My sister, April, and I had been arguing with each other, hammer and tongues, all afternoon. I am not sure why now, to be honest. We had been to the shopping centre with mum in the afternoon and she was at her wits end with us. Finally in the car, she stopped and turned around to us in the back seat, warning us that if we did not calm down we would be for it. Whilst mum didn’t spank us often, she was rather good at it when she did, and the threat cooled matters for an hour or two.

However, the peace did not last and, whilst mum was getting dinner ready for our evening meal, things spilled over. April and I started to fight. That makes it sound worse than it was. She came crashing into my room firing her water pistol and saying that it served me right for the afternoon’s falling-out. I threw pillows at her before holding her down. However, her shoe came flying off, knocked my lamp over, the glass shade shattering into a 1000 pieces. Within seconds, mum’s feet could be heard thundering up the stairs.

“What on earth is going on? Oh, for goodness sakes, get out both of you. There are glass shards everywhere. Wait in the kitchen whilst I clear this mess up!” she scolded.

“Sorry mum!” I said.

“You will be!” she said, very matter-of-factly and with purpose. I did not doubt it.

“It’s all your fault!” April muttered as we went down stairs and stood in the lounge to await our fate.

“You squirted me!” I protested.

“Shut up, the pair of you!” came a shout from mum upstairs, and with that the vacuum cleaner howled into life.

Three or four minutes later, it whined to a halt and April and I looked nervously at each other. Our differences were forgotten and we held hands for comfort. Seconds later, mum’s firm and deliberate steps started to come closer as she made her way down the stairs to sort us out. April and I looked at each other and both mouthed the word ‘sorry’ silently to each other.

“Right, you two. I have had it with you two today. Tom, come here!” she ordered as she pulled a chair out into the middle of the room and sat purposefully upon it.

She took hold of my arm and pulled me close. With lightning speed, she undid my trousers and tugged them down to my knees. My underpants followed suit, leaving me totally embarrassed. Before I knew what was happening, she pulled me over her lap and started immediately to apply the palm of her hand to my unprotected bottom. The slapping sound bounced off the walls of the lounge and my bottom was already on fire as she spanked both sides of my bum.

I looked at April, and she looked terrified. I tried to be brave, but I was soon squirming and grunting and groaning and eventually I could hold the tears back no more. The spanking seemed to go on for ages, but likely only lasted a couple of minutes, which was plenty long enough. Then, as quickly as it started, my spanking ended.

“Get up and stand by the fireplace. Put your hands on your head!” mum ordered.

I shuffled across with my trousers and pants still around my ankles.

“April, come here!” was mum’s next instruction.

April moved slowly to mum’s side and was firmly pulled across her lap. I stood with my bum and face burning red equally from my experience and embarrassment. Mum pulled April’s yellow dress up and whipped her white panties down, which came to rest around both her knees. April’s white bottom soon began to suffer one of mum’s spankings, as mine had just done. Bright red hand prints soon became visible as mum’s hand repeatedly rose and fell sharply, making loud slapping noise on contact.

April was sobbing loudly about the fifth or sixth smack. I was feeling as sorry for her as I was for myself. As she was younger than me, her spanking seemed to be somewhat shorter. I couldn’t begrudge her that. I suppose I was more to blame than she was.

April’s spanking ended, and she laid crying across mum’s lap for a moment or two before jumping up and vigorously rubbing her sore bottom, her dress falling back in place to cover her. I was still standing with my hands on my head and my nether regions on full display.

“Right,” Mum said sternly. “Tom, make yourself decent and get out of my sight. April, you are as much to blame as Tom for today’s bad feelings between you. Next time you will get exactly the same spanking as him! Now, the pair of you, go to your rooms and don’t come down until I call you for dinner!”

Silently we made our way up to our rooms. My bottom was sore, but it had been worse when I had received mum’s slipper on my bottom. Poor April, however, laid on her bed with her dress pulled up to allow air to her panty covered bottom, not that this had much effect as I knew from my own experience.

Needless to say, we were on our best behaviour for quite some time afterwards.