I was about 7 or 8 when this happened.

One morning, I was cranky and for some reason I would not listen to my mom and refused to put on the clothes she had put out for me.

She did not put up with my fuss, and after a few minutes told me she had enough. She put me over her knee and spanked my bare bottom with her hand 8 times. I cried. She told me to get dressed or she would go get the wooden spoon. This time, I did as I was told.

I had not learned my lesson, though, and talked a lot in class that day. I had been sent to the corner two times. When my mom picked me up, the teacher told her about my behaviour and mom scolded me in front of the teacher, and also told her that when we got home I would get a spanking.

At home, she took me to my room, bared my bottom and spanked me again with her hand. I cried a lot.

I had still not learned to behave that day, and at dinner I had a tantrum because of the soup mom made. I wouldn’t eat it and made a huge fuss. This time, daddy took me to my room and spanked me hard with his hand. I cried a lot.

After the spanking, he told me that either I went back and ate the dinner without any more trouble, or I could go to bed and stay there till next day. I ate the soup sitting on a sore bottom.