I live in Australia. When I was a boy growing up, my much older sister was my disciplinarian. She gave spankings. This was in the days when corporal punishment was common in schools and many kids also got spankings at home.

I remember one day I took a piece of musical equipment out of the house and broke it. My mother was complainingĀ about it. My sister, who overheard from her room, called me over. I refused to go. So she came to the lounge, picked me up and carriedĀ me to her room. My bare feet were rubbing on her legs as she carried me.

When we got to her room, she pulled my pyjama shorts and underwear off, leaving them on the floor. She then sat on her bed and lay me face down over her lap. My buttocks were arched directly over her thighs. She was wearing a t-shirt and bikini bottoms. They were the sort used by ladies in sports, although she frequently wore them around the house.

She started spanking hard and for a long time. It was painful but, as her legs were bare, they felt soft, smooth and cool. I was ashamed about this spanking for years.