I live in Australia. When I was a boy growing up, my much older sister was my disciplinarian. She gave spankings. This was in the days when corporal punishment was common in schools and many kids also got spankings at home. I remember one day I took a piece of musical equipment out of the house and broke it. My mother was complaining about it. My sister, who overheard from her room, called me over. I refused to go. So she came to the lounge, picked me up and carried me to her room. My bare feet were rubbing on her legs

I was 14 and my older sister 17 or 18 when this occurred. To this day, I have never mentioned it to her. She would have died of embarrassment at the time, and later there seemed little point. After all, she was no stranger to mum’s lap, and was spanked a couple of times a month for one thing or another. Mum was very fair, but used her hand on our bums when it was required. She always spanked us in her bedroom so no one else would see, or so she thought! On this particular day, I came in after going to the park

My husband and I have known each other since we were children. Our families were very close, and he and I were even related through marriage; his much older brother was married to my mother’s younger sister. My husband is five-and-a-half years older than me, so in the summer of 1964 I was 14 and he was 19 and home from his first year of college. I had a huge crush on him and he barely noticed me. I was at his family’s home babysitting two of his younger nieces. Instead of watching them, I went outside to where he was working

My husband Tom and I had been working 7 days on various projects since Christmas and thank goodness our diaries both worked out for a quiet week last week. So we rented a small cottage in Norfolk to get some rest and recuperation, and to do some walking and bird watching. On Tuesday evening, we decided to go to a local wetland reserve with tall reed beds and some trees where starling murmurations were a regular occurrence. We had been told about the starlings by the lady in the pub just down from the cottage the evening before. Armed with our binoculars and camera,

I’ve written before about my first two slipperings, which were delivered by my father at the ages of ten and eleven. My third experience of corporal punishment came about six months later and was delivered by my aunt. My brother, Felipe, and I were staying with her, as our parents had gone away for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary. If you can call what happened an overreaction, as I do, and did at the time, the stress of managing two unruly eleven-year-olds for my aunt, who was quite a bit older than her brother, my dad, perhaps explains

Spanking had been banned for over two decades by the time I started at St Martin’s, a girls grammar school in all but name. They prided themselves on strict discipline, and the slipper and the cane had been a regular occurrence, both in and out of class, 20 or 30 years before. However, since it was outlawed, they had to be more imaginative. Detentions were common, both single and full class ones. Suspensions were also used, but only where other options were proving futile. However, the single most effective method of control was a sternly worded letter home. In this, the teacher or head teacher

This was 1978 and the town was Enid, Oklahoma. My girlfriend, Rita, was 17 and her sister, Mary, was 15. Their parents were very strict with them and were firm believers in corporal punishment, no matter the age. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had gone over to pick up Rita and take her to her part-time job. She was a waitress at a family restaurant. Her parents only allowed her to work there on Friday evenings and on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week was dedicated to homework and chores. When I got to the house, I

As I had wrote about earlier, my family was very religious and had a set routine when my sisters or I needed a spanking. My grandpa, on the other hand, while a regular church goer wasn’t nearly as religious but a firm believer in spanking naughty children. Prior to this incident, my sisters and I had our bottoms warmed by him a time or two each, but this memory is from when I was 11. My grandpa lived on several acres of land. The back of the land, while very pretty, backed up to some public hunting ground. In the

I grew up in a very religious home with two sisters. We were the family that went to church each Sunday and participated in the Wednesday church activities. My parents were both involved in the church and my father would become an elder in the church. We were always expected to talk the talk and walk the walk especially when in public as the perfect Christian family. If we dared misbehave or go astray of the expectations, my parents were very quick to teach you a lesson via your bottom. My sisters and I were no strangers to spankings. They

I proved to be something of a handful for my totally stressed out, but dear, mother whilst growing up, and was very often on the receiving end of a good wallop or two, on reflection probably well deserved. However, this escalated into a full-blown bend over, pants down leathering, not only once but twice; experiences I will never forget. The first time this occurred, I had been playing up a bit in school and the utterly hopeless teacher, who held absolutely no authority over her class, decided to throw the ball into my mother’s court by sending me home with