The biology and science labs were one and the same and served a dual roll. It was my third year when Susan and I fell foul of Miss H******ton-H**per who we knew as Miss H.

An igniter for use with a bunsen burner had been left out; it was an opportunity not to be missed. Could you light the gas from the gas taps that were built into the benches? The answer was ‘Yes’ as we were soon to find out. Unfortunately the flame didn’t go unseen by a livid Miss H.

“You two, see me after class!” Was her reaction.

It was too late to regret our actions and as the other girls departed she moved her stool to the front of the class. Susan was the first to be invited to bend over it. Her skirt was folded back and that was all I could really see. What I did see was the slipper raised high only to descend rapidly to the area where her bottom would be. I might not be able to see much, but I could hear Susan’s howls of disapproval, for Miss H had a powerful arm when applying the slipper.

After six mighty slaps the slipper had done it’s job and Susan raised herself from the stool, tears streaming down her face, and I was invited to take her place. I bent over the stool, took hold of the legs and waited for the ritual to begin.

But there was a problem; my tight skirt wouldn’t flip. I was thinking my luck was in and my skirt would have to stay in place but, no, Miss H had another solution and I had to take it off. There I was, now stood in my knickers before being ordered back over to await the first crack of the slipper. I didn’t have to wait long and fully understood Susan’s howl. I screamed my displeasure as water filled my eyes. As each stroke landed, the pain and discomfort increased as I wriggled and squirmed while laying across that stool, tears streaming down my face as well.

As we both stood rubbing our bottoms, the lecture began. We knew we were stupid and shouldn’t have done it while she was around, but common sense doesn’t always prevail and she had a way of putting it into words. Finally we were dismissed and we couldn’t get out quickly enough, but a loud shout called me back. I turned to face her.

“Going to your next lesson in your knickers then?” She chortled. In my haste to get out, I’d forgotten to put my skirt back on.