I joined a sorority in college in the early 1990s and, like the other contributors to your site, there was some spanking involved. I was raised in a small town in Maine and went to college in a big city, and my older cousin was a member of the sorority I joined. She had warned me ahead of time that spanking was used for discipline, but I don’t think I thought she was all that serious. It was the first time my cousin, who was now one of my sorority big sisters, called me to her room and had me pull my pants and panties down and go over her lap. When she first started spanking me, I laughed thinking it was just in fun, but after a while those smacks on my bare bottom really started to hurt! I think my bottom went numb after a while.

I was punished a few times with the paddle for breaking rules. Technically, anyone in the sorority could be punished, but it was mainly saved just for the first years. The public punishments were usually over your panties, but any spankings I received in private from my cousin/big sister, or from the sorority president, were always on my bare bottom. It was usually primarily a spanking with their hand, and then it would be finished off with a few whacks of the paddle which usually left me with some mild bruising on my backside. The spankings from the sorority president were more embarrassing because she would announce your spanking and have it done in her office so everyone knew you were getting spanked.

Spanking is about taking girls down a notch and showing humility to the sorority, which is why I support it. I can’t think of a more humbling experience than being over someone’s lap with your bare bottom on display!