Growing up, my parents were and still are Christians, and believed in spanking for misbehaving. This happened when I was 8 years old. We had been on a week long church camp and when we got home my dad asked me to help him unload the car, which I did.

One of the things I carried in was something for the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen I accidentally knocked over a glass bowl that ended up smashed on the floor. Mom sent me to my room and, 5 minutes after, dad entered and started scolding me for not doing as I was told and helping him unload the car.

I tried telling him mom sent me to my room, but he would not listen. He put me over his knee and gave me a spanking. Lucky me, it was over my pants and it was only my age in smacks with his hand, but I still cried after the spanking.

He told me, when I had stopped crying, to come and do as I was told and help him unload the car.

After we had done that, mom told him she sent me to my room because I knocked over the bowl. He said it was good he had spanked me then.

I still to this day think this spanking was unfair.

I grew up in Europe and still live there. Most of the spankings I got as child were deserved. Now I am dad of a 10 year old daughter and when it is needed I correct her behaviour by spanking.