When I was a child, one of the things that always got me spanked was lying. 

I was 10 years old and went to to play with someone from my class and I don’t know why but for some reason I told my mom that I would go over to my friend, Pernille’s, house, but instead I went to Sarah’s house to play.

What caught me out was that while I was at Sarah’s house Pernille came to ask if I could play, and my mom got a little confused because she thought that me and Pernille were playing already and she told Pernille that she thought I was over at her house.

So my mom got worried because she did not know where I was and went to search for me. When she did not find me she called my dad at work for advice. He told her that if I was not home in a hour to call the police.

I did come home in time and when I got home my mom was not pleased with me and demanded I told her where I had been. Again, I lied and told her with Pernille, but my mom told that was a lie because Pernille had been here to ask for me to come and play.

I then told her I was at Sarah’s house playing and my mom asked why I had lied to her and I did not have a answer for that.

She told me that lying is very bad and I had made her worried a lot because she did not know where I was or if something had happened to me. I had been very naughty. Then she told me to go to my room and get dressed for bed and when I was ready she would come and give me a spanking.

15 minutes later, I sat on my bed dressed in my nightie and mom came in, sat on my bed, lectured me some more and asked me to stand in front of her. She pulled my panties down and guided me over her lap, raised my nightie, raised her hand and started spanking my bare bottom.

I was crying like a 3 year old after the first 4 smacks and the spanking continued. After 20 smacks, double my age, the spanking stopped. I cried a lot while she pulled my panties back up again and, while I sat on he lap crying, she told me that she loved me and again lying was very bad, but now I had been spanked it was forgiven. I told her I was sorry and again she told me that she loved me even when she had to spank me.

Then my mom and I went to the kitchen and I got something to eat before I was send back to bed.