Annette’s father was posted to a new, very senior Establishment role to one of the former Commonwealth countries in Asia, which meant that the whole family was going to be uprooted. Annette and her sister were both apprehensive and a bit excited about such a big move, especially as it meant leaving their current highly respected school in England and starting at a new school in The Far East. The new school was apparently run by Nuns and was where the vast majority of well-to-do ex-patriots went.

Annette’s parents decided the move would take place over the summer holidays which would allow time for the container with their belongings to be shipped. Leaving their old school for the last time was a sad day as Annette said goodbye to many of her friends. However, there was the summer holidays to look forward to and the big move to Asia. As ever, holidays go quickly and the whole family were soon on the plane heading for the Far East from Heathrow. The accommodation that had been arranged for the family by their father’s office was wonderful and soon after came the day when they would start at their new school.

Everyone seemed very nice and they were both made very welcome by their new school chums and the teachers. However, one thing was very clear; discipline was upheld in a much stronger way than back at their old school and it was not long before one of the boys in Annette’s class was summoned to the front, told to face away from the class, drop his trousers and bend over the form table with his bottom on show to everyone. The teacher then went to her cupboard and selected a long cane and methodically thrashed his bottom six times.

This was the first time Annette had ever witnessed a caning and it had an interesting effect on her. She found it arousing to have watched the boy bend over as his underwear tightened across his bottom before receiving six fearsome whacks which could only have been extremely painful. For the next few days, every time Annette thought about the boy’s caning she felt a sexual twinge. This was not to be a one-off and over the next year Annette witnessed quite a few more canings. Each time it had the same effect on her. Certain teachers used the cane more than others and Annette would often look forward to classes taken by them and hoped that someone would misbehave and receive the inevitable caning.

There was another reason that Annette was finding these caning sessions exciting. She had been brought up by her mother to be very careful about never showing any sign of her underwear, especially when getting out of a car or when rising from a sitting position. This had been drummed in to such an extent that Annette actually found the thought of any boys seeing her underwear in itself quite thrilling and naughty, and part of the excitement of watching pupils being caned was that they always had to drop their trousers.

So far, all the canings that Annette had witnessed involved male pupils and it had been assumed that girls were not subject to such punishment. But to everyone’s surprise, later in the first year a pretty Eurasian girl was accused of misbehaviour, summoned to the front of the class and told to remove her skirt. Annette remembers the moment as the girl dropped her skirt before being told to bend over the table. The teacher involved was one that had a reputation for giving particularly severe canings and apparently there was a complete hush in the classroom as the girl bent across the desk with her pants tightening across her slim bottom.

Annette imagined with complete horror being in the girl’s position, more because of being completely exposed with her pants on show to all. The six strokes that followed were severe, and had the girl crying out from the very first whack. If Annette felt aroused by watching a boy getting the cane, she was even more affected by watching a girl being thrashed. And whilst the idea of bending over with her own knickers on display was horrifying, there was also something incredibly powerful about the thought.

Annette vowed to ensure that she never ever did anything to receive such a caning, and all the way through the next year she succeeded in staying out of trouble. She still enjoyed watching others being exposed with their trousers round their ankles and the occasional girl having to remove their skirt before getting six of the best, and found every occasion extremely arousing always resulting in a certain dampness between her legs.

But try as she might, Annette and three other girls were accused of mucking about whilst all being in the Upper Sixth. To their complete horror they were informed that all four were going to be caned and were summoned to the front. Annette watched in shock as the first three girls suffered their canings bent over the form desk with their skirts raised up and placed over their backs. It was then Annette’s turn and she did not know what was worse between the horror of all the boys seeing her bent over with her bottom completely exposed with her pants on display or the fear of the pain that was inevitably about to follow.

She imagined others that felt as she did when she was watching a caning and getting aroused, but in this case it was her bottom that was exposed and her bottom that was going to be caned. However much Annette thought how much the cane would hurt, she was simply not prepared for what happened next. Having left her in position for what seemed like an eternity, the teacher touched her bottom and took the cane back and brought it down to whack Annette’s bottom right in the middle and caused a loud gasp. She could not believe how painful just one stroke had been.

Fifteen seconds later, she received a second blow of equal severity and to all in the classroom there were now two red stripes visible through Annette’s white panties. After another fifteen seconds, a third whack struck Annette’s bottom and was immediately followed by an even more desperate gasp. Annette was gripping the far side of the desk for grim death.

