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January 12th, 2018

General Store Memory

I was doing a youth training scheme at the time in a small general store with this couple in their late 50s who owned it. They were really strict with me as they told my scheme manager they would be.

I was not 18 yet, so I was still classed as a youth and I’d still be punished as if was at school or home. With this in mind, I behaved and did as I was told for a few months, but then I started making mistakes. Then I got my first punishment from them after they give me 3 chances to improve my work rate.

They took me in the office and gave me a stern talking to before telling me I would receive my first punishment. It would be the belt across my underwear and I would get it once the shop had closed.

5pm came and the shop was shut. I headed to the office for my punishment. I was told to remove my shoes and jeans and bend over the desk to receive 8 strokes of the belt. I took the first 3 well but the last few I struggled with as they used full force across my tanga pants.

A few months later, I again received punishment. This time it was the cane on my bare bottom for being cheeky to a customer.

January 7th, 2018

A boy’s severe leathering at home

This is an account of a severe leathering I got off mum and nan. I was about 11. It was the summer holidays so mum was off on holiday too. I had been acting up all day. I’d had a good spanking over mum’s knee before lunch for cheek, then another one in the afternoon for the same. Then just before tea I got a leathering on the bare backside with mum’s strap and sent to bed. My bottom was tender and sore, I can tell you, but I was still feeling like doing everything mum told me not to.

There was a house being renovated up the street and an older girl called lynn was outside. I was leaning out my bedroom window.

“You coming out, Garry?” She said.

“No, I’ve been sent to bed,” I said.

“So are you scared to come out?”

“No,” I said.

“Come on then,” she teased me.

“Right,” I said. I would regret it.

I sneaked downstairs. I could hear mum in the kitchen. She was having a cigarette, and she heard me.

“Where are you going, lad?” She shouted.

“Out!” I shouted, and opened the front door, running out in my pyjamas and slippers.

She tried to catch me. “In, lad,” she shouted.

“No!” I shouted back and ran up the street to the older girl.

January 6th, 2018

School and other memories

I recall as a youngster being fascinated by the cane and the idea of someone being spanked, although I wasn’t spanked at home. I do remember watching Billy Bunter on TV; he was always getting caned, so maybe this was the cause. But I do remember such thoughts at age about 7 or 8.

An incident that occurred while staying at my grandparents, who lived in a different town, also excited me. I was playing at the house of a friend there one evening, in the living room with both our mothers present. We were playing round the table and he just stopped running round, stood still with his legs slightly apart and deliberately wet his pants.

His mother was not amused! She took him into the next room where I heard some shouting followed by the unmistakable sound of a belt landing, accompanied by howls. When he emerged, he didn’t look any too happy, clearly having been strapped for his antics. I often wished I had the courage to pee myself like that. And the thought of getting strapped for it too? Well, that made the whole prospect seem so exciting.

At primary school, if you misbehaved, then you would get smacked by the teacher. That would involve either, if necessary rolling up the sleeve, getting you arm slapped, or else, at this time, boys wore short trousers, pulling up the trouser leg, or skirt if it was a girl, just enough to allow the thigh to be slapped.

December 18th, 2017

Visiting my Domme for the Cane

None of this ‘special, but secret’ part of my life makes a lot of sense, I know. I am a single woman, in my mid 30s and so at the time of life when the search for a man can be at its most frantic. I also have a very good, very well paid job that I genuinely enjoy; quite frankly I love it. I am still decent looking; I have quite a good figure (careful diet, gym at least twice a week without fail). I dress well (I have to for my job) and even though I say it myself I scrub up well too. I do splash out a bit on good cosmetics but I certainly don’t need to shovel it on. I can get my work face together in less than ten minutes although if we have anything special going on I do make an extra effort, obviously. I am well educated and although I didn’t quite make Oxbridge, I didn’t miss by much.

So why spanking? Well, somewhat at a loose end after my last relationship broke down about two years ago (my boyfriend and I pretty well walked out on each other) I googled ‘spanking’ one night and was absolutely astonished at the amount of material that came up. I had some experience of being spanked from an earlier relationship although it was distinctly of the fun sort, but reading through the web pages it looked like I must have been the only person in the country not participating!

October 9th, 2017

Leatherings and Beltings

M and I were talking about the old days tonight and she says it’s about time I told you about my leatherings and beltings as there were plenty; a lot more than the ones I’ve already told you about, so here goes.

One I remember well was when I was in primary 4. I was mucking about at school flinging stones and I hit a girl called Janice Morgan on the forehead, cutting her head. She was taken into school by her pals. I remember all my pals saying: “You’ll get the belt,” and feeling really scared. The head, Mrs Glover, was a strict old teacher and she had two belts, one little black one with no split at the end, for everyday use, and a big brown one with a split leaving two nasty tails for special occasions.

She appeared at the front doorway. The playground went quiet.

“Garry Brown!”

She pointed at me.

“Inside, lad.”

