When I was child I always spent some time with my grandparents during vacations. I think this incident happened when I was aged 5 or 6. I was spending a week on my mom’s parents’ farm. My dad was on a trip for work and my mom brought me there before she drove to the airport to fly and surprise my dad and spend some time with him.

After dinner on the first day, it was time for my mom to leave and we went to the courtyard to wave and say goodbye. Before she got in the car, my mom hugged me and said to behave for my grandparents and do as they say. They had her permission to spank me if I was naughty. Then she sent me back to where my grandparents were standing with a hard but playful smack to the bottom, and then she took off.

In my grandparents’ living room there were a lot porcelain animals, and they were very beautiful things. They were never to be touched or played with. The pride of this collection was a full size dog in porcelain sitting as if it was on guard, and I loved it very much.

Wednesday, during my stay there, both my granddad and grandma were in the yard doing yard work and I was inside the house playing. I started to play with the porcelain animals as if I was their zookeeper and was feeding them. On my way to feed the dog, I fell and knocked it over. It fell to the floor and its head was knocked off.

My grandmom must have heard the noise because shortly after she entered the living room and she was not pleased with what I had done. She started to scold me, which brought my granddad to enter also. After some scolding, I was sent to the corner while they discussed what to do with me.

Shortly after, granddad called me out the corner, took my hand and told me we needed to have a talk in the woodshed. I followed my granddad, not sure what would happen, though I thought it was not good.

We entered the woodshed and he closed the door behind us. He sat on a stool he had there and lectured me once again about not playing with things I had been forbidden to touch. He then told me that he hated doing this but because I had been disobedient he was now going to give me a spanking.

I had never been spanked by my granddad before and tried to say: “Please don’t. I’ll be good.”

But, he unzipped my pants and pulled them down, then underpants went the same way. He put me over his knee and, when in position, he raised his hand and started to spank my bare bottom. I cried a lot and, although he only gave me eight smacks, I cried a lot.

When the spanking was over, he redressed me and hugged me. He told me how both him and grandmom loved me. Then we went back in the house and, still crying, I hugged grandma and told her I was sorry. She told me I was forgiven. I was sent to my room to finish my crying and think about what was done.

In the afternoon, I was back to being their spoiled grandson because while a man tried to fix the porcelain dog my grandparents took me for ice cream.