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August 24th, 2019

Making a Public Example of a Miscreant

I attended a mixed sex comprehensive school in the North West of England from 1968 to 1973.  It had an upper and lower school on different sites, with the lower school catering for the first 2 years; those aged 11 and 12 respectively at the start of each year. Until shortly before I attended, it had been a fairly prestigious grammar school and my year was one of the early comprehensive intakes. Many of the students at the Upper School were still from the grammar school along with most of their teachers. The Lower School had been a secondary modern, and most of those teachers were still there as well, so far as I could gather.

The Lower School had its own Headmaster (and Deputy). The middle school (13-15) and Upper School (5th & 6th form) did also, but they were both at the Upper School site and so were co-located with the Headmaster for the whole establishment. Consequently, it seemed the Lower School Head had more autonomy because the overall Head never seemed to visit the Lower School: at least I never saw him.

It was pretty standard for its time and discipline was, for the most part, fair and reasonably liberal by standards of the time.  Detentions were given out for such things as late arrivals, and assignments, lines mainly, for minor infractions, late homework etc.

August 21st, 2019

Punishments in primary school

The following doesn’t relate to any specific incident, but just explains how boys and girls naughty enough to be reported to the headmistress at my primary school were punished back in the 1970s.

When I was at primary school, spankings, for the most part, were given by the headmistress. The occasional smack on the bottom would sometimes be given in class, but this wasn’t that common. Anyone reported to the headmistress, or unlucky enough to be caught in the corridor if sent out from class, was duly summoned to be dealt with in the lunch break. This was bad enough if you got into trouble in the morning, but if you were in trouble in the afternoon the situation was compounded by an anxious wait until the following day for your punishment.

Anyone waiting for punishment had to line up in the corridor outside a particular classroom until she came along and called everyone in. Sometimes you’d be the only one (I hated that) but usually there would be 3 or 4. The most I remember lining up were 8 of us. I can’t remember why there were so many but can only assume a group got into trouble.

While boys were the worst offenders, girls certainly weren’t exempt. When in the classroom, you lined up against the wall and listened to a general telling- off. You were then called out one at a time to explain your specific behaviour. You would then go over her knee for spanking, or have to bend over a desk for the slipper.

August 19th, 2019

A first Taste of the Slipper

I was at a primary school in a leafy London suburb during the 1950s and 1960s, and a lot of my reading at home had included various incidents of school punishments ranging from Little Noddy getting the slipper to Billy Bunter being caned by Mr Quelch.

I was, quite honestly, fearful of being beaten before I even set foot in the door of the school at age 7. Prior to that I had gone to a private infants school run by two very gentle spinsters who never administered more than a token smack on the back of the hand.

All went well for the first year or so, then things changed.

Our regular teacher, Miss O, who became Mrs B, was away and the fearsome Mr S took our class. He had to leave the classroom for a brief period but warned us to remain silent until he returned. I shared a desk with Geoffery who had some wine gums in his side of the desk. When he looked in the desk he found there was a black one missing. He accused me of taking it. I protested my innocence and, during the time we were arguing, Mr S walked past the room on his way to returning to the class.

July 23rd, 2019

A boy’s caning

In my previous posting I wrote about the number of times that I was slippered in my junior school. In this post, I recount my experiences in the senior department of the all boys direct grant grammar school that I attended in the 1960s.

One of the differences was that all teachers could cane as well as slipper. We had thought this would lead to more corporal punishment, but in fact it didn’t. Most teachers didn’t use the slipper and the cane was reserved for serious offences.

One of the exceptions was Mr Brady, who had the nickname of Basher. In my first two years he slippered me three times. It was always the same; two whacks for minor misdemeanours and always in front of the class. It hurt a bit, but by the end of the lesson the sting had gone.

They were the only slipperings I received. I also managed to avoid the prefects’ court. If a prefect caught you misbehaving you could be summoned to the court where the prefects would decide how many whacks with the slipper you would get. One of the prefects would then carry out the slippering as the others watched. This rather archaic practice had been abolished by the time that I became a prefect.

July 21st, 2019

A boy’s slipperings at school

I went to an all boys direct grant grammar school in the 1960s. The school had a junior department, so I started there at the age of eight. This was the era of corporal punishment in schools and at my school all teachers were allowed to use the slipper and the headmaster could cane.

My parents had occasionally given my brother and me a smack, but I had never experienced any formal kind of corporal punishment. This was to change a few weeks into my first term. My science teacher that year was Mr K and we were waiting for him in our classroom. When he arrived, he demanded to know who was making all the noise. Nobody owned up so he asked again, and once again nobody replied. So he said that if nobody owned up he would slipper the whole class. Still silence. He then took a large plimsoll out of his brief case and called us up five at a time. For most of us, this was to be our first taste of the slipper. As I watched the first group get the slipper I was both curious and fearful. A few boys cried when they got whacked and soon it was my turn. I was told to bend over and felt a hard pain to my bum. It hurt, but I didn’t cry and I went back to my desk rubbing my bum.

