Around 20 years ago my then girlfriend and I, both aged 15, had to be rescued by lifeboat in the North Sea after swimming to a sandbank we had been told not to go to.

After the rescue, and still cold from exposure, we were severely lectured by my girlfriend’s mother back at her house and then she phoned my mum.

It was agreed we would both be spanked.

I bent first, swim shorts were pulled down and I received a bakers dozen with a leather slipper. Girl friend’s mum was wearing a short beach dress and I could see her knickers, but that vision became blurred as my poor bottom reddened and stung like blazes.

My girlfriend bent next. However, her bikini bottoms weren’t pulled down, though her bum cheeks were seen to redden nicely.

Meanwhile the stinging in my bottom went on and on.

My girlfriend took her spanking well and, unknown to my girlfriend’s mum, we showed each other our red/purple bottoms afterwards and rubbed cream into each other, but it was all respectful and innocent and went no further.

Would you believe, the next day when I got home, my mother insisted in punishing me again. My poor bottom was bared  and I got  a strapping in front of my two younger sisters.