Nearly a year had passed since my stepdad, Bryan, first disciplined me. I was now aged 14 and was blossoming into a woman. I was not fat by any means, but I had a larger build than most of the kids my age. I looked more like 17 than 14, I guess you would say. I had full hips and had pretty much developed into a young lady by this point.

I still remembered my stepdad spanking me a year ago, and that changed me a bit. I knew that a spanking from him was now an option, and that weighed on my mind and probably made me behave better. However, I do remember me, my brother and my stepdad going out for burgers and ice cream one evening. I was 14 and my brother was 13.

My stepdad was a bit backward in public. He liked to keep to hisself and was really self-conscious.

While we were eating, my brother and I got pretty loud and then started throwing French fries back and forth at each other. Bryan told us to cut it out several times. Then I threw a fry with ketchup on it at my brother and made a bit of a mess. He then slung ketchup back at me, making a bigger mess.

Bryan gets up and walks out of the restaurant, leaving us sitting at the table covered in ketchup. My brother and I knew we were probably grounded for sure. We just left the mess and walked to the truck.

Bryan never said a word. We both said we were sorry, but still he never spoke a word. He started the truck and left the parking lot. He turned right out of the parking lot instead of left, the direction of our house. He drove a few blocks and pulled into his construction company office. It was obviously closed since it was about 8:30 or 9:00 at night. I assumed he forgot something he needed.

He opened the door of the truck and started to get out. He told me and my brother to follow him. We were both fairly scared at this point. He unlocked the office building door and went in and locked the door behind him. He went to his office in the rear of the building and turned on the light. Me and my brother followed and, once inside, he shut the door.

He handed my brother and me his cellphone. It was open to the text messages, and showed several pictures of my brother and me throwing ketchup and the mess we made. These had been sent to our mom.

She had replied: “OMG, what the hell have those kids done????” “Are you kidding me?” “If they intentionally made that mess, you better make sure you punish them both.”

Bryan had not replied to any of her inquiries.

He told us that we had not only acted like little kids, but we had made an ungodly mess at the restaurant. We had also embarrassed him badly in front of people he surely knew as well as probably one or more of his customers from his business. He said we were both grounded for one month, and my brother and I would get the worst spankings we probably had ever received.

He told me to turn and face the wall in his office. He told my 13-year-old brother that he had a choice; a bare bottom hand spanking over his lap or take 10 swats with the belt over his undies.

“Not the belt,” my brother says.

I could hear my stepdad pulling a chair across the floor and him sitting in it.

“Take down your jeans and underwear,” he told Austin, my brother.

I could hear Austin unfastening the button and unzipping his jeans. Bryan told him to get over his lap. I was pretty scared for Austin. He faintly asked how many.

Our stepdad simply said: “Until I am done.”

With that, I heard fast swats landing on my brother’s bare bottom.

My curiosity was racing. I couldn’t help but keep turning and getting a look. I wanted to see how bad he was getting it, and I guess at 14 I was curious about a 13-year-old boy having their pants and underwear down, even though it was my brother. His bottom was glowing red and his legs were kicking violently. I couldn’t really hear the smacks any longer, for he was screaming, crying and sobbing. I snuck several looks during the 3 to 4 minute spanking.

My stepdad finally come to a stop and told Austin to get up. I glanced behind me as Austin kinda slid off Bryan’s knee and stumbled to stand, still bawling his eyes out. I kept trying to see, for some reason. As his small body stood up, I saw a glimpse of his front side. This was the first time I had seen a boy with his pants down. I was a bit embarrassed, but still overly curious. I was also scared, for I was next.

Bryan told Austin to go face the wall. He was still trying to fasten his jeans, and went to the wall where he squatted down on the floor, still bawling.

My stepdad told me I had the same choice as Austin. I wasn’t about to get it bare butt. I was afraid Austin would peek as I did to him. Also, the only other time Bryan had whipped me with the belt, it hurt but not horrible. I told my stepdad that I chose the belt. He stood up and placed the chair in front of me and told me to drop my jeans to my knees and bend over and place my elbows in the chair.

I unfastened my jeans and shoved them down off my hips and to my knees, and then bent over as Bryan pulled his belt from the loops. I hated that sound more than anyone can imagine. I was bent over at a pretty much 90-degree angle. I remember my panties were a bit loose on me, and I tugged them up before he could start.

He asked if I was ready, which was a stupid question in my opinion. He pulled back and swung very hard. The first swat was way harder than I remembered getting from him a year before. He quickly gave me swats 2 and 3. Again, these were very hard. I was beginning to think I chose the wrong option. I should have took what Austin got. It was obvious Bryan had gone easy on me before. This wasn’t the case now. He whipped me the fourth and fifth time equally as hard. I was starting to scream at each stroke. I was also starting to cry uncontrollably. I had told myself not to let myself cry, but I couldn’t help it.

The next five swats came equally as fast, but they were kinda just a daze. I guess I thought he would spank me like he did the first time and I would have gotten off easy. This was by far the worst spanking I had ever received in my life. I was crying and sobbing.

He told me to pull my jeans up and let’s go home. Austin and I walked to the truck still crying. No one spoke on the short ride home.

As we walked into the house, my mom was watching TV. We went to our rooms. I heard my mom ask Bryan if he wasn’t going to punish us. He told her tat we stopped by his office and he took care of it there.

In my room, I got my clothes off and put my night shirt on. I looked in the morror at mt backside. I had several welts on my ass and on the backs of my legs. The ones on my legs seemed to hurt the worst. I definitely never acted up in public again.

I only got one more spanking, and I will tell about that in another entry.