Spankings were quite common in the 1960s. This is a true story from 1963. In July 1963, my family went on a road trip, and my sister Katherine and I got into a shouting match which led to pinching, hitting, and kicking. I was 13, and Katherine had just turned 15 the week before. Katherine and I fought a lot in those days. I was jealous of her because she was very pretty, blond with hazel eyes, and had always been popular at school, whereas I was more nerdy, a bit on the chubby side, wore glasses, and had a

More than 20 years ago, when I was probably 14 or 15 years old, my mom and dad were going on a weekend vacation. It was only for them. I was going to stay with my dad’s younger sister, my aunt Tanya. Tanya was a lot younger than my dad, probably only about 35 or 36 at the time, so only maybe 20 years older than myself. She was single and had no kids. When I hung out with her, it was more like me hanging out with a sister or a friend than my aunt. She never really got

For me, my most embarrassing spanking was actually from a baby-sitter. My twin brother and I were 14, way past the age of baby-sitters. The whole family was supposed to be doing something fun that night. I don’t remember what it was, but we got into some trouble in the afternoon. Mom said that we couldn’t go with them. That wasn’t much of a punishment. But then she said since we were acting like such babies, she had hired a baby-sitter to come watch us that night. It was Laurie. Laurie was 16. Only 2 years older than us. Since

I own an automobile and truck sales and repair business in a small Indiana town. I have several repair technicians working in the shop and two women working in the office on alternate days. I personally am in and out a lot and not always on site. I can keep an eye on things through my iPhone. All transactions, inventory and emails can be monitored through apps on my personal phone. One day in late March 2020, I was on my sales lot and noticed an email alert on my phone. When I went to open it, it had been

More than twenty years ago, I had a relationship with Fiona and I thought it might be interesting to recount my memories of time with her. She and I had an exciting time together, but we were never going to be long-term; she was way too much trouble. As I said, this goes back over twenty years and she was the only partner that I have been with that shared my interest of CP. When she had goaded me into caning her, which she did often, she often used to say after the first cane stroke that it was too

My experience takes my back to when I was an 11-year-old, in the late 1960s. Myself and around six pals took to playing in a nearby right-of-way at the back of some gardens and lock-up garages, much to the annoyance of the householders, who would tire of our noise and balls hitting their fences, etc. They would often come out and remonstrate with us. One in particular was a stout, elderly gentleman, his appearance suggested he may have been an Army Colonel or something, his authoritarian appearance we found quite scary, and we would all run off when he came

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man named David concerning an advert I have on a few spanking sites. I advertise I am available to do authentic Texas school style paddling role plays with females. David wrote, “I have a girlfriend living in Dallas, age 38, that has more than a passing interest in what a school paddling feels like. She has never had a real paddling but wants one. She would want me present when it happens, if you would be willing to go along with our request.” I wrote David back and told him I

Ever played a stupid game? When I was about 17, I went over on my bike to my grandma and grandpa’s house to see my favorite cousins, Timmy and Patty. The place was quite old and had been in the family for generations. There were some remains of a past age in the yard, like an old wash-stand and a carpet beater. Timmy took hold of the carpet beater. “You know,” he said, giving it a swish. “I reckon this is what grandpa used to get his butt swatted with when he was a boy. Reckon I remember him telling

On my sixteenth birthday my favorite cousin, Timmy, had promised to take me out in the morning and buy me a present. I was excited at the prospect, but it didn’t stop me, as usual, not being ready for him. In fact, I was still in my pajamas when he arrived. I had been too busy opening presents and chatting on the phone to friends to notice the time. “Will you ever be ready in time?” scolded my cousin good naturedly. “Girl’s privilege!” I said, sticking my tongue out at him and generally acting sassy. Mom, who had been watching

Nearly a year had passed since my stepdad, Bryan, first disciplined me. I was now aged 14 and was blossoming into a woman. I was not fat by any means, but I had a larger build than most of the kids my age. I looked more like 17 than 14, I guess you would say. I had full hips and had pretty much developed into a young lady by this point. I still remembered my stepdad spanking me a year ago, and that changed me a bit. I knew that a spanking from him was now an option, and that