My particular memory is from an incident that occurred at my school when I was a 16-year-old fifth form schoolgirl. Along with three other girls, we got into trouble for repeatedly skipping lessons and spending time in town when we should have been studying for our exams. We were all warned several times of the consequences, but foolishly chose to ignore the warnings. Inevitably, we crossed the line and took our antics a step too far, thinking we would always get away with just being told off or, at worst, a detention. We were all caught red-handed in a coffee

Lunchtime at my small prep school in Surrey UK was very much traditional in style back in the 1970s with a hall and long trestle tables on which 80 or so boys and a handful of girls sat and had their lunch. Teachers ate elsewhere but a couple of them supervised, taking it turns. I, aged 8, sat at the end of the middle table near the raised platform on which the staff sat during assemblies. Everyone was eating their puddings when a boy next to me started an argument with the boy opposite and some kicking went on under

I was not exactly the brightest pupil at school. I struggled academically, although I was good at sport, especially rugby union. I left my junior school and joined one of the new comprehensive schools that were being developed to replace the secondary-moderns in the West Midlands in the late 1950s. I was placed in set 5, for those pupils of lowest ability which was a small class of 18 pupils, 13 boys and 5 girls. Nowadays, we would be referred to as having learning difficulties. Fair to say, our level of naughtiness was proportionally higher than the rest of the

My experience takes me back to 1970, as a 13-year-old in the early days at a boys secondary school in the English Midlands. Discipline was generally carried out by individual teachers to address any misbehaviour in class, and normally involved being called to the front of the class, ordered to touch toes, and given a single hefty whack with a gym pump, known among all pupils as ‘Getting the Whack’. More general or serious offences involved a visit to the Deputy Headmaster, where, ironically, punishments were along the lines of the above single whack, sometimes two, so not that much

I own an automobile and truck sales and repair business in a small Indiana town. I have several repair technicians working in the shop and two women working in the office on alternate days. I personally am in and out a lot and not always on site. I can keep an eye on things through my iPhone. All transactions, inventory and emails can be monitored through apps on my personal phone. One day in late March 2020, I was on my sales lot and noticed an email alert on my phone. When I went to open it, it had been

More than twenty years ago, I had a relationship with Fiona and I thought it might be interesting to recount my memories of time with her. She and I had an exciting time together, but we were never going to be long-term; she was way too much trouble. As I said, this goes back over twenty years and she was the only partner that I have been with that shared my interest of CP. When she had goaded me into caning her, which she did often, she often used to say after the first cane stroke that it was too

The game of the day in the 1970s was to make catapults out of elastic bands, by tying 2 or 3 together, threading them through the fore finger and thumb of one hand, then getting a small piece of paper, folding it into a small piece, make it wet, then fire it at some unsuspecting person. This mainly went on during lessons when the teacher was not looking. In an English lesson, one of the student teachers was being assessed and there was a monitor in the room, watching how the lessons progressed. Even though there was an assessor, the

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, canings and slipperings were all part of the school experience. I had witnessed class canings and slipperings during lessons. Normally it was one or two strokes on the hand or bottom, these punishments were carried out by all sorts of teachers. But for serious offences you would be given a blue slip, and you would be sent to the head of year for punishment. There it would be a caning, normally 4 or 6 strokes, depending on what the offence was. For offences, such as lying, cheating, fighting or other really serious offences,

In RE (Religious Education), Mr R had a picture of the Queen on the wall. In his class, you could get a slippering for almost anything. You were called out in the lessons, told to bow to the queen and stay there until the two strokes of the slipper had been given, then back to your desk. In English, the cane was given out by Mrs W. The cane was on the desk in the front of the class and you would be caned one or two strokes on the hand. Mr M, the maths master, a tall thin man,

During my third year at middle school, several events happened that had a major impact on my life, that are still with me today. The onset of puberty meant that girls were becoming more interesting. The previous year, I had suffered the worst caning I ever had by a sadistic teacher who just loved to cane. Most of the school thought she was out of her mind and it was a relief to get into the third year before I moved onto the senior school. At my middle school, women as well as men could cane either sex, as each