I too was spanked by my sorority in college. While I must admit that I doubt the authenticity of some of the spanking memories, I can tell you that the recent sorority posts I have read definitely ring true.

I was in a sorority in the 1980s and there was a lot of spanking. I think every new freshman pledge was spanked at least once during pledge week, not hard enough to hurt all that much; I think humiliation was the main goal.

I remember my first punishment after I did not complete a task to a big sister’s liking and she ordered me to take off my jeans and panties, lay over her lap and get spanked in front of all the sorority sisters and pledges. Even though it was nothing any of us hadn’t seen before, it was very humiliating when you were the one getting a spanking naked from the waist down!

We were also given other childish punishments like once, while in a trivia game for pledges, I got an answer wrong and yelled, “shit!” I was made to stand in my underwear with a bar of soap in my mouth. And that was no way the worst. I could tell you many stories of public (in front of all the sorority) nudity and other humiliating punishments that would make your hair stand on end!

While the spankings during pledge week were mild, getting spanked with the paddle for punishments was a different story. The last day of each month we had something called ‘housekeeping’ which is when any girl who broke any sorority rules would be punished. We had a room known as the punishment room which was next to the house’s kitchen area, and we could hear the smacks and cries of the girls being punished, and then they would leave the room blushing while rubbing their bottoms.

I remember the first time I was punished during my freshman year. I was punished alongside two other girls and we had to take all of our clothing off and bend down and touch our toes to receive swats from the paddle. If you moved out of your position or moved your hands you had to take extra swats. I don’t remember how many swats I got that first time but I think it was at least 10. I broke position more than once and got extra spanks. It hurt like hell and by the end all three of us were crying.

The spanking punishments given to upper classwomen who had been in the sorority for at least one year were less severe, but I had at least one panties down paddling each year at college, and by my senior year I was one of the girls dishing out the swats to the bare bottoms of our little sisters. By my sophomore year I took it all in stride and it was mostly fun and I’m probably better for it. No regrets!