My mate Charlie and I were camping during spring half term week on a campsite we had been to before in the general South Downs area. We were at the far end of the site and, over the fence behind, was an outdoors pursuits business where small huts were used for accommodation. They had a group of girls, looked to be about 15 or 16 years old, judging by their build. They were clearly from a very posh school, at least compared to us. We didn’t have anything to do with them as there was a wooden fence between the sites. We fished and

It was the Monday afternoon of the last week before Christmas break in the late 1970s.  By tradition, although not formally linked to any church, we had an annual advent service at the local Catholic Church, St Mary’s, which was only a stone’s throw from the school gates. The whole school would attend, the first years at the front and sixth formers at the back. Some of the singing was OK, but most of us still found it a chore as it was the same each year. Three of us were together in row; Mary and Trish, like me, would

While in Junior High School, I was paddled in front of hundreds of students. In the 7th grade, I got into a fight with another student in shop class. We were both sent to the principal’s office. We were made to hold our palms up and flat, the vice principal slapped our palms very hard with a thick ruler. It actually really hurt. Before we left the office, he rolled open a desk drawer, pulling out a monstrous thick light colored wood paddle, while saying, “Next time, you graduate.” He was not kidding. A few weeks later, the same shop

Autumn term for the upper sixth form, and the exams were only a few months away. The teachers were getting stricter on behaviour as we couldn’t afford to waste time messing about, so they said. Detentions, especially, were far more common now than in the lower sixth. Usually they were a sharp reminder given in class or following a trip to the headmistress. History was a very popular class and there were around 25 of us doing A level. We were a selective school, so everyone was very able, but one girl, Tammy, stood out head and shoulders above everyone else. In her

Growing up in the late 1940s and 1950s, I was no stranger to corporal punishment. My parents were strict, but more of that if anyone is interested. In junior school I had to visit the Headmistress’s office twice for discipline. The first time, I went over her knee for a solid spanking, and the second time I was required to bend over a chair for four strokes of the slipper. My co-defendant received the same. My secondary school was also strict, as were most in those days, to be fair. The cane was used by Housemasters, the Deputy Headmaster, and

I went to a Catholic school in Canada and getting the strap at school was the punishment for very bad behaviour. You would get the rubber strap across the palm of your hand. In addition, a note was sent to your home and then I would get spanked on my bare bottom by my father. On occasions, you would be strapped at school with others, but only one in the office at a time. Both male and females were strapped, my wife being one who got it. Her younger sister was also strapped at school and we both heard her

I attended a fairly small village primary school in East Lancashire in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and when I was about six, an incident occurred not far from the school at going-home time, around 4.00 pm. There was a small area landscaped with bushes at the bottom of the road, after the last house in the road. The side window of the house overlooked that area and, on the day in question, a few of the older boys decided to set fire to the bushes. The house was quite close to the bushes, only a few feet separated

We were in the second year at the local comprehensive school and the year was 1980. The good old days where teachers were teachers and not your friends, and where the slipper, hand or cane were commonplace. It was a Friday afternoon and the last double period, which meant dreaded double English Literature. That was bad enough at any time, but at 2.30 pm on a Friday, I couldn’t think of a worse end to the week. “OK everyone, it’s not the weekend yet. Open your books at page 46 and we will study ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ for the double period,”

The first time I got the cane at school was when I was in the second year. I had already had the slipper a few times by then, both at grammar school and, earlier on, at junior school. We had a school trip to a museum and the master in charge did not keep order very well. A lot of us started to mess around and make quite a bit of noise but, unfortunately, it was just me and one other boy who were caught by a museum attendant and marched back to the master. He told us that he

May 1978 I was a pupil at a mixed middle school (junior school in some parts of the country), aged 11 and looking forward to going up to the local secondary school in September. The names of those involved have been changed. As was pretty much the norm in those enlightened days, your classroom teacher was allowed to spank their pupils, within reason, with no punishment book record. That was the preserve of the headmistress and deputy headmistress. Both male and female teachers were allowed to spank boys and girls in those days, and the teacher could punish how they wished, again within