This happened when I was 14 years old. I used to play football and other games with two brothers who lived quite close by. I had known them since the age of 10, and we used to play a lot together, especially in the summer holidays when this incident took place. I should also mention that their mother was a very strict lady, always very pleasant to me, but she never hesitated to punish the boys if they did anything wrong. I found her a bit scary and tended to shy away from her.

One summer afternoon, we were playing football in their garden quite late in the afternoon when the football hit the greenhouse by accident and broke a pane of glass. The brothers were called in, so I went home and thought no more about it until I met up with them the following morning.

They told me they both had their bottoms spanked, but said no more than that as one of their friends from next door had turned up. We carried on playing another game, and then their mother appeared and took me to one side. She said she would like to speak to me indoors, so I duly followed her in. She then explained that both her sons had been punished for playing football yesterday afternoon in the garden and breaking a pane of glass, and thought it only right that I should also be punished as I was the one that kicked the ball. She asked me if I agreed with her, which of course I did.

She then replied that she could speak to my parents or she could deal with me herself. I thought about this for a minute and didn’t really want my parents involved so I agreed to take her punishment.

The house they lived in was huge. The grandparents occupied the ground floor, and the parents and boys lived on the first and second floor. The brothers’ mother took me by the arm and led me into the lounge where she told me to remove my jeans. She left me there when the phone rang and she went to answer it. In the meantime I was undoing my jeans and taking them off. I already had no shoes on as she didn’t allow anybody to wear shoes in the house.

So there I was, standing in my T-shirt and underpants, feeling very vulnerable and nervous at this point. What made things ten times worse was that my friends came in to see where I was, and saw me standing there. I was truly embarrassed. Then their mother turned up and told them to go in the kitchen.

I was so relieved as I then assumed she would punish me in private, but to no avail. She came back into the lounge, took me by the arm and led me into the kitchen, telling me that she never punished the boys in private and wasn’t going to start now.

She placed an upright chair in the centre of the room and said I was to kneel on the seat and hold the back of the chair. She then told me that as I was the oldest she would spank my bottom and give me 6 with the slipper.

Having made sure I was holding on to the chair correctly, she proceeded to slide my underpants down to my knees and started spanking my bottom.

But she was having a problem with my T-shirt which, being so long, kept getting in the way of my bottom, so she stopped and ordered me off the chair. She told me to put my arms up and she removed my T-shirt. As I moved back to the chair, my underpants fell to my ankles and so they ended up on the floor as I knelt back on the seat.

So there I was, totally naked and having my bottom well spanked, making me quite tearful. She then followed this with 6 from the slipper. The boys were told to go and play and that I would be down soon. She told me to get off the chair and took me to stand in the corner in the lounge for a few minutes to gather my thoughts and compose myself.

After a few minutes, she re-entered the room with my clothes and asked me if I felt the punishment was justified. I said that it was fair and had to be done, but didn’t like having my punishment in front of friends. She just said she never spanked her boys in private and wasn’t going to change anything for me, so I got dressed and went out to play.