Despite the pain, Annette was mortified about everyone in the room who would inevitably be focussing on her exposed bottom as it was being caned. The fourth stroke struck Annette’s bottom a little lower above the crease and in part caught a bare part of her bottom either side of her pants. If anything, there was a slightly longer gap before the fifth stroke stuck above the centre of Annette’s bottom, causing an even more urgent gasp, but she knew that she had only one more to endure.

It was known that the final stroke was usually the hardest and the teacher did not disappoint as the cane was taken back a little further before thrashing Annette’s bottom for the final time, causing an even more anguished cry. She was told to remain in position as the teacher put the cane back into the cupboard.

Eventually she was told to stand and return to her seat, and as she stood her skirt fell back into position. She faced all her class mates feeling a sense of extreme shame that they had all witnessed her being caned across her knickers. She took the few paces back to her desk with the agony she was feeling in her bottom making sitting down almost impossible. For the rest of the day Annette felt terrible and could barely look anyone in the face that had watched her caning and although the extreme pain did start to die down, she was sharply reminded every time she sat down.

She did however continue to enjoy watching others being caned and became aroused every time. Also she had to admit that thinking back to her own caning caused her to feel sexual feelings in a very confusing way. The pain of getting the cane was something she would never forget but it was almost as if the extreme embarrassment of being made to expose herself, which had been so dreadful, also turned her on.

Returning to the UK, there has only been one relationship during her time at university where Annette had been spanked. After having knocked a glass of wine over, her then boyfriend suggested that she needed a spanking and seeing the glint in her eye she was soon over his knee with her skirt raised receiving a good whacking. Annette told him about being caned at school and from that point onwards sex and spanking became synonymous for the both of them.

During this phase of Annette’s life, it was clear that a powerful and confusing part of her sexuality laid in the memories of being exposed in front of others for her caning at school. And at around this time another very powerful event occurred. Attending a party that became more of an orgy, Annette found herself surrounded by about six men who were in varying states of undress. Her memory is vague, but it was clear that something had been put into her drink that took away any sense of judgement. She was undressed and later it became clear that in the presence of her boyfriend Annette was seriously abused by several of the men. In Annette’s own words, “it was having been used as a sex toy  by all those different men that night which unfortunately strengthened my own personal feelings of inadequacy and lack of self worth.”

For Annette, the relationship with her boyfriend broke up after this rather disturbing incident which she could not forgive him for, in that he allowed it to happen. She went on to graduate and move into the teaching profession. Some years later Annette fell in love and married a man who sadly did not share an interest in any form of spanking.

Now, well over twenty years later married with grown up daughters the memory of that day when she was caned in the Upper Sixth in front of the whole class is something she thinks about almost every day. Her secret is something she has never talked about, but when anyone talks about corporal punishment in any context her ears always prick up and she feels a sense of arousal.

It was not clear what prompted Annette to do something about this hidden desire to once more experience the cane, and preferably in front of others, but prompted she was and she decided to explore the world of spanking online. Coming across the ‘Over the Desk’ website, she decided to contact Kenny Walters as a very tentative first step. Kenny was receptive and suggested that she write her story for the sister site ‘OTD Memories’ which is exactly what she did. He also suggested that he put her in touch with a friend of his by the name of Pat who he felt may be able to help her.

Over the next few weeks a number of emails were exchanged with Pat and one of the suggestions was to arrange for Annette to visit the ‘Spanking Schoolroom’ in Waltham Cross. She was attracted to the idea, but initially the suggestion was for Pat to give Annette a caning on a one-to-one basis. This would have been fine, but the missing bit for Annette would have been being caned across her knickers in front of others to replicate the extreme embarrassment of being exposed in just her underwear at school all those years ago.

Independently of her conversation with Pat, Annette discovered that in Buckinghamshire there were parties held called ‘Pants Parties’. She was excited about this idea where apparently everyone attending strips down to their underwear and there was clearly a CP theme involved. Annette was excited about this concept and after thinking about it decided to take the plunge.

The party was to be held on a Friday evening, and it was an extremely nervous Annette that drove to address given. Everyone was welcoming and, once all had arrived, the doors were closed as a sign that it was undressing time; the females down to their bra and knickers, the men to their underpants. This was surreal for Annette as she removed all her outer clothes down to her brand new plain white bra and knickers. With a gin and tonic in hand and making polite conversation, she felt her knicker elastic ‘twanged’ by a man who said: “You have a lovely bottom that I think needs the kiss of my cane”.

