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November 12th, 2018

Car ride punishment

One of my earlier spanking memories, possibly around age six, occurred when I was messing with my mother while she was driving. While sitting behind her, I began incessantly poking her and tickling her. She jokingly threatened a spanking, which in turn made me uncomfortable/mad (how dare she!) so I ramped up my behavior. I attempted to cover her eyes and said some mean things to her, which I have long since forgotten. She then told me she was going to slap my bum for real.

She pulled over into a rest stop parking lot and got in the back. I was wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants. She unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled my pants down, revealing my white cotton brief undies with animal designs on them. She put me over her lap and spanked my cotton covered butt hard. I was too stunned to protest at first, and she kept spanking away, delivering slap after slap to my plump six year old buns. Her hand came down quite hard on my undies, and I began to whine. After maybe 20 spanks, I broke into tears. She reached for my waistband and yanked it down, tugged the fabric over my thighs and down below my knees. She pulled my torso back onto her lap, spreading my legs, and began to spank my now burning bare bottom with renewed vigor. With another 20 or so spanks in the bag, she switched to my sit spots and thighs, alternating with no particular pattern. At this point I was wailing and bawling my eyes off, and with a total of approximately 60 spanks, she figured I had had enough. 

September 7th, 2018

Childhood spanking

I was brought up in a small town on the west coast of Scotland. In 1966, at the age of 11, I enjoyed a fairly normal if strict childhood. The usual punishment was loss of freedom, with spanking, or smacking as it was known, reserved as the ultimate sanction.

There were about four occasions on which I was spanked. This story is about the most memorable.

That day I had done something wrong and so I was told that I wasn’t allowed out. This was terrible as I knew my friend, let’s calls him Bill, was going to call. I waited upstairs, watching from my window, to try and meet him before he pressed the front door bell, thereby alerting my parents, who would have told him to come back tomorrow.

Sure enough, I spotted Bill wandering down the street. The time was around 7.45. Normally, I would have been allowed out until 9.00. I rushed down, stopped Bill ringing the doorbell and before I could explain Bill showed me a half-crown (about 12.5 pence Sterling) which he had been given by his gran.

His plan was to go to the local cafe and there buy two (one each!) ice cream floats which was a frothy combination of ice cream and Coca-Cola. I then explained that I was not allowed out. Bill said this was not a problem as we would be back before it was noticed that I had gone.

August 14th, 2018

Seeking a re-enactment of a school experience

I have previously written about an event in the 1970s that I believe triggered my long term interest in corporal punishment. As a young girl, I felt very unusual, alone and somewhat ashamed of the warm feelings these thoughts aroused. I went to an all-girl, independent senior school that did retain corporal punishment, but it was almost never used, and I was never on the receiving end.

My best friend at school had a younger brother, and one day I recall her telling me how they had both been in the dog house at home because he had been caned at school, and how unfair that was from her perspective. My interest of course peaked, and I managed wrangle an invitation to stay with her after school that evening. When her brother appeared, we both started to tease him about his caning, “bet you cried” etc. I asked him how many strokes he had been given. He said four, to which we both replied: “Don’t believe you.”

This went on for some time until we said he needed to show us. He was having none of it until my friend volunteered that I would show him my boobs! I was stunned as, whilst I was ahead of my year with respect to developing, I was very self-conscious of the size of my chest. However, he turned around, had his trousers and pants pulled down in a flash and we could indeed see the outline of four strokes, but they were now black and purple with bruising. They looked very sore and angry, but he insisted it didn’t hurt that much. He had been caned over his trousers, bending over, so I asked him to show us how far he had to bend over.

July 25th, 2018

A first caning by choice

I had attended a fairly strict grammar school in the early 1970s where the cane was used on occasions. Somehow I managed to avoid getting it, but some of my friends were caned and I saw evidence in the changing rooms after PE or swimming and frankly it aroused feelings of both fear and jealousy, and I know I was not alone. Like many boys the cane and the very thought of receiving it held us in awe. However, after leaving the sixth form in 1975 I definitely had a sense of regret that I had never paid a visit to the headmaster’s study for a swishing. It must have been bravado as I am sure if I had stood outside his door I would have been quaking in my shoes.

That long summer I turned 19 while I waited to go to university. My friends were mostly away on their holidays so I decided to go on a long cycle ride to the coast. I packed my panniers and had some cash, but had not booked anywhere to stay or planned a detailed route. I would stay in a B&B if there was one available or even sleep under the stars if the weather was fine.

July 23rd, 2018

Stealing underwear from a next door neighbour

I was about 17, lived at home, and was on my day off. I was asked to keep an eye out for the weather as rain was in the forecast.

Our next door neighbour had her washing out and I noticed a few pairs of knickers on the line. There were a variety of colours; white, black, dark blue and a cherry red. I checked nobody was about, hopped over the fence and stole the red knickers.

About 20 minutes later, the front door bell rang. It was our next door neighbour, Sally. In her hand was a photograph from one of those instant cameras. It had me caught removing her knickers from the line. She asked if my mother was in. Of course, she was at work dad had long disappeared from the home.

I replied: “No, and please don’t inform my mother.”

Sally said: “Ok, no problems, but we need to talk about this morning’s incident.” She told me to go next door with her to have a serious talk.

Sally lived with her mother who was out visiting family in Wales on a short holiday.

