I would like to tell you this story as it is the only time in my childhood that I was punished by my parents severely.

My sister and I were outside playing during summertime with other kids when I suddenly thought It would be funny to pull my 14-year-old sister’s shorts down, so I crept up behind her and pulled down her shorts, leaving her showing her briefs to everyone.

She screamed, pulled up her shorts and ran in and told mum. I was immediately called indoors and told to go to my bedroom. Five minutes later mum came into my bedroom and told me I was to be punished for what I did. She then told me to stand in the centre of the room and remove my shoes and socks. Once I had done this, she then removed my t-shirt, followed by my shorts, leaving me in just my underpants. I felt very embarrassed standing in just my underpants.

I was then told to stand there and not to move. Some 10 minutes later my mum came back into my room followed by dad holding a leather belt and my sister. This was most embarrassing to have my sister there as well.

Mum came straight up to me and swiftly removed my underpants, leaving me naked. Then I was told I was to receive a sound hand spanking to my bottom, followed by 10 strokes of the leather belt. A pillow was placed in the centre of the bed, whereby I was told to lie on it in such a manner that it raised my bottom in readiness for my punishment. Mum then came and held me down whilst father started spanking my bottom. This seemed to go on for ages and I was in tears. I started to struggle, kicking my legs about. He stopped and told my sister to hold my legs down and then my father applied the leather belt to my bottom 10 times, making sure the whole of my bottom was well covered down to the top of my thighs.

After it was over, I was told to stand in the corner, not to touch my bottom, put my hands on my head and not to move until told to do so. Half an hour later, my sister came and told me to get dressed. I was left with a very sore bottom and a punishment I wouldn’t forget.

This punishment fitted the crime, and without a doubt I definitely deserved it.