I remember one occasion when I was about 12 and had been warned by my mum several times not to play with my ‘Action Man’ near the fireplace in case I knocked one of her ornaments off the shelf. Well, I ignored her warning and knocked off a vase that smashed on the floor. My mum was furious and I knew I was in big trouble. Normally, I would be sent to my bedroom for a smacked bottom, but mum was so angry she grabbed my arm, smacking my bottom as she pulled out the dining room chair. She whipped

Now 74 years old, I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is in the sub-tropics with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Accordingly, I usually wore shorts and a shirt when I was a boy. The shorts were generally made of cotton with a section of elastic in the waistband at the back and drawstring ties at the front. I did not wear long pants until beginning high school at age 13. I also did not wear underpants until I was 12. Thus, if mum wanted to spank my bare bottom all she had to do was put me

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s when spankings were far more acceptable and much more common. Like most kids of my generation, I was no stranger to a trip over mum’s knee or a slippering at school. It just went with the territory. However, one spanking stood out from the rest, which happened on a very hot day during the school summer holidays. I was 17 at the time. My friend, Mandy, and myself decided one day to try and bag some grey squirrels. In our part of the world at that time, we still had red squirrels but the pesky

I would like to relate a particularly moving memory. One time when I was about seven, my older cousin, Emma, then eleven, earned herself a spanking. In front of my mother and me, my aunt instructed her to get across her lap. There ensued a teary, “Please..Mommy, can w-we do th-this in my r-room?” But, one determined, “No, Emma, we will do it right here,” and my cousin’s hands reached for the hem of her sundress. She raised it and, with no further instruction, laid herself across my aunt’s lap. Emma looked over at me, blushing to be sure, but with

This is a story of me getting a tanned bottom for misbehaving in Tesco, a well-known supermarket in the UK, by my mum in the early 1990s. I was about 7 or 8 at the time, can’t remember exactly what age. Basically, my mum was a firm believer in corporal punishment for me and my three sisters growing up. This certain day, I was in a foul mood all day and being mischievous throughout the day. My mother decided we were going food shopping to the supermarket. I hated food shopping, and my mum knew this. Anyway, in the shop

Recently, my wife, Christina, and I were talking about things we did in high school. We knew one another back then because we were from a small town, but we weren’t really friends. She is a year younger than me. I mentioned that I used to see her sometimes at the Johnson girl’s house. I told her I thought they were kind of trouble-makers. Christina was always more of the type that followed the rules, and I always thought it was odd she hung around with Sheila and Cathy Johnson. Sheila was a year younger than me, and Cathy was

About six years ago, I was sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school. My aunt and uncle were business owners in our small town in western Kentucky. My aunt and uncle owned a flower store and also a lawn care business. My mom worked for my aunt at the flower store. I guess I was a typical smart-mouthed high school aged boy. I always had something smart to say, especially to my mom or aunt. My mom always kinda blew it off because I would always be her only child, but my aunt always seemed to tell me

I was born in 1948 into an upper-middle class household in Surrey. Father was a banker in the City, while Mother took care of the house and family. During the 1950s corporal punishment was used in most households and I was punished by Mother on a number of occasions; anything from a smacked bottom, smacked legs (at the time an almost standard punishment for girls), slipperings and, as I got older, in extremely rare circumstances a caning. Apart from a few impromptu smacked bottoms or legs, Mother would make the punishment formal. She always used the word ‘chastised’ and the

As a young boy I was not spanked at all. My father, who was away from home a lot as he was in the shipping industry, sometimes threatened that I would get the slipper if I was being particularly naughty, but these threats were never followed through to an actual punishment. At the age of 9 or 10, we moved and I was registered with a local day Preparatory School to prepare me for the ‘11 Plus exam’ and the subsequent move to big school. It took a while for me to adjust to my new life, and I was slow

My cousin Carmel was 10 years older than me and had always been my favorite girl cousin. She was a beautiful 5’4” inch curvy girl with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She lived in Augusta Georgia and we lived in West Virginia but she loved to come to our farm every summer and enjoy country living. That meant she could go horse-back riding whenever she wanted, got to run the farm equipment, take walks to wild berry patches and eat all you could pick, and go fishing. So in some senses she was as much like a big