While I was in the sixth form I had a part time job working mainly Saturdays, sometimes with extra hours during holidays, at a large store in my local town, which sadly closed a couple of years ago. When I first started working there, I was on the menswear floor but asked to be moved soon afterwards after a couple of men acted very inappropriately towards me. I think they thought I would be flattered. To be fair, I was pretty hot-looking and played hockey, so was firm in all the right places, but I wasn’t standing for it, and so I was

The other day I was called to my daughter’s school because she and one of her friends had skipped a class. I was not happy with the situation and on the way home from school I scolded her and made it clear to her that when we got home she was to go to her room. When I had calmed down, I would come in and then she was going to get a spanking. At home, I was thinking of the following while calming down. I was 13 years old and my parents had started to phase out spanking as a way of

I’ve got a very good memory from my childhood, and I can remember every single detail of various memorable events. This happened in the 1960s when I was a fourteen year old boy and bullied by my older brother. We were a family of four children; two boys and two girls. I had an older brother who was four years older than me, and two younger sisters. I got on okay with my sisters until I got to my teens, and I got on well enough with my brother. Once he turned thirteen though, he changed and bullied me whenever

After five years at grammar school, I failed to achieve good enough exam results to stay in their sixth form. So I moved to another local school with a sixth form and was reunited with some friends from primary school. Dress code was much more relaxed than grammar school and I soon settled in. The cane was still used, but less frequently, especially on sixth formers. However, we were warned that serious offences would still attract a caning. I had a few minor behavioural problems, but none were serious enough to be punished formally. Near the end of the academic

I was 9 years old and one summer, while visiting my maternal grandparents on the farm, I had my best friend Hannah with me. We loved spending time together, but often it also ended in some kind of trouble. We spent a week during the summer vacation on my grandparents’ farm, with not many other kids around to play with so we had to play by ourselves. We did well for a couple of days and grandmom did well to keep us entertained too. Where my grandparents’ garden ended, there was a forest that we were not allowed to play in, mostly because

I was at school in the era when CP was rife. I have already written about my grammar school canings but thought it useful for readers to understand punishments in primary school. At age seven I moved to primary school where punishment was much more formal than my infants school. We had the same form teacher for the year but did get other teachers for specialist subjects. There was also a new experience for me as we had male teachers. I would like to be able to tell you I had learnt to behave, but I certainly hadn’t. I got

I grew up in a Christian home which meant we went to church every Sunday. I was about 10 years old when this happened. Every year, our Sunday school went on a weekend tour staying in scout camp or a large summer house. I was now old enough that I was allowed to go on one of those trips. I was excited. On our way to church, mom told me I needed to behave while being away and to do what the teachers told me. To make sure I understood, she informed me that she would give me a spanking

I was at a catholic primary school in the 1950s, where the preferred method of punishment was the slipper. I was quite a good child and never did anything to need punishing until my last year there when I was 11 years old. I still think it was just an excuse to spank some of us as we did not even know we were doing wrong until apprehended. We had two playgrounds with a wide alley joining them, and were playing a game of snake, where we formed a line holding on to the waist of the boy in front

Having lurked on this site for a while I thought it was about time to tell some of my own accounts of my years in boarding school during the late 1960s and early 1970s in southern England. I won’t say the name of my housemaster or the school as it still operates, though under a different name. This is my first account of how I remember those times and I have tried to include as much as I can of the details of what happened and what I was feeling at the time. Later on, I was to embrace my

I was 12 years old and as stated in a previous post I grew up in a Christian family. Every summer, our church had a weekly summer camp with many church activities, but also lots of time to just be around and play with kids both from my own church and from other churches. This summer, for some reason, both of my parents were still at work and had not taken a vacation yet, so we could not go this year and I was sad about it because I loved the times at those camps. One of my parents’ friends was a lady