I followed Sally and was very scared, but she said to sit down in the kitchen while she made us both a cup of tea. Then she sat down on the other side of the kitchen table and started folding the clothes from the washing basket.

June 23rd, 2018

My Day as a 1950’s English Schoolgirl

A woman satisfies her longing to be disciplined for misconduct at school, many years before.

The second of May was a big day for me, on which I embarked with rather mingled feelings. I had arrived in town late in the evening of 30th April, not without having experienced a few surprises on the way, such as having a slightly exasperated bus driver inform me that most of the coins I still had in my purse from my last visit to the country several years ago were now useless. Fortunately, the notes I had obtained through a friend of my partner’s, who works at a bank, were all brand new, so no worries there.

The hotel I had booked at the recommendation of the gentleman with whom I had arranged for a role-play session was easily the nicest place I have ever stayed at. It had a truly unique atmosphere to it, and I instantly felt at home.

May Day, I had kept clear for crashing after the flight and, amazingly enough, the sun was shining throughout the day, allowing for long walks around town and through the pastures of its outskirts, which were full of life with a great many new-born lambs hobbling about, bleating at the top of their tiny treble voices. Whenever I felt my heart sink as my thoughts strayed to the event planned for the next day, I said to myself that even if the whole project was to end in a tragedy, I would always have a very fond memory of this wonderful day out in the sun, of the immensely green spring meadows, and of the sight and sound of those heart-warming little lambs.

June 16th, 2018

A girl and her unofficial stepfather sort things out

I was fourteen goin on twenty, and I had already been in trouble a bunch of times. This time I came real close to being arrested, but the sheriff knew my mom, and he brought me back home. It was a bit more serious this time. There was property damage. I wasn’t the one who did it, but I was there with the ones who were responsible, and if it went to court, I might have to share the blame along with the others. I had already been told to stay away from that bunch. Mom said they were nothing but trouble, and she was at her wits end with me.

My dad had taken off and left mom a few years ago. Her and Mr Ned had only been seein each other for a short while since she finally got a divorce. She really liked it when he would come over to see us. Mr Ned was a bit scary till you got to know him. He was a big rough lookin outdoorsy kinda guy, nothing like my dad. I guessed him to be about fifty. He was a bit older than mom, and he seemed nice most of the time, at least he did unless you got on his bad side. His own kids were grown up, and had moved away. One went to Alabama, and the other was out west somewhere in Colorado.  I heard mom say that he was really strict with them. She said they all turned out just fine though.

May 12th, 2018

Adult Spanking Event in USA

This is a true story about role play conducted in real life.

I was a Texas public school student in the 1960s and early 1970s. The paddle was very much in use, always over clothes. I was paddled a few times in the early grades and witnessed others paddled. Boys were paddled much more often, but occasionally girls would feel the board too. After entering High School, the only ones who paddled were an Assistant Principal and coaches. In grades 1-8, teachers would sometime paddle students in their classrooms, in front of the rest of the class. I am not sure if it were a written rule or not, but 3 swats (licks) were the maximum.

This story is not about my school experiences. It is about adults role playing actual corporal punishment. I am a spanking enthusiast and I attend spanking parties as a ‘Top’. For the last few years, I have run an event called ‘The Principal’s Office’ at one of the national spanking parties. A female friend, who is also a Top, co-hosts the event with me. She will discipline males and females. I only discipline females. We have a female ‘Bottom’ who acts as our secretary. She is quite good at keeping the students in line and informs us if they have been a problem.

April 9th, 2018

Alabama home spankings

I lived in a small town in Alabama. I was 11 in 1971 in the 5th grade and 2nd of five children. I had loving parents who expected myself and my 4 brothers and sisters to behave, be respectful, obey the rules, and stay within our boundaries. As long as we did that, we all had a great childhood. When you didn’t, spanking was the main punishment, sometimes followed by grounding, extra chores etc.

My dad was an industrial engineer. He was away frequently on job sites, sometimes for the whole week. He was away this particular week. My mom was the main disciplinarian in the house. All spankings were given on your bare bottom, frequently in the kitchen or living room. The level of the spanking depended on the infraction. The wooden spoon was the main implement used and she had a variety of them.

I attended a rather strict Baptist private school. They had a lot of rules and, yes, they did spank and paddle, amongst other punishments. For example, if you crossed the red line in the middle of the hallway instead of going down the stairs and back up the other side, that was an after-school detention. Higher level infractions resulted in the smaller kids getting spanked by the teacher and the older kids reported to the principal, and sometimes paddled there.

March 23rd, 2018

Last three months at the general store

So, I had 3 months left at the general store, and further punishments were given. As the time for me to leave came closer, the owners offered me a contract for 3 years till I was 21. But there was a clause that I had to take punishments. They offered me a good package, and I agreed to it and took my punishment as well.

One day I really screwed up and had a severe punishment in front of customers. I messed up their order. I was taken to the office and made to strip to be given 12 strokes of the belt. The man and woman were asked if they like to administer the punishment. The lady declined, but the man said he would and he did.

As I stood there in just my T-shirt and tangas, I was told to bend over the desk. My T-shirt was pulled up and tangas pulled down, so everything was on view for the world to see. I thought my past punishments were bad but nothing compared to this. I was beaten so hard and got more than 12 strokes. When he’d finished I couldn’t stand up nor move. I had to be helped up stairs where I stayed the night. I was in pain for a week and the bruising lasted for over a week.