The date was Sunday, November 21, 1961, and I remember it well. This was the day I received the most swats (80) in one session and I enjoyed it immensely on one hand, yet on the other hand I became a bit scared when my love for being paddled was almost discovered. It was also my first over-the-desk session. 80 swats sounds like a lot, but he did not hit us hard. His main goal was to make our butts sting and to break our will.

I was in the afternoon church service and the priest, Bishop McK, was giving a sermon on how the wicked would be punished in the lower heaven. I wanted a session with Bishop M, and I knew that misbehaving in church was a sure way to get an ‘appointment’.

When Bishop McK repeated the phrase ‘the lower heaven, right!’ I said in a
sarcastic tone: “Oh yeah, I really believe that.”

I could hear several people nearby gasp, and some put their hand to their mouth as if to say: “Oh my.”

My best friend, Cathy, who was sitting next to me, scooted away from me in order to show she was not participating in this bad behavior. What a chicken!

Bishop McK paused for a moment, gave me a dirty look and said: “Child, you are not to mock the teachings of our Lord, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I guess I was thinking out loud.”

He gave me another dirty look and then resumed his sermon.

After the service was over, Cathy said to me: “What is wrong with you? Are you crazy or something?”

I told her that I just thought the idea of burning people forever for just a few years of being bad was stupid.

“That may be true,” she responded, “But you don’t say it during the service.”

“You’re right, I should not have said it,” I told her in order to comfort her.

After the service was over, we changed into our gym clothes and went outside for a couple of hours of recreation. I kept expecting to see Bishop M coming to get me, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then at 6:00 pm, I went to dinner and afterwards I went to the living quarters area to shower and get ready for bed.

While I was showering, Cathy came in and stood under the showerhead
next to me and asked: “Have you been to Bishop M’s office yet for what you said in church today?”

“No I haven’t. No one has said anything to me about it. Isn’t that weird?”

Cathy nodded in agreement. After the shower, I put on my sleeping smock and placed my recently cut brown hair into pigtails.

‘My hair is too short,’ I thought to myself because my pigtails did not even touch my shoulders. I then brushed my teeth and walked over to my bed where underneath I kept some books from the library and my diary.

Just as I was about to relax and do some reading, in came Sister P. She blew her coach’s whistle and said: “Rachel and Donna, please report to the principal’s office.”

Inside, I jumped with joy, as I knew what was coming my way. As we walked to the office, I asked Donna what she had done to deserve this visit to the principal. She said she had called Nancy a bitch when we were outside earlier.

I then told her about my comment in the church, to which he replied, “Yeah, I heard you. That was dumb.”

Then she said something I have never forgotten, but I later connected it to her not minding spankings.

As we walked in, he pointed us to the bench to the left of his desk and said he would be with us in a moment. He began moving the things that was on his desk into the drawers and a nearby shelf. Once it was clear, he began his customary speech.

“Girls, you have been here long enough to know there are a few things that we do not tolerate here at H. Two of those things are foul language and acting up in church, with the latter being more serious than the former. So, Donna, you will receive 40 swats, and Rachel you will get 50.”

The thought of 50 swats excited me and I hoped to go first as I liked to still feel the sting while I watched the others get theirs, but I was denied.

“Donna, you’re first,” he said. “Remove your smock and come over to the side of my desk, please.”

Donna looked a little puzzled, as I did, since we did not see the customary chair. The pale complexioned, red-head pony-tailed girl stood up, removed her smock and walked to the right side of his desk. I was surprised to see that she had no bra or panties on, considering that she was well developed. Why was I not like that?

She was now facing Bishop M. He placed his left hand on her left shoulder, slowly gave a slight twist to his left and said: “Bend over the desk, place your hands along the edge on the other side and lay your head to the right. Keep your feet and knees together.”

He gave her slight push to get her started.

Just as she got into position, she said, “Hold on,” as she lifted up a moment and pushed her breasts outwards so that it was not as uncomfortable lying over the desk. The she wiggled her behind and said, “The desk is coooolllddd!”

