Southern California in the early seventies is the setting for the events I will describe. I attended elementary school in a suburban city in San Gabriel Valley. You might think California is a liberal state where they didn’t apply corporal punishment in school, but you would be wrong. I witnessed numerous paddlings in front of the class from 1st through 3rd grades. Once I was in 4th grade, there was never any hint of paddlings, so maybe there was some legislation or a school policy that ended that practice. It’s also possible Mrs C simply chose not to use corporal punishment. Our first

When I was growing up, kids got paddled at school. No one thought much about it. I think they did send a form home at the beginning of the year for parents to sign if they didn’t want corporal punishment used on their son or daughter, but I don’t think many of them came back to school signed. Boys got paddled way more often than girls. Those of us of the fairer sex were typically assigned detention instead, which was fine with me. I was usually really good. I had received more than my fair share of detentions, but normally just for talking in class

A while ago, I had occasion to spank my eldest daughter. When I was young, I was spanked as a child and slippered as an adolescent. I grew up in Barcelona, married at the age of twenty-two and had two children, a boy and a girl. My husband and I decided against using corporal punishment on our children. We’d grown up in the seventies and eighties, we’d both been spanked, but times had changed. At the age of thirteen, just before the Christmas holidays, my daughter brought home a letter from school complaining of her behaviour. She’d been disruptive in

It was a Saturday afternoon in August and I was 16 years old. I was with my mother, brothers and sisters and a family of friends of my mother. I went off for a swim in the sea but went too far away. The next thing I knew was the father of my mother’s friends was yelling at me and telling me my mother wanted me out of the sea, and I needed to go see her. He appeared annoyed, so I quickly exited the sea and returned to where my mother was sat. She scolded me for going too

I attended an all-boys grammar school in the late fifties/early sixties. Corporal punishment was used fairly extensively throughout the school. Most teachers, even the three female teachers, had a slipper to hand for classroom disruption, poor work, poor homework etc. We had a nominal House system, pretending to be a public school, I think, and Housemasters could cane us, as could the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster of course. All punishments were normally delivered over two layers of clothing, trousers and underpants, but there had to be an exception, and that would be Gym classes or PE (Physical Education). I have

During my time at the boys grammar school I attended, I had several canings and slipperings from age 14 to 18. My first one was when I was 14 years old, my last one was when I was 18 on my last day at school. On the final day of term I was caught out of bounds and in a public house drinking beer. This was to be a 12 stroke caning on my bare backside for the two offences. Straight after lunch, I was called to the headmaster’s study. On arriving outside his study, there were five other boys

I was aged 14 and in the third form when I got my first caning. I had been caught along with two other lads smoking and the three of us knew we would be caned because that was the standard punishment. So, it was no surprise when the headmaster sent for us to report to his study. On entering the headmaster’s study, I was surprised to see three chairs all in a row, with the crook-handled cane lying on his desk. We were instructed to take off our trousers and underpants, raise our shirts and bend over one of the

I was 10 years old and my mom had made Saturday a cleaning day and I was told I needed to clean my bedroom. It was a nice summer day and I was in no mood to be inside cleaning my room. My room was in our basement and the basement also had a door from which you could go out into the backyard, so instead of cleaning my room I snuck out to the backyard and started to practice free kicks with my soccer ball against the end wall of the house. The only windows there were some to

I grew up in a Christian home. We went to church every Sunday and, as I got older, I also attended junior and teen clubs. It was a very conservative church which also meant it was a church where parents were pro-spanking. Spanking would later be outlawed in my country, but at the age of 14 it was still legal. We were spanked mostly by my dad as the head of the house, but under the age of 8 mom also spanked us when dad was not around. After we turned 8, we had to wait until daddy was home.

This true story was told to me by my roommate at university. Helen was a good looking 18-year-old, almost 19, when the incident happened. It was late April and she had been home for a family party. I believe it was her maternal grandmother’s 80th birthday, if I remember correctly after all these years. I heard the key in the lock to the door to our flat and Sandy walked in walking very gingerly. “You OK hun?” I asked, concerned. “Have you hurt yourself?” “Hi Jo, not as such. But yes, I do hurt,” Sandy replied cryptically. “So come on,” I pressed. “What have