Both mom and dad spanked me and my siblings as a child, mostly dad did it but when he was not around mom had no problems in doing it herself.

As I remember, this was the last time mom spanked me.

I was 11 years old and had asked mom if I could play with my friend, Thomas, but instead I went to a boy from class whose name was Jakob. His mom was not home and I was not allowed to be home with someone without a parent being there. That is why I told mom I went to Thomas’s house.

While I was playing with Jakob, something happened and mom found out I had lied to her. While she was doing some laundry, the doorbell rang and she opened the door to find Thomas standing there asking if I could play. Mom was confused and worried because she thought we already were playing, since I had asked to go playing with Thomas.

She sent Thomas back home, then called my dad and told him she did not know where I was since I had lied to her about whom I played with. Dad told her not to worry and that he would not be home until two days later, so she had to make sure I got a good spanking for lying.

Shortly after she had talked to dad, I came back home and of course mom was happy to see me, but she also demanded to know where I had been. I lied again and told her I had been with Thomas, so I was caught in lying for the second time that day. Mom informed me that Thomas had been there asking if I could play, which was strange if we were already playing together, so she asked me again where I had been and told me to tell the truth this time. I told her I had been over playing with Jakob.

When mom finally got the truth, she told me to go to my room. When she had calmed down, she would come downstairs to my room and we would have a talk about my reason for lying to her.

Twenty minutes later, mom came down and sat on my bed. She asked me why I found it necessary to lie to her. I told her I did not know and she told me that was not good enough. She said I could stay in my room till I was ready to talk to her, and just as she was leaving I said okay. She sat down on my bed again and I told her I had lied because I knew she would not allow me to play with Jakob when his parents were not home.

She then gave me a lecture about the reason her and dad make rules so I am safe in case something bad happened when adults were not around. By lying, I had worried her a lot because she didn’t know where I was and if I was safe.

She then asked what happens when I am lying. I answered that I get a spanking. She then said something that I did not expect.

She said, “Normally it’s dad who spanks you, and for lying it would be on your bare bottom. Since this time it will be me, I don’t want to embarrass you, so you get the choice to either get spanked over your underpants or on your bare bottom.”

I don’t know why I chose what I did; maybe to be brave for mom, but I told her I did not think underpants would protect much so I chose bare bottom spanking.

I was then told to pull my pants down and bend over her knee. When I was over, she pulled down my underpants, adjusted my position and then asked if I was ready.

Looking at the carpet of my room, I said I was and closed my eyes. Mom raised her hand and landed the first sharp smacks. Mom spanked me hard and I cried a lot more than normal. I would get my age in smacks from dad, but mom spanked a little longer and after about 15 or 16 smacks the spanking was over.

Mom pulled my underpants back up and helped me to my feet again. She hugged me and told me all was forgiven. Hopefully, I would think twice before lying again. She then said I had to stay in my room till dinner, and after dinner I would be put early to bed too.