In Annette’s words, she felt her stomach fall by two feet as the potential reality of what had been burning inside for over twenty years might be just about to actually happen. She was led to an adjoining room by her wrist where about eight or nine people had just witnessed another woman being caned who was clearly in great pain. Annette was placed over the side arm of a large easy chair with her legs stretched out behind her and her face literally pushed into the soft seat cushion. Her bottom, encased in tightened knickers, was prominently presented to the caner and all in the room who gathered round behind her to witness another caning.

This was what Annette had dreamed about for all these years; the sheer shame of being so exposed in front of so many people and about to suffer a caning that she had not experienced for over twenty years. The caner told her that she must remain in position as he touched her bottom with the three foot cane for the first time before slowly taking it back over his shoulder and bringing it down to thrash her bottom low down above the crease. Annette would have been silly to not think this was going to be painful, but she was not ready for such a painful stroke, which immediately took her back to her caning when she was seventeen in Asia.

The shock was immense, but she stayed in position for almost a minute before the second stroke struck her bottom a little higher and was equally as painful. It occurred to Annette that she had not agreed a number of strokes and wondered what she was in for. The third stroke came a minute later with no warning and hit just below the centre of Annette’s bottom and got an involuntary gasp, but she stayed in position with everyone in the room watching avidly as there were now three red stripes that could clearly be seen through her thin pants. The caner was in no hurry and a minute later he thrashed her for the fourth time right in the centre of her bottom and again getting a anguished gasp.

The caner, turning to the audience, asked: “Do you think this lady needs six-of-the-best on her bare bottom?” To which everyone nodded.

Without any reference to Annette, she suddenly felt her knickers being lowered and taken right off, now leaving her bare bottom with four distinct stripes exposed for all to see. The next two strokes came slightly quicker with only about a 30 second gap, and were incredibly intense and painful. Annette was really starting to struggle and certainly was unable to stay still. At this point, another man stepped forward and took hold of Annette’s wrists. She had already suffered six strokes and if the promised six-of-the-best was to be it, she had four more to go.

The third across her bare bottom, or seventh in all, was an absolute peach, right across the centre and caused almost a screech from Annette who was now held in position by the second man. The caner left a full minute before taking the cane slowly back and bringing it back down to hit her bottom a little higher.

Whatever Annette had expected, this was far from enjoyable and was much more painful then she remembered. Maybe it was simply more severe or maybe her memories had been rose-coloured by the intense desire to feel the cane again. With two to go, Annette’s bottom was now badly marked and it was difficult for the caner to find gaps of white virgin bottom, but he was quite skilled and the ninth found a space just above the crease that caused an even louder gasp from her.

Everyone in the room had not moved an inch since Annette’s caning started almost ten minutes previously and knew this was the last stroke. She was held firmly by the second man as the caner landed a fearsome whack right across the centre of Annette’s bottom, inevitably on top of a previous stroke, and this caused another very loud gasp from her.

As the second man let go of Annette’s wrists, she leapt to her feet completely naked from the waist down, giving everyone a full view of her pubic triangle as she massaged her wounded bottom. She had just suffered ten strokes of the cane, six of which had been to her bare bottom. It was why she had come and, whilst she had not agreed a number of strokes, it had been consensual.

It was at this point that the man who had held her wrists took her left hand with her wedding ring and asked if her husband was present. Annette told him that he was not, to which he replied: “If that is the case, he will not know you have been disciplined and he would also not know that you have been fucked.”

At this point Annette was pushed back over the arm of the chair and taken from behind. It was not what Annette had expected but she was in no position to object. This was borderline consensual and led to Annette beating a hasty retreat.

Overall, did she regret the whole experience? The caning was very painful and worse than expected, although it was something she had wanted and gave her pleasure looking back. The embarrassment and shame of lots of people seeing in her underwear was slightly diluted by everyone being in the same state of undress. But the sexual act was something she would have preferred not to have taken place. Now it has happened, she has powerful feelings about so many people having watched her being caned and taken from behind so publicly.

Will Annette ever want another experience? Will she go to the Spanking Schoolroom? Time will tell.

Told in the third person by a friend.