This is a memory of the only time my mom spanked me with a belt, and really actually spanked me at all.

My dad was away for a couple days due to his job so when I had gotten in trouble for hurting another kid it was only my mom there to deal out any punishment. If my mom punished at all, it was normally having to sit in my room or occasionally she soaped out my mouth. I was 11 years old at the time and I guess she felt, since I caused another kid a little pain by being mean, then it was only fair I felt some pain too.

My mom told me her decision to spank me with a belt and brought me over to the dining room table. I figured it was the same rules as my dad’s, so I started unbuttoning my pants when my sister came into the house crying. I guess she scraped up her knee or something, so my mom then tells me it will have to wait and to go sit in my room.

Maybe 15 minutes later, my mom returns and asks me if I’m ok with waiting till bedtime for my punishment because she needs to get started with dinner. I told her that I really didn’t want to go to bed having just been spanked. My mom said fine and told me to go back downstairs to the table. I did so and she followed shortly after. I hear her tell my sister that she has to spank me, and stay in the living room.

My mom finally came into the dining room and I bared my butt for her. She picked up the belt and stood behind me. The first two licks didn’t hurt that much, but the third and fourth one caught me pretty good. The fifth and what ended up being the last one got me a lot on my leg, which hurt. While I wasn’t bawling like I do when dad does it, I didn’t come away dry eyed either.

I’m pretty sure my mom never said a word to my dad about any of this.