I would like to share a memory that happened in the early 1980s. My parents divorced when I was six years old. My Mom had been a stay-at-home mother since I was born, but after the divorce she went back to work, and needed to find someone to watch me over the summer. She arranged for my Aunt Janice, who was actually my Mom’s first cousin, to take care of me. Aunt Janice was an attractive woman of about forty at the time. She had a husband and a couple of teenage kids of her own, but when I stayed

I want to give a memory of a fateful day back in 1996 when I was caught shoplifting and taken back to my adopted parents’ house by a male officer. I was then 13 and had skipped school. I was a young Jamaican girl, first generation, living in Coventry. Me and few girls skipped school, sat in a park smoking, etc, and then we decided to try our luck at shoplifting some make-up. I was excited and nervous. We seemed to be doing okay, until we tried to leave the shop. Then their security grabbed me. My friends ran and

I grew up in the US Mid-West in a small town in a state where corporal punishment was no longer allowed, so I had never really come across this on a regular basis. I moved to the UK after college in 2012. I had friends who said they had been spanked, but my parents were ‘modern thinkers’ and didn’t believe in the use of corporal punishment. Everyone was aware spankings went on, mainly behind closed doors, but no one ever spoke about them; it was almost a taboo subject. That didn’t prevent it being a topic of interest, possibly due to the mystique. One

I want to send a spanking memory that happened not so long ago. I’ve dated many ladies here in UK, some were born here, but some moved here from Africa and brought their culture with them. I dated a beautiful devout Christian lady, and things were going great. Sadly, it did not work out. The lady in question had two teenage daughters whose father had left them when little, and still lived in Uganda. I dated her for about two years. After a few dates, I was introduced to her two daughters aged 13 and 15. They were very quiet

My stepmother had a son who was, obviously, my stepbrother, but he was never subject to the same regime as me. Once, he came into my room and I told him where to go. Five minutes later, he came back with my stepmother in tow. She accused me of hitting him, which I hadn’t, but she wouldn’t believe me. So, she pulled out a chair from my dressing table. I continued protesting my innocence, but dreaded what was coming next. As I feared, she sat down on the chair and grabbed my wrists. I knew full well where this was

I had a dream about this last night for some reason. I hadn’t thought about it in years. This happened around the late fall of my junior year in high school. I’d just turned 17 the month before. We lived in a northern part of New England, where I grew up. Both of my parents were very conservative, religious types. My father in particular. I attended a private boys school in the area. It was fairly standard for schools of that type in the area. We wore uniforms, adhered to a strict dress code and the like. Everything was very regimented, structured and strict. I wasn’t one of the

My family live in Hastings, England. Three summers ago, my mum remarried and went on a 2 month round the world cruise with Geoff, her new husband. Rather than risk leaving a 17, almost 18, year-old home alone, she packed me off to ‘aunty’ Janet. She isn’t actually a relative, but a lifelong friend of mum’s who lives with her only daughter, Penny, aged 22, on a smallholding in rural West Sussex. I arrived and was warmly greeted and settled in. Over the first week, nothing really happened. I went bird spotting, a big passion of mine, did a bit of fishing

I was reading a post on your website about a girl’s experience with a novelty paddle that said ‘For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind’ that had a picture of a deer and a bear on it. This brought back memories for me because my parents also had that paddle! Fortunately, my parents did not it hang it up for anyone to see, but they had it stored in a drawer to use whenever they needed to punish my siblings and me, and I remember how much it hurt to have that paddle smack my bare bottom. My bottom stings

I went to a British boarding school in the 1960s and, although I was never on the receiving end of corporal punishment, many of my friends were. Canings were commonplace, as they were in many schools of the period. Nor was I ever spanked at home. My parents were kindly souls and did not believe in such harsh Victorian methods. But I did have one first-hand experience of corporal punishment, which still makes me smile all these years later. The reason that I was sent to a boarding school was that my father was a diplomat with a succession of

I recently read one contributor telling of her experience with a novelty spanking paddle that read ‘For The Cute Little Deer With The Bear Behind’, and I too have a story to tell with that paddle as it was used to punish me when I was a naughty girl. I was born and raised in a small town in southern California. In 1967, when I was 15 years old, I was accepted to a prestigious conservatory of music in San Francisco to study piano and violin. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in the city and were willing to let