During the summer vacation of my first year at university, about 16 months before Jo and I met, my sister and her friend were in the year above me, and I know Bev had the hots for me. Probably because I was tall and very athletic, but we never dated and she did have a conscience. If she had done something bad that her father would have spanked her for, she did ask me to step in. This stood me in good stead when I got together with Jo a year or so later. One Saturday night during the university summer vacation, I offered to take

Mrs Hastings, our Headmistress, was on convalescent leave and Mrs Marbrook, her Deputy, normally in charge of disciplinary matters as well as having her own teaching responsibilities, had been asked to step up to Acting Headmistress. She had been urged to use Mrs Hastings’ study for the period of deputising as it was more in the central hub of the school, and she could make use of secretarial services far more easily than from the more remote wing of the building where she had her own office. She retained her responsibility for school discipline, but now had to see visitors,

A friend of mine introduced me to your website earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed reading many of these spanking memories, so I’ve decided to share my own. My memories are not from childhood but from college during those years between childhood and adulthood. My spankings occurred from ages 18 to 20. Here are my spanking memories from my sorority days in the early 1970s. In those days every sorority used the paddle, either in initiation and/or as punishment. I don’t know if any sorority still paddles today (some do: ed), but any former sister who graduated from college before 1990 who says

When I was growing up corporal punishment was considered an essential tool in rearing children. ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ was a philosophy shared by almost everybody. So it was no surprise it was also endemic in schools, where teachers legally acted ‘in loco parentis’. I can’t remember all the times I was strapped or strapped in school. But I can remember this incident for two reasons. Firstly, because I felt I didn’t deserve to be punished, although you can make your own judgement on that, but, secondly, this was the last time I was strapped because it

A girl called Amy and I were best friends at school and sat together in most lessons. On one occasion, we were having an A-level test in French, my favourite subject, but Amy struggled rather despite my coaching her most weekends. This was the last lesson of a very long week and we were all very pleased when it was over. The following week, during the last period on Tuesday, we got the results and I got top marks yet again. Amy got an amazing 65%, third in the group of 15 upper-sixth girls. Miss L, the French teacher, surprisingly made little of Amy’s amazing performance

Summer 1965 Mary Gallagher was one of a large family from a new housing development. She had the good luck to be very bright and thereby qualify for a scholarship to our school. Bright, I say, but not bright enough to learn how to avoid the various punishments the school had on offer, a bit like me really as I was serving yet another detention for persistent lateness. Mary was also an excellent athlete and hockey player. Debbie, the team captain, and I recruited her just recently to the team. It made me lose my prodigy status, but I didn’t

Having spoken to a friend Shirley, she filled me in on a cookery lesson incident where it was wrongly assumed I was the culprit of a misdemeanour and got slippered for it. I have vague memories of it and now, having the details related, I can’t see how I forgot it, or perhaps I did just want to forget it. It was just the girls that did cookery, unlike now. This particular lesson we spent a lot of time preparing either a pie or a flan to be cooked the oven. There was a range of ovens around the room

I went to elementary school in Alabama in the 1960s. My first grade teacher was very kind but also very strict. She kept a wooden paddle on her desk as a warning against misbehavior and she used it often. One day at recess, some girls were playing and began doing cartwheels. They were wearing dresses and as they went upside down their dresses fell, showing the white panties that were underneath. This, of course, caught the attention of a friend and me and we began to watch and then tease the girls, “I saw you panties na na na na.”

   It was 1965 and I was fifteen years old in fifth form at Newquay County Grammar School in Cornwall. In fifth form you had certain privileges like wearing a black blazer instead of the maroon one for junior boys, and you could leave the school gates at lunchtime and go into town as long as you were back for the afternoon lessons. We felt like we were treated more like adults, without orders being barked at us like junior boys had to put up with. It was a mixed school, and boys and girls were allowed to mix more

I was born in the late 1980s and raised in a very loving family. Mum was a teacher and dad a minicab driver. Whilst both were never harsh with me, as an only child they did their best to keep me on the straight and narrow. As I grew older and more rebellious, groundings were no longer enough and spankings, always administered by mum, started to become a part of regular life. She had been teaching in a girls school since the late 1960s, so she had probably seen her fair share of bottoms ripe punishment. From the age of 10 or 11, the spankings