Now 74 years old, I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is in the sub-tropics with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Accordingly, I usually wore shorts and a shirt when I was a boy. The shorts were generally made of cotton with a section of elastic in the waistband at the back and drawstring ties at the front. I did not wear long pants until beginning high school at age 13.

I also did not wear underpants until I was 12. Thus, if mum wanted to spank my bare bottom all she had to do was put me over her knee and pull my shorts down at the back until my bottom was bare. She usually used the wooden spoon from the kitchen. Once she used an old, hard, solid plastic hairbrush from her bedroom.

I am the youngest of five children. My father was 45 and my mother 32 when I was born in 1946. My eldest sister, Ann was born in 1936, a brother, Chris in 1939, a sister, Narelle in 1941, and another brother, Jim in 1943.

We lived in a Queenslander style house made of timber with a red tin roof. It was raised about seven feet above the ground on timber stumps. It was a large house with a veranda along the front overlooking the street.

It was on this veranda that I first got the strap from dad. I was seven and Mum, dad, Narelle, Jim and I were looking out over the street when a boy with red hair walked by. I called out something about his flaming red hair. Dad took me by the arm, took off his belt and strapped my bare calves with it about six times. It stung awfully, so I cried and danced.

Mum said, “If you are going to do that, take him inside and do it properly.”

Dad said, “I’ve finished now.”

The next time I saw dad use the strap was on Jim’s bare bottom. About 2 years later, mum and dad had gone to a church meeting after dinner, leaving Jim and me in Narelle’s care. We did the washing up; Jim washing, me drying and Narelle putting away, before Jim and me changed into our pyjamas and went to bed. We shared a room and a double bunk bed, Jim on top and me on the bottom. Ann had finished school and was training to be a nurse, living in the nurses’ quarters at the hospital.

Chris was at a school army cadet camp. So it was just Narelle and us two boys that evening. Dad had moved Chris’s bed into our room so they could paint his room while he was at camp. Jim had the idea of jumping up and down on Chris’s bed while mum and dad were out. We did this for a bit, then Jim got the idea to jump on the bed from the top bunk. This was really good till the base of the bed broke and the mattress went through to the floor.

Just then, our bedroom door opened and there were mum and dad. They did not say anything. Dad took Jim’s arm, mum took mine, and they marched us to the bathroom. Dad took Jim into the room towards the bath while mum pushed me through the door saying, “Wait here while I get the spoon.”

Dad took off his belt and sat on the side of the bath. Jim was at his side and my big brave brother put his hands over his bottom sobbing, “No, please no, I don’t want the stap.”

Dad put him over his lap and pulled down the back of his pajama pants till his bottom was bare.

“No,” Jim sobbed. “I don’t want it. Please, no.”

Dad took Jim’s arm up his back clearing his bottom for the strap. His bottom looked really round now it was bare and over dad’s lap. Dad doubled his belt over and began strapping Jim’s bare bottom. Jim started crying, his legs lifted up and he started kicking his feet.

Then mum came in with the wooden spoon. She took me by the arm over to a stool, sat on it and put me over her lap. I was now looking at the tiles on the floor. I felt her pull my pajama pants down and the cool air on my bottom as she bared it. She took my hand up my back and started spanking my bare bottom with her wooden spoon. It stung awfully and I was soon howling and kicking my feet. I tried to reach back to rub my stinging bottom, but mum’s grip on my hand was too strong. I lifted my head as I bawled and, through my tears, saw Jim howling while dad strapped his bare bottom.

So there we were bawling together while Jim got a good bare bottom strapping from dad and I got a good bare bottom spanking from mum.

Finally it was over. We lay over their laps for a bit till we calmed down enough. Then our pajamas were pulled up over our stinging bottoms. Mum got up and opened the door, and Jim ran out with me on his heels. We ran to our room and got in our beds.