(As told by Mr C to Megan L.)


Ashley was new to Lafayette High School. She was new to Mississippi too. Being from New York, she thought she was much better than us backward rednecks. Many of the students thought Ashley was pretty much a snob and avoided her even more for her attitude. But the boys couldn’t help but stop and stare when she walked by. That only added fuel to her fire of arrogance.

So the day she got her comeuppance is something of a legend in Oxford, Mississippi. Since I was the teacher that gave that young lady her attitude adjustment, I think I am best suited to tell the tale. Though the local boys have their own astonishing version (with many highs and lows) I am only here to give the unbiased version, or at least as unbiased as I get.

To be honest, I really think the girl needed to be taken down a peg or two. Yes, I may have enjoyed it a bit more than I enjoy the average discipline session. Well, okay, a LOT more! It does not help that Ashley is a lovely girl. She really is, but that didn’t make me go any easier on her. In fact, I dare say I held nothing back. After all she certainly did everything in her power to deserve it.

Since she asked, I delivered. Can you blame me for finding some measure of satisfaction in the thing?

I am really not sure what came over the girl on that fateful day. Did she think she was above the rules when she had seen other people face my paddles wrath in class before? Whatever the case, she managed to blatantly break not one rule. Nope, not two rules. But THREE rules, and all paddling offenses.

First she was late to class. Okay I can let that slide most days if a student isn’t perpetually late. But Ashley had been late a few times during her first weeks. I berated her and told her to have a seat, but then thought I should probably address this lateness problem early on.

I was still weighing my options over if I should give her a swat or two to help her remember to get to my class on time when she did something outrageously against the rules! I had told her repeatedly over her first weeks that bringing a cell phone to class was forbidden.

But she didn’t just bring it, she was actively texting on it! I couldn’t believe it, and I would have suspected she was TRYING to get paddled if it wasn’t for her reaction when I told her to go out to the hall and wait for me.

The girl was clearly pretty dull, but she had been at our school long enough to know when a student got sent to the hall, they were going to be paddled. Her whole attitude instantly changed to one of fear.

“What did I do?!” she pleaded.

“You know very well cell phones are not allowed, and you were late to class. We will discuss this in the hall, Ashley, please go wait for me there.”

“But you can’t paddle me for that!”

“I beg your pardon? Oh yes I certainly can, and I do intend to do just that as you will see shortly, now please wait in the hall and stop disturbing class before I decide to paddle you for that as well.” I replied calmly.

“NO! You are NOT going to paddle me!” She stated hotly while crossing her arms over her chest in a defiant way. I could see she was more embarrassed for her reputation than worried about her behind. This bothered me, and I made a mental note to make sure in the future she worried more about her bottom.

“That is fine by me Ashley. I’ll just make out your referral slip and you can answer to Mr Bolinger after school with the rest of the students. They will have you wait in line with everyone, and call your parents, and you will likely have to report back on another day for another paddling, considering I am making this out for 3 offenses.” I stated this all matter of factly as I calmly made out the referral form.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that this caused Ashley a little distress as she debated, but I continued to make out the form.

I have to admit I was a little delighted when she said “Okay! Okay. I’ll wait in the hall, geeze!” as she got up in a rush (and with a lot of attitude).

I stopped filling out the form, and threw it into the trash. I addressed the class then beginning my lecture on American history. I made my points astutely, and even seemed to affect some of the students I normally had trouble touching. I attacked the topic with a flare and fanfare I rarely achieved. I was sort of impressed with myself as I slowly wound down the lecture, at the same time I pulled the paddle from my desk. I continued with the lecture as I walked to the door. Then as I was just there I asked the class to read page 172 silently, then slipped out the door.

Ashley was leaning against the lockers looking very put upon when she glared at me. I simply addressed her lateness to my class, and once again told her cell phones were absolutely forbidden in class. I then alluded briefly to her rebellious attitude in general while she rolled her eyes and made all the appearances of being very bored. If that was the way she wanted to play it, fine.

I ended my lecture by walking across the hall to Vanessa Hall’s class. I knocked politely at the door, and when it was answered asked if Mrs Hall might join me in the hallway for a moment. I asked if Vanessa would mind bringing the paddle witness form with her, as I had forgotten mine.

She grabbed the form and seemed at first surprised then secretly delighted to see who my victim was. So much so that she actually winked at me at the point that I had Ashley bent over.

I have to digress a little and tell you Vanessa and I are professional friends. A week before she had expressed to me at our lunch that Ashley was becoming a serious problem in her class. Apparently Ms Ashley felt that she was the real leader of Vanessa’s class, and made it known openly. As pretty as she was, she obviously had all the boys in the palm of her hand. The girls on the other hand looked on her with disdain for the most part. But the particular period that Ashley had Mrs Hall there were a significant lack of girls, and Ashley made obvious use of this. Vanessa had told me about an incident the previous week in which things had come to an obvious head.

At the time I as much told her that she had made a mistake by backing down. She should have paddled her for her insolence! But that isn’t Vanessa’s way. I suspect her way may change soon.

Anyway, back to our naughty heroine. Once I had Vanessa as my official witness, we proceeded back to Ashley. It was obvious she was getting paddled and what for, but I asked her to repeat these things to Vanessa. Then I told her the procedure. She had to bend over and place her hands on the lockers. She would be required to keep her arms straight and feet flat on the floor. Then I toyed with her emotions a little. Yes I admit I was enjoying this A lot! But it doesn’t matter if I enjoy it does it? It only matters that she deserved it. And boy did she!

“You are getting 2 licks Ashley.”

I watched as she sighed with relief a little.

“That is for being late to my class. You will then get 5 licks for the cell phone.”

I almost laughed as the look of astonished fear crossed her face.

“Now bend over as I directed you please Ashley. Let’s get this over with shall we?”

She did as complied and I must say presented quite a target. She was wearing those jeans popular these days. The “low rise” variety, and it was very evident she was wearing only a thong as protection. A neon green one to be exact. And her pants were extremely tight.

As an educator this leaves little doubt about the target area by the way. I highly suggest to you young ladies out there that you wear something similar. Dresses and skirts are not well suited to paddling (unless one is permitted to lift such attire. Definitely not allowed in my district). Of course one could always just behave and avoid such unpleasantness altogether but knowing teenagers quite well, I hardly think that is possible.