This happened when I was 7 or 8. We lived in a lovely neighbourhood, and some of the neighbours belonged to the same church as us. Our closest neighbour was an elderly lady. All the kids loved her and we were often invited to her house to taste the fruits and berries that were in her garden.

The garden also had a lot of beautiful flowers, and I wanted to give my mom a lovely bouquet but did not have money to buy one, so I went to our neighbour’s garden and started to pick one myself. The elderly lady saw what I did, came out and started yelling at me to stop me doing what I was doing.

When I stopped, she asked me what thought I was doing. I told her I did not have money for flowers for mom’s birthday, but she lectured me and told it was not okay to steal her flowers, and that I should always ask for permission before taking something without permission.

She then took me home by the arm. She knocked on the door and dad opened the door. She told him what a naughty boy I been and what I had done. Dad got angry and scolded me. He told me to say sorry and then go to my room, and when he was done talking to the lady he would come in to my room and give me a spanking.

About 5 minutes later, dad came in and sat on my bed. He lectured me more and then it was over his knee, whereupon he started to spank me over my clothed bottom. I cried a lot and after I had had my age in smacks the spanking was over. He helped me to my feet and while I cried and rubbed my bottom he told me my parents loved me and that it was their job to teach me right from wrong.

Twenty minutes after, when I was done crying, I could come out from my room. I got a cuddle with mom and dad, and then the doorbell rang. It was the neighbour. She bought mom some flowers with a card she signed my name to. She said I deserved the spanking, but she was still sweet enough to help a little boy.

After this, whenever she babysat me, mom and dad gave her permission to spank me, which she did a few times.