My daughter was at a sleepover this weekend. She was supposed to be at her friend’s house from Friday to Sunday, and then I was going to pick her up Sunday afternoon. But Saturday afternoon, I was called by the girl’s mom and was informed I had to come and pick my daughter up. Both girls had behaved badly, first by not doing as they were told around bedtime, and then Saturday morning they had played ball indoors and had broken a window. The mom had told them both that the sleepover was over, and then she called me. I

When I was child I always spent some time with my grandparents during vacations. I think this incident happened when I was aged 5 or 6. I was spending a week on my mom’s parents’ farm. My dad was on a trip for work and my mom brought me there before she drove to the airport to fly and surprise my dad and spend some time with him. After dinner on the first day, it was time for my mom to leave and we went to the courtyard to wave and say goodbye. Before she got in the car, my

So here in Europe where we live, schools have a parent/teacher conference once every half year where parents can come and meet up with their child’s teachers and hear how things are in school, how their child is doing and behaving. Yesterday, I was at one regarding my 10 year old daughter and things were fine. She did well in school and behaved well most times, but nothing that I needed to address by give her a spanking or other discipline. But the conference reminded me about something that happened when I was 11. My mom and dad were talking

A little background: I grew up in the 1980s and 90s. I lived in a small factory town in Pennsylvania. Spankings were still common then, at least for working class kids like me. Most of my friends growing up were spanked at some time or another, and the few who weren’t seemed a bit strange to the rest of us. This story takes place when I was 12 years old and in 7th grade. Spanking was the main form of discipline in my family, but I was usually a good girl. Up to this point in my life, I had

Growing up, my parents were and still are Christians, and believed in spanking for misbehaving. This happened when I was 8 years old. We had been on a week long church camp and when we got home my dad asked me to help him unload the car, which I did. One of the things I carried in was something for the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen I accidentally knocked over a glass bowl that ended up smashed on the floor. Mom sent me to my room and, 5 minutes after, dad entered and started scolding me for not doing

The date was Sunday, November 21, 1961, and I remember it well. This was the day I received the most swats (80) in one session and I enjoyed it immensely on one hand, yet on the other hand I became a bit scared when my love for being paddled was almost discovered. It was also my first over-the-desk session. 80 swats sounds like a lot, but he did not hit us hard. His main goal was to make our butts sting and to break our will. I was in the afternoon church service and the priest, Bishop McK, was giving

It was about two weeks since my last spanking from Bishop M. It was the latter part of November 1957 and I soon would be feeling the heat again. I remember the teachers were still talking about the recent launch of the Sputnik 2 that had a dog in it. During lunch period, I was sitting with my fellow 4th grade Cathy and two third graders, Donna and Betty.  We were talking about the events that led up to the assassination of our founder and first modern day prophet, J Smith. Him and his brother, H, were killed on June 27 1844

Several of the girls on the estate where I lived were keen on playing football. Our parents all thought we should play it in the park at the end of the street but whenever we did, boys would come and join in uninvited and spoil the game by keeping the ball away from us, so we preferred to gather in someone’s garden. As you can imagine, the location had to change every time we got banned from a garden, such as at our house when Mum saw the ball hit the kitchen window. Luckily, it didn’t break or I would

This was the first of only two times I misbehaved on purpose in order to get a spanking. It was February of 1961 and I had just turned 13. I found myself thinking about paddling quite often. On this particular day, I was really craving to be paddled, but I knew that you just don’t get it on demand. I remember the mental conflict I had within myself because I did not realize that this desire was as common as it was. I really thought something was wrong with me. It was around 4:30 on a Friday and I was

It was the first week in May 1957, just three weeks from the end of the school year, and everyone was looking forward to the summer break. Unlike ‘normal’ kids who stayed at individual homes during the summer, we still remained here when the school year was over because this was our home too. I was sitting in class waiting for the day’s final bell to ring. At 3:00 it rang, and we quickly headed to our living quarters to change into play clothes so we could go outside. On Fridays, we were allowed to play outside until 5:15, and