More than 20 years ago, when I was probably 14 or 15 years old, my mom and dad were going on a weekend vacation. It was only for them. I was going to stay with my dad’s younger sister, my aunt Tanya. Tanya was a lot younger than my dad, probably only about 35 or 36 at the time, so only maybe 20 years older than myself. She was single and had no kids. When I hung out with her, it was more like me hanging out with a sister or a friend than my aunt. She never really got on to me and most things that I would do that maybe I shouldn’t have, she thought was funny.

My aunt Tanya was fun and she let me do a lot of things my parents wouldn’t think of letting me do. I was always a little wild when I was with her because she let me be with it. My aunt Tanya was very attractive. She went to the gym regularly and worked out. She was tall and very fit, with long black hair.

When I was staying with Tanya before, I had seen she had some alcohol in one of her cabinets. I was kinda curious about it. I had never tasted alcohol but thought it was something adults did, and thought I should taste it.

While Tanya was in the shower, I grabbed a bottle and opened it and simply smelled it. I then took the shot glass that was with the bottle, poured very little into it and took a small taste. I guess I thought my aunt would spend as much time in the shower as my mom did, and thought I had plenty of time. As soon as I tasted it, Tanya’s bathroom door opened and there she stood, wrapped in a towel. She scared me to death. I dropped the shot glass and it’s a wonder it didn’t break.

She asked what in the hell I thought I was doing. I tried to explain myself and tell her I just tasted it. I don’t know if she didn’t believe me, or was just mad about it in general. She was furious. This was the first time I had ever seen her mad at me.

She asked what my father would think about this.

I just kinda shrugged my shoulders. I begged her not to tell him. I thought everything with Tanya was fun and games. I guess not. She walked over, grabbed the alcohol and put it back in the cabinet, and then walked to her bedroom to get her pajamas on. She came back out shortly and sat in the living room brushing her hair as I watched TV. No one spoke a word for a while.

She then turned the TV off right in the middle of the program we were watching.

She asked if I thought drinking alcohol at my age was funny.

I shook my head, no.

She asked me again if I wanted her to tell my dad.

I shook my head, no.

And she asked what my dad would do if he caught me drinking alcohol.

I just kinda shrugged my shoulders and didn’t speak.

Tanya told me to get up and come over to her. She was sitting in a chair across the room from the sofa I was sitting in. I had no idea why she told me to come to her, but she spoke loud and sounded mad. She then reached out, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close to her once I was within arm’s length.

Once again, she asked: “Do you want me to tell your dad you were drinking my alcohol?”

“Aunt Tanya, I didn’t drink it. I tasted it. I promise.”

“Do you want me to tell your dad? The answer is ‘Yes, Aunt Tanya,’ or ‘No, Aunt Tanya,” she said hatefully. I can still remember her words like it was yesterday.

I shook my head, no.

She told me to drop my shorts.

I was really in disbelief. I was starting to get the hint of what she was going to do. I just stood there and didn’t move.

She then literally yelled at me: “I said, drop your shorts, young man!”

She had hatred in her voice and sounded really mad. I came to the realization that she planned to spank me. I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, and she grabbed them by the waistband and yanked them down. She then pulled me in front of her, in between her legs, and told me to pull down my boxers and lean over her left knee.

I tried to tell her I was too old to take my boxers down in front of her, but in mid-sentence she yanked them down too, accidentally scratching my side badly with her fingernail. Before I could say another word, she pulled me over her knee and, with her other leg behind me, she pinned me down against her knee. She picked up the wooden hairbrush she had been brushing her hair with and gave me at least twenty swats to the bottom.

She was hitting me, what felt as hard and as fast as she could. I was kicking and screaming. It was horrible pain. My dad had never spanked me this hard before. I was crying by the time she was done. My backside was on fire.

She told me to get up, she was done. I didn’t want to get up, but then she said it a second time. I tried to pull my boxers up but realized they were not around my ankles any more, they had fallen off. I stood up, got off her knee and then bent back down and tried to get my boxers on. Aunt Tanya definitely stared ay my genitals, but never said a word. She told me to grab my shorts and get to bed.