My heart skipped a beat. I put my head down and entered the school, but she hit me across the back of the head as I passed her. She didn’t have an office as she taught. She took me to her classroom.

“You’re lucky, my boy,” she said. “Janice doesn’t need stitches. Do you realise she could have lost an eye?”

October 5th, 2017

A wayward stepdaughter

Around ten years ago when I married my now ex wife, Kristen, she had two children; 12 year old Mary and 10 year old Andrew. With in a few days of being home from the honeymoon I soon found out what I was in for. I had been single my entire life and had no children of my own.

About the first Saturday I was at work and my new found family was at home a few blocks away. I received a call from my new wife telling me that Mary and her were into a horrible argument. She was going to run away and was packing her things. I said, just tell her to shut up and stand in the corner or something. I mean you are the parent here. She is 12 for god sake. My wife told me to come home from work and deal with her.

What? Really? So I went home and found Mary in her room packing her stuff. Kristen told me to just do something with Mary. I was dumbfounded. I said like what?

She replied: “Ground her, spank her, take her back to work with you. Just get her out of here.”

I asked Kristen what she done before I showed up in their lives?

October 3rd, 2017

The Gunpowder Plot

I had been told that by mixing a few simple garden chemicals you could make a gunpowder for home made fireworks, and as we searched Sue’s dad’s garden shed it was obvious that this was just the place to find them.

Weed killer, saltpetre and charcoal were among the ingredients required and all were available in the shed. As normal with two teenage girls, it was not something we had thought through very well as we had no idea how we were going to use the mixture once we had mixed it, plus if the mixture worked, given Sue’s addiction to cigarettes, we were in danger of blowing ourselves into the next world. We were also too busy to notice her dad approaching as we stood grinding down the charcoal to powder and he took us totally by surprise when he entered.
He looked at the chemicals on the bench along with the charcoal and knew exactly what we were up to. We were both marched back into the house, her Dad grabbing a handful of garden canes as he left the shed.

We both knew what was coming and sitting down to discuss it was not part of it. In fact, sitting down was about to be off the agenda for a while.

September 28th, 2017

Workplace spanking

I own a used car sales business that does ‘on the lot’ financing. This means the customer comes to us to pay their car loan either weekly or monthly. I had three women working in my office; Tammy, who was full time, and Crystal and Jennifer who were both part time. Crystal and Jennifer worked alternating schedules.  We are from a very small town and everyone knows everyone. I had known all three of my employees the biggest part of my life.

In my business, there was a huge amount of cash flow. Over time I started to suspect money was missing. I had a system in place to keep track of money, but not a fool proof one. A hundred missing here or there was, quite frankly, hard to catch. I fully trusted Tammy. I had no doubt she would not take a dime.

After a few weeks I continued to suspect money was missing. I spoke with the local police and they said the only sure way to catch someone and make it hold up was video. I suspected that if money was missing then Crystal was the guilty person.

Crystal was due to take a week’s vacation. While she was off, I installed two hidden video cameras after hours. I got the cameras installed on Wednesday night and tried them on Thursday to see if they were positioned correctly. On Friday, I looked at the footage. Much to my surprise, I saw Jennifer stuff a $100 bill down the front of her pants only 5 min after getting to work and another $40 after lunch!

August 25th, 2017

A girl is caught shoplifting

This is a memory of when I was 14 and shoplifted. It was the first and only time my mom used a implement.

Me and my friend, Pernille, were at the mall and we looked at some cloth but it was too expensive for us. I found some very nice sunglasses, but they cost about 200 Danish Krone and I only had 100 Danish Krone, so I stuck them in my pocket, but as we went out the shop the alarm went off and we were caught.

Since I was the only one that had taken anything Pernille was told to leave the shop.

I was taken in the back of the shop to an office and they called the police. They came and talked to the owner of the shop and, since it was a first time offence and because of my young age and the value of the Item, the manager did not press charges. So, the police decided just to take me home and have a talk with my mom about this.

When we got home mom was surprised to see me with the police. We went in the living room and the police told mom what had happened. She was in shock but she made sure to the police that we would be talking about this and promised that it would not happen again.

August 19th, 2017

Another European childhood spanking

When I was a child, one of the things that always got me spanked was lying. 

I was 10 years old and went to to play with someone from my class and I don’t know why but for some reason I told my mom that I would go over to my friend, Pernille’s, house, but instead I went to Sarah’s house to play.

What caught me out was that while I was at Sarah’s house Pernille came to ask if I could play, and my mom got a little confused because she thought that me and Pernille were playing already and she told Pernille that she thought I was over at her house.

So my mom got worried because she did not know where I was and went to search for me. When she did not find me she called my dad at work for advice. He told her that if I was not home in a hour to call the police.

I did come home in time and when I got home my mom was not pleased with me and demanded I told her where I had been. Again, I lied and told her with Pernille, but my mom told that was a lie because Pernille had been here to ask for me to come and play.