His desk was large, high and her hands barely reached the other side. The top of the desk was covered in a large sheet of Tempered glass.

Once she got back into position, I could see the relaxed look on her face as she felt the paddle tapping on her butt and the tips of his left hand on her back.

Man! She had a nice backside!

Unlike most of the other times, he did not break the swats into sets of ten. He gave her the 40  in 2 sets of 20, spaced about 5 seconds apart. She let out an “owww haha” sound as they began.

He talked during the first few swats.

“I know you know that foul language is not permitted here, no matter how old you think you are. I don’t ever want to hear you using these types of words ever again.”

After his comments, he seemed to concentrate on his target and seemed to be counting the swats under his breath. The only other sounds Donna made were a few “ows” and “oohs” as the paddle bounced off her derrière for the remaining 15 or so.

The Bishop said a few: “Oh yeah’s,” in an undertone during the next 10.

I noticed how her grip on the side of the desk would tense and relax to the time of the swats. She was also shifting her behind to the left and right by a few inches.

After the last swat, he told her to get up, put her smock on and go straight to bed. I was confused at this since we usually had to wait until everyone had gotten hers. As Donna left rubbing her behind, she looked over her shoulder and told the Bishop she was sorry.

Then his attention shifted to me.

“Now Rachel, sweetie, it is your turn. Do just as Donna did. Ok?”

I pulled off my smock, went to the side of his desk and paused as I looked up at him and thanked him in my mind, and smiled. As I came to the side of the desk I noticed the body print outline left by Donna. You could see where her breasts, stomach and belly button were. I was still looking at it when he pushed me on the shoulder to get me to bend over the desk and I too had a hard time reaching the other side. I had to stand on my tip toes to reach it.

I laid my head to the left so I could see him, but he corrected me saying, “I want you to turn your head the other way.”

As I turned my head to the other side, I felt the cool fingers of his left hand on my back just above my butt and then the tapping of the paddle. My least favorite swat was the first one because it was the ‘shocker’, but after the initial one set in, I began to look forward to the remaining ones.

Like he did with Donna, he gave me 30 without any breaks other than
the 5 seconds between each one.

“When you are in the lord’s house, you are to show the utmost respect. You are never to question the word of God as that constitutes blasphemy, and blasphemy results in being sent to hell. So, while you are spared from hell at this moment, your backside is not.”

As the swats found their goal, I was caught up in the glowing feeling in my groin area even though I still did not know that this was a sexual feeling. The only other feeling I noticed was the fingers of his left hand shifting a few inches back and forth on my back as he paddled me.

Just before the set was finished I let out an audible moan. He stopped for about 20 seconds as he asked me: “Are you enjoying this?”

My heart stopped for a second, as my worst fear was becoming a reality and in a quick response I blurted out a “no” and began crying a bit to cover up my real feelings.

He replied, “That’s good,” and then began with the last 20 swats.

Halfway through the set I said: “Oh Shit,” which bought me another 20
swats after this set.

This set followed quickly behind the previous one, interrupted only by
his saying: “And these 20 are for swearing.”

During this 20, I began shifting my legs a lot. This resulted in his telling me to be still, but I kept on shifting my legs.

“Did you hear me tell you to quit moving?” he asked in an angered tone.

nodded my head and he replied, “Well that is another ten.”

The last ten seemed to be in slow motion as I tried to combine the stinging sensation with the sound of the whacks, his shifting fingers and labored breathing into a permanent memory.

After the last swat, he told me to remain in position as he gave his concluding sermon on my sins and their severity that took about two minutes. He then rubbed my behind and said the Lord was pleased, then I was told to get up and get dressed and go straight to bed.

As I walked down the long corridor to my sleeping quarters, I realized that I had received 80 swats. The inner glow was still going and would last for several minutes more. Oh, how I loved the feeling and oh how I wanted to know why I felt it and most others didn’t. I had had a really close call in being discovered and hoped that he was not on to me. I wondered how I would act the next time around.