the centre of the room and was sitting on it.

Morgan walked over and handed over the hair brush.

In an angry but calmer tone, Catherine said, “Okay, you two. Stand in front of me.”

We did as she said.

Catherine then lectured, “I am beyond angry with you two. I’m just disappointed, and then not to admit it right away when I asked you about it just makes things ten times worse.”

We both mutter, “Sorry Mom,” sheepishly looking away and at our feet.

Catherine then snapped, “You will be, and you have left me no choice. Morgan, come over here.” She pointed to the side of her. “Jack, you stand there and watch carefully, because you’re next.”

I was in shock and fear. I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never been spanked.

In my shock, I muttered, “Me?”

I instantly regretted it.

Catherine yelled, “Yes, you were just as much, if not more, at fault than her, and I gave you the talk that you would be punished as if you were my child. Now, not another word out of you.”

“Yes, mom,” I sheepishly replied.

Catherine then turned to Morgan and said, “You know the drill. Hands on your head.”

Morgan did as she was told, her singlet lifting and exposing her midriff. Catherine then grabbed either side of Morgan’s pyjama pants and quickly pulled then down around her ankles, exposing her wearing a black pair of cotton bikini-cut panties.

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe the position I was in; scared and also excited by the fact of seeing Morgan with her pyjama pants around her ankles. I stood and watched, and didn’t dare move. Catherine tapped her thigh with the hairbrush.

“Okay Morgan, bend over.”

Morgan did as she was told, and bent over her mother’s knee. As she bent over, her bottom was high in the air and a big target for the hairbrush. I thought to myself that I’d never noticed that Morgan had a quite large bottom for her size, or it could have just been the fact that her panties were giving her very little coverage.

Catherine started spanking Morgan relentlessly. Crack! Crack! Crack!

Morgan was kicking her legs with every strike.

Catherine said, “Are we going to drink alcohol again?”

Morgan muttered, “Aww, ahh, aww, ouch! No!”

I could see Morgan’s bottom had turned from a pale white to a bright pink, and she had tears flowing down her face. Catherine then stopped spanking and grabbed the waist band of Morgan’s panties before starting to lower them.

Morgan shrieked, “No!” and swung her arm back to stop her panties from being lowered.

Catherine snapped, “Don’t you ‘no’ me!” smacking the hairbrush hard on to Morgan’s lower bottom, causing her to let go.

Catherine then continued lowering Morgan’s panties around her knees, exposing her red bottom. Catherine continued rapidly spanking Morgan’s bottom. At first, Morgan tried to hold her thighs together, but eventually the sting became too much and she began kicking her legs and sobbing. Catherine kept smacking till Morgan was no longer kicking, just sobbing, and her bum was bright red.

Catherine then stopped and said, “Okay, Morgan, get up. Put your pyjama pants and undies on the lounger, then hands on head, nose to the wall next to the fire place.”

Morgan did as she was told, sobbing and trying to cover herself with her hands the best she could. I couldn’t take my eyes off her bright red bottom walking over to the wall, almost forgetting I was up next.

Catherine then pointed at me. “Okay, Jack, over here. Hands on head.”

I’d never had so much adrenaline going through my body, but I did as I was told. Then I felt Catherine’s fingers in the waist band of my tracksuit pants, and them drop around my ankles exposing my white boxer briefs. I then felt myself being pulled over Catherine’s lap.

Once in position, I was overcome by embarrassment. Then Crack! The first blow was like a lightning bolt striking my bottom. Crack! Crack! Crack! I tried to remain still, but the pain was unbearable. I was now wriggling and sobbing uncontrollably.

“Ahhh! Aww! Ahh! Please, I’m sorry! Awwww!”

Catherine stopped the spanking and snapped at me, “Stop wriggling and take your punishment.”

I then felt my underwear being lowered down to around my knees, and Catherine wrapped one of her legs over mine to lock me in place. The rapid strikes started again.

“Are we going to drink again?” Catherine asked.

“Awww, ahh! No! I’m sorry!”

The smacks were continuous for what felt like over 10 minutes. I was sobbing, with tears flowing down my face. Catherine eventually stopped. My bottom was on fire.

Catherine then said to me, “Okay, stand up. Same as Morgan, get your pants and undies on to the lounger and go stand with your hands on your head, nose to the wall on the other side of the fireplace.”

I did as I was told. On my walk over, I noticed not only was Morgan’s bottom bright red, but slight bruising had started. I knew by the feeling of my own backside mine was probably the same.

As we both stood either side of the fireplace, our hands on our heads, with our red swollen backsides on display, Catherine said to us, “Now, I hope you two have learnt your lessons. If not, there is a lot more where that came from. Now, I’m going to get Kayla from swimming. You stay in that position till I get back or you will be going back over my knee.” She stormed out the front door.

Still with my nose to the wall, I said to Morgan, “I’m sorry, that was my fault.”

Morgan chuckled and snorted her runny nose. “No, it’s alright, we both made the call to drink.”

I replied, “But wow, that hurt!”

Morgan replied, “You wanted to know what a spanking was like. Now you know.”