I managed to get to the final year of grammar school before getting caned by the senior mistress. It was just before Christmas in 1967 and I was 16 at the time. During lunch time, my girlfriend and I sneaked into a storage cupboard in the science block. We were happily kissing and groping when the door opened. The cleaner who entered seemed almost as shocked as us. She screamed out and the senior mistress soon appeared from her office down the corridor. She immediately told us to follow her to her office.

The senior mistress, Mrs H, was in her 40s, tall, brown hair to her shoulders and always wore very formal clothes. She was wearing a dark blue jacket, white blouse, tight blue skirt and matching blue high heeled shoes that day. She sat behind her desk and asked us what we were doing. As it was obvious, we told her. She asked if we had done this before and we admitted that it was not the first time.

Mrs H told us we would both be caned for inappropriate behaviour and being out of bounds because the cupboard was for staff only. I was told to wait outside while Beryl, my girlfriend, was told to wait. I listened intently and heard Beryl get the first stroke of the cane. By the third stroke she was crying out loud. I was counting and was shocked when I heard a seventh stroke. This was followed by another before I could only hear Beryl sobbing. A short while later Beryl came out and told me to go in.

I was surprisingly pleased to be going in because the wait had been awful. Hearing Beryl crying had added to my fear.

Mrs H told me I was to get six strokes for my behaviour and two extra for being out of bounds. She told me to remove my blazer and she started writing in the punishment book. I was then told to drop my trousers and bend over the back of a chair in the middle of the office. I was shocked, but Mrs H explained that she caned girls over one item of clothing and I was to get the same. I dropped my trousers and waited.

I heard Mrs H approach and felt her tuck my shirt up leaving just my pants as protection. Mrs H soon tapped my bottom and the first stroke followed. She was an expert caner and it was hard and central, resulting in a very hot burning line of pain. Strokes two, three, four and five followed at regular intervals. By this time I was breathing deeply and struggling not to cry. The sixth stroke was very hard and low and broke my resolve. I grunted and the tears started. Mrs H tapped again and soon the seventh stroke hit. It was diagonally across the first six. My tears were rolling well by now. Then the eighth stroke also hit diagonally, again making me cry out. Finally I heard Mrs H walk away. I was told to stand up and get dressed.

Mrs H had summoned Beryl in by now and then gave us a final lecture. She still held the cane in her hands throughout before dismissing us. Beryl and I had a quick cuddle before going to the toilets to freshen up before the end of lunch time. Sadly, this proved to be the end of our relationship. Beryl had never been caned before and this incident affected her badly, so she never felt at ease with me after. This was my only caning at the hands of Mrs H, thankfully. Years of experience had taught her how to administer a very effective punishment.