I was paddled at school quite a few times, worse luck. I wasn’t a particularly bad girl, but I was mischievous and had a habit of getting caught and thus ended up with a sore bottom. The worst time was when my friends and I skipped a lesson. I don’t know why we did it, but it was a silly dare and, of course, we were found out. The principal told us our parents would be informed and we will get a detention on Saturday. Saturday detention takes place once a month and you got it for being really naughty,

From a girl who grew up in the 1950s/1960s and attended a private girls school. Further to my previous memory regarding the three spankings and a detention, I was asked whether I had any other experience of Miss Roberts’ slipper, and in fact I had, previously in the fourth form when she was our Form Mistress. Whilst spanking in her class was not a daily occurrence, you could expect that some poor girl’s bottom would be subject to the dreaded slipper at least once a week. The most common reason involved homework, either the doing of it or failing to

One of the things about secondary school when I first attended was that, being run on something like public school lines, there was an unwritten rule that prefects could spank the girls in younger classes of years one and two, instead of giving 50 or 100 lines, which was the usual procedure. The prefects were in their last year at school, and were tall elegant girls who were only too keen to exert their authority. So, the chance of a smacked bum from an 18 year old hand was a real possibility. Most prefects would just give a girl a

This is the true account from a girl who attended a private girls day school in the early 1960s. Thursday afternoon; it was a joke, but really maybe a stupid thing to do, pushing Sarah back into the swimming pool as we were walking back to the changing rooms, last out of the pool as usual. And, of course, the PE teacher saw us, and it was detentions for Cathy and me. Surprisingly, we did not have to report to her office after the shower, which was often the case, but not this time. Having the detention slip in my

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man named David concerning an advert I have on a few spanking sites. I advertise I am available to do authentic Texas school style paddling role plays with females. David wrote, “I have a girlfriend living in Dallas, age 38, that has more than a passing interest in what a school paddling feels like. She has never had a real paddling but wants one. She would want me present when it happens, if you would be willing to go along with our request.” I wrote David back and told him I

Ever played a stupid game? When I was about 17, I went over on my bike to my grandma and grandpa’s house to see my favorite cousins, Timmy and Patty. The place was quite old and had been in the family for generations. There were some remains of a past age in the yard, like an old wash-stand and a carpet beater. Timmy took hold of the carpet beater. “You know,” he said, giving it a swish. “I reckon this is what grandpa used to get his butt swatted with when he was a boy. Reckon I remember him telling

I remember when I was about 15, if the weather was cold, instead of going outside at school we used to hide in the broom cupboard next to the gym. There were some pipes in there and it was nice and warm. This particular day, my friend, Susie, and me had gone in with a girl who was quite new to the school called Annette. She was a good girl and wouldn’t normally have done this sort of thing, but we naughty girls persuaded her as the staff would have all been in the staff room at the time. Unfortunately,

This is one of my most vivid memories of the time, so I’m confident that this account is accurate. I have changed all the names though. I went to an East London comprehensive school which I attended in the late 1970s. I had a pretty uneventful time at school. I was a moderately good kid and by the fifth year I had managed to avoid getting into any serious trouble. I had been shouted at on odd occasions, and I had been occasionally tasked to write a four-page essay about why I shouldn’t do something, but otherwise I’d never had

On my sixteenth birthday my favorite cousin, Timmy, had promised to take me out in the morning and buy me a present. I was excited at the prospect, but it didn’t stop me, as usual, not being ready for him. In fact, I was still in my pajamas when he arrived. I had been too busy opening presents and chatting on the phone to friends to notice the time. “Will you ever be ready in time?” scolded my cousin good naturedly. “Girl’s privilege!” I said, sticking my tongue out at him and generally acting sassy. Mom, who had been watching

Nearly a year had passed since my stepdad, Bryan, first disciplined me. I was now aged 14 and was blossoming into a woman. I was not fat by any means, but I had a larger build than most of the kids my age. I looked more like 17 than 14, I guess you would say. I had full hips and had pretty much developed into a young lady by this point. I still remembered my stepdad spanking me a year ago, and that changed me a bit. I knew that a spanking from him was now an option, and that