I was on a local swim team and Linda, who was 5 yrs older than me, acted as my guide and big sister who always scolded me but was caring to me. We always cheered each other at swim meets and one time we went camping with boys in one tent and girls in the other. At this meet I was the only 12 year old boy qualified for this special championship meet. I was still excited to go camping and I had my own tent. Linda still became the chaperone, according to the parents, and she was in charge at camp.

As the only boy, I was on my own as she and the girls did their own thing. Linda loved the role of being boss and she loved letting me know that I had to listen to her. She kept telling me to fold my clothes, tidy my tent, etc. It was annoying and she repeated to me that if I didn’t listen she would put me over her knee. Little did I know, she meant business.

“Walter,” and she would whisper away from the girls. “I am in charge, young man, and I am older than you. I will not hesitate to spank your bottom.” And she would pat my swim suit.

She ordered me to go change and get ready for dinner. So I did, to humour her and figure she was joking. She did the barbeque with the other girls and we all enjoyed the evening camp dinner with laughter until Linda became bossy again.

“Ok, Walter, since we cooked you will clean up the table.”

I was furious and said: “It’s unfair! No way!”

She stared at me and whispered: “Remember what I said. Hmmmm?” She patted my bottom again.

The girls were laughing. “Yeah, you’re going to get it from the boss. Better do what she says, Walter.”

So ok, I decided to please her even though I was burning inside.

It was late evening and Linda and the girls went in the tent. They said we would all go for a walk. I went to the tent, opened the fly door and; oops! I saw my chaperone and 5 girls changing. There was a scream and: “Get out!”

I was in shock. I explained: “Sorry, I thought you were just talking.”

Linda came out. “You naughty boy! You always peek at girls!”

I said it was a accident.

All of a sudden Linda scolded me: “We were changing and you did this on purpose.”

I was nervous.

Linda looked at me and said: “Well, I have to do what I said, young man.”

The five other girls were in agreement. I was trying to get away but she stopped me with her arms and the other girls helped her to grab me. I said sorry so many times to Linda.

“No excuse, young man!”

The girls were outside saying: “Spank him good, Linda!”

She told me I must follow her inside the tent or she would report this to my parents and the other girls’ parents. So I reluctantly followed her.

She said: “Ok, young man, you know what is next.”

I said: “No way!”

She got angry and said: “Walter, you’re getting a spanking!” She looked at me. “I will report it. Do you want that?”

“NO!” I said. I slowly came to her lap as she was sitting upright.

“Ok, lay across, naughty boy!”

I did as she told me. It was so humiliating, knowing what was about to happen with 5 other girls my age witnessing outside the tent. As I did what she said, she added: “Walter, this will be extra punishment.”

Catching me by surprise, she pulled my track pants down showing my bare skin. With no time to talk back, she started smacking furiously. I was facing the tent wall and was feeling her hand blistering me. The girls were giggling, listening to the slaps I endured. It was taking forever.

She stopped and scolded me. “Ok, Walter, I know we are best buddies but I warned you. Right?”

I was teary-eyed.

She said: “Ok, it’s over, naughty boy.” She patted my bare hiney and said: “Yup, you’re nice and red now.” She pulled up my pants and let me off her lap. She said: “I’ll give you time to think what you did.” She smiled and said: “We are still buddies, ok?”