One time we played truant, Mr M gave me 6 strokes of what we called double handers (both hands side by side so one stroke hit both hands) in front of Margaret.

I took 3 before dropping my hands in agony. The other 3 were awful. I was crying and Margaret was shocked.

She reported to Mrs J after lunch in her classroom. Margaret was belted in the corridor, 3 on each hand, hands crossed. She changed hands after each stroke. The noise echoed down the corridor.

Margaret was crying when she came back to class and everyone knew where she had been. She sat with her hands between her thighs for a while; they were shaking. Both our hands were bruised although that was nothing  to what my bottom was that night. Mum leathered me. I was 4 months short of my 16th birthday. The next day I could hardly sit.

Margaret got leathered by her dad. Bent over, her short skirt rode up leaving Margaret taking the belt across her panties and tights. She had 2 belt weals across the back of her thighs, and she really flinched when I touched them.

We went off the school premises at lunch time and sat very uncomfortably in a local park while Margaret re-did her lipstick and had a cigarette, then we walked hand in hand back to school.

This is an old photo of Margaret taken at the time.