July 11th, 2019

A girl’s school caning for missing detention

The fourth caning I got at school was during my fifth year of secondary school. I know I had received a detention for some reason or the other; to be honest I’ve forgotten what I got it for, but the consequences were dire. The problem was that one of the girls had a birthday and being one of her friends I was invited with some of the girls to the local café after school for tea and cakes. Now  that might not sound much these days when eating out is quite common, but in those days it was quite a spectacular treat which I did not want to miss. So, in the display of teenage foolishness, or foolhardiness, I decided to give the detention a miss in the hope that my absence would not be noticed.

So, it was off to the café after school instead of the detention room. We had a really lovely time with scrumptious cakes and I managed to explain to mum that I had gone after the detention, an explanation which she looked doubtful about, but none-the-less said nothing, much to my relief. My mother was one who tended to allow the school discipline to remain at school rather than sticking her nose in. That is unless too many detention slips were served up for her to sign, and then the slipper might act as an extra reminder to behave!

July 1st, 2019

School bus paddlings

The second spanking I got from my favourite teacher, Coach B, was when we had been out cheering and were coming home on the bus, which was a fairly small bus which we cheerleaders all crowded into. We were all pretty excited and in a rather silly mood. One girl had an orange, which another girl pinched, and we decided to throw it around, which was okay until someone threw it a bit far and it hit the driver. He was very annoyed, stopped the bus and told us to get off.

We were all very chastened and thought that might be the end of it, but the supervisor who was with us told coach B when we got back. She took us into the gym and tore a strip off us at our dangerous behavior. To our dismay she then produced her paddle and told us all to grab our ankles and not to get up until she told us. She then went round the upturned bottoms and planted two good swats on each. It must’ve been quite funny to see and hear as each bottom received its swats to the yells of each girl. However, being on the receiving end we did not find it amusing.

June 16th, 2019

Sister finds attitude doesn’t pay.

When it comes to spankings in a day, my little sister sure holds the family record. She was going through a bit of a bad phase in behavior as you do as a mid-teen and had collected a paddling at school for sassing a teacher. She had to report to the AP who was not amused by her remarks and made her bend over for three swats on her cute butt, which made sitting super sore all day.

Unfortunately for her, mom somehow found out. I don’t think sis would’ve been spanked again, but she showed lots of attitude when she was being lectured, which displeased mom. So mom put her over her knee and gave her another good butt warming, which made her squirm in her seat over our evening meal.

Later in the evening, mom told her to go to bed early, as she was obviously tired, but there was another display of attitude, lots of mouthing-off and the banging of the door.

Then I heard dad run up the stairs and my sister say, “No! No! No! I didn’t mean it!”

This was followed by the yells and squeals of another good spanking going on.

When I went to kiss her good night, sis was lying face down trying to cool her butt.

June 2nd, 2019

A spanking from a favourite teacher

It is one of the ironies of my high school life that I got one of my most painful paddlings from my favourite teacher. The factors that contributed to how much it hurt were just how thin my gym shorts were and the fact that she was a really fit young lady with a strong arm. She was pretty new to the job and I think I was one of the first girls she ever paddled, so maybe it was her inexperience combined with my thin shorts that made it so painful.

But it was my own fault as I went to school in a dress that was far too short to show it off and was reported to the AP. When he interviewed me he said I’d already had one warning from him and so this time it would mean the paddle. I did point out that the dress I had on was longer than the cheerleaders’ uniform we were allowed to wear on match days, but that didn’t seem to cut any ice with him.

So, I was booked for a sore bottom. Even worse, because this was my second paddling I would get four swats. I thought I’d have to bend over then and there, but the AP said he had a meeting on so I would have to wait till later.

May 22nd, 2019

Memories of India

I guess I am one of the older readers of this site having been born in 1946, but I look forward to another reader disproving me. I am a sprightly pensioner who remains active and still enjoys mild spankings from my Edward. I also continue to be fascinated by space exploration, having lived through the exciting exploits of Sputnik, the Apollo missions, the first man on the moon, the international space station, Mars exploration and now the Chinese landing on the dark side of the moon. However, I thought I would comment on the realities of corporal punishment as I have lots of experience, some of which matches the fictional stories made by contributors to the sister fiction website.

I was born in India just nine months after my father came back from the war in Burma and elsewhere in SE Asia. He had a very good job as the British Raj came to an end, but had the good fortune to be asked to stay on for some years. We loved India and the lovely people but his job meant that he was away often and for prolonged periods. When I was a teenager, my mother would accompany him on his trips and they engaged a Governess (Miss D) to keep a watchful eye on me. I probably needed that as I was a tomboy and enjoyed going around the district with friends.