When I was about 15 we had a family wedding for my mum’s younger sister, so my cousins and aunt and uncle came over from America for it. My cousin Katie and I were two of the bridesmaids. We were not just cousins but good friends too. We didn’t see much of each other but wrote regularly in those days.

Katie being over was too good a chance to miss, so I begged mum to let us go out. The rehearsal for the wedding was to be held later one afternoon and so Katie and I went into town early to meet some friends of mine, but with a warning to be on time for the rehearsal.

The site of two pretty girls in miniskirts, one of whom had the novelty of being an American, obviously appealed to some of the boys who bought us milk shakes and generally made a fuss of us. Unfortunately we were enjoying being admired so much that we forgot about the time and suddenly realised we were an hour late for the wedding rehearsal!

We hotfooted it to the church. My aunt who was getting married was obviously cross and frustrated but tried to make excuses for us as she didn’t want a fuss. However, we realised from the look on our mums’ faces that the prospects for the short-term welfare of our bottoms was certainly bleak.

After the rehearsal we drove home in silence but the silence was broken as soon as we got into the house by two mothers venting their rage at us. They couldn’t wait to get us into the dining room downstairs where they both sat on a chair and each put their erring offspring over their knee. Mum had loaned Aunty one of her slippers and for the next little while the room was filled with the noise of two young ladies receiving the due reward for their crime. How we hollered!  I think both our mums were trying to outdo each other in wreaking retribution and it was quite a spanking. We spent the next hour or so trying to cool our bottoms down and sitting down at the family meal that evening was most uncomfortable.

We were sent to bed early in disgrace that evening but we managed to have a good giggle before we went to sleep about how mad everyone looked with us. Good job we weren’t heard!

The next day at the wedding everyone said how lovely we looked in our bridesmaids dresses. However, even as we smiled at everyone, we both felt a twinge in our rears from the events of the day before. When the service was over we were both glad to find a quiet corner to give our bums a rub before the photographs. Some of the boys from the day before had even come to the church and, even though it was nice to be admired, we were thankful they didn’t realise that the two glamorous girls who they were waving to had been upended like two 5-year-olds over their mothers’ knees and very soundly spanked. It would certainly have taken a bit of the glamour off of it. But looking back I know we richly deserved it.