The year was 1972. I was just about to start the 4th grade at my new school, a Catholic school. I was new to the neighborhood and didn’t know anybody yet, but I was anxious to make new friends. However, I was a little hesitant about going to this school. It would be my first time attending a Catholic school and it was made clear when I enrolled that corporal punishment was allowed. This concerned me, as I had never been spanked before. I tried not to think too much about it as the first day of school approached. On that first day, I dressed in my new

I went to two Comprehensive Schools, the first one was in Denmark Hill, London. I was there for 2 years until my family moved and then I went to another Comprehensive in Abbey Wood, London for the remainder of my school life. The first was a large all boys school and I cannot in all honesty say that I liked the school. It was too big and there was a lot of bulling, although not much for me, thank goodness. Discipline was reasonably strict and boys would be often sent to the deputy headmaster but not always caned, as in

I attended a mixed comprehensive school in the 1980s in the home counties. Corporal punishment was still used back then, mainly the slipper when detention or writing lines was considered not enough for the offence. The cane was also used, but only by the headmaster or deputy headmistress. Once, a number of us, boys and girls, were mucking around after lunch. The boys tried to lift the girls’ skirts and the girls tried to pinch the boys’ bums; nothing serious but not considered proper behaviour by the prefect that caught us. I think we were all around 14-years-old at the

I went to primary school just off the Old Kent Road in London in the 1950s and whilst corporal punishment was a part of school life in those days, I actually had only few experiences of it. The first one was when I was quite young, about 6 or 7 years old. Mrs Drabble was our teacher and I must have done something to disappoint her (cannot remember what) and she called me out to the front of class. I was wearing the usual school outfit, short trousers, shirt and jumper. When I stood by her, she pulled me over

I went to a mixed comprehensive school in the 1980s where corporal punishment mainly consisted of the slipper, a plimsoll in other words, or very rarely the cane. Only the headmaster and deputy headmistress were allowed to cane, but all teaching staff were allowed to slipper if they chose to do so. About 80%, male and female, of teachers did have a slipper tucked away in a drawer of their desk. The headmaster caned the boys and the deputy headmistress was said to cane the girls, although no one remembered that ever happening. Mrs B, the deputy headmistress, was a

I entered school at the beginning of the 1960s, firstly an infant’s school at the age of five, then a juniors school at seven, and on to secondary Modern Senior school at eleven. Then you could be spanked, smacked or given the cane if you misbehaved or broke school rules. It was then just what was expected, both by your parents, and you as a pupil at school. During junior and senior school, you would expect to see some form of punishment daily, and end up at the receiving end a at least couple of times a month yourself. In

A few weeks ago, the first part of my memories of school spankings was published on this site and I was asked if I had any further examples. Here, some of the most notorious girls and their punishments are remembered. All first names are real, but I have not disclosed any surnames, or the schools name or location, to protect those mentioned. Teacher’s names have been changed for the same reason. The school was a fee-paying day school with a very strict discipline policy supported by the parents and as such had excellent academic achievements. Annette: Annette was a high achiever and was always at the

I want to share this real school spanking story when I was 12 or 13 years old. This happened at a rural school outside of the St Louis, Missouri area in the early 1970s when spanking at school was still used frequently. It all started one day at the noon recess time which is 30 minutes in length. My three friends, Beverly, Carol and Nancy, and me were playing ‘fashion show’ on an outside stage that was used for various school events, and the fashion show consisted of walking to the edge, making a spin showing our clothes, and returning. What

Oh yes, all of my friends stared at the headmistress’s carpet as they awaited on more than one occasion for the spanking to begin. All were for genuine rule breaches but one wonders would they have earned a spanking in another school, or just lines and detention? Who knows. Here are some examples to prove my point. As I say, all were rule breaches. Mandy: She was spanked on many occasions. She was often late and so was a frequent attendee on a Friday afternoon when minor offences were dealt with. Usually it was over the knee, skirt up and use of the hand, but on a couple

My name is Sam (short for Samantha) and I started work in the local high school, where I used to be a pupil, during the summer of 1981. My job was clerical and I had a small corner office at the top of the new building which overlooked the playground and the old original Victorian school buildings where the senior staff offices were located. The school was a firm believer in the use of corporal punishment and I was no stranger to the practice. I had been slippered across my panties twice by the previous headmistress; the ‘old witch Brown’ as she