I was born in 1948 into an upper-middle class household in Surrey. Father was a banker in the City, while Mother took care of the house and family. During the 1950s corporal punishment was used in most households and I was punished by Mother on a number of occasions; anything from a smacked bottom, smacked legs (at the time an almost standard punishment for girls), slipperings and, as I got older, in extremely rare circumstances a caning. Apart from a few impromptu smacked bottoms or legs, Mother would make the punishment formal. She always used the word ‘chastised’ and the

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. My parents lived in a small Suffolk village but I went to a private boarding school in Cambridgeshire. In the 6th form, I was hoping to get into Durham University and it is at this time these events took place. It was my one and only trip over the headmistress’s knee. I was a boarder at a private school near Ipswich in the 1970s. I had an excellent academic and sporting record, playing hockey at county level and studying 4 A levels with a view to going to Durham next year. If I say

As a young boy I was not spanked at all. My father, who was away from home a lot as he was in the shipping industry, sometimes threatened that I would get the slipper if I was being particularly naughty, but these threats were never followed through to an actual punishment. At the age of 9 or 10, we moved and I was registered with a local day Preparatory School to prepare me for the ‘11 Plus exam’ and the subsequent move to big school. It took a while for me to adjust to my new life, and I was slow

I grew up in South Africa in the 1970s. These were times when spankings at home, and canings at school were absolutely commonplace. The first spanking I remember was when I was about 6 years old. From that point onward, I remember becoming very interested when I saw or heard anybody getting spanked, especially girls getting spanked by their parents. I saw many girls my age getting their bottoms warmed up with  a belt over the years. I was a well-behaved boy who did well in school, so I mostly avoided getting sent to the headmaster for a caning. When

During the early 1970s I attended a middle school in Sheffield. Whilst corporal punishment was not an everyday occurrence, it was not unusual for the odd leg or bottom to be slapped from time to time. One afternoon near the end of the summer term, Mrs S was having a stressful day. It was the class trip to the zoo the following day and people were genuinely excited. However, despite several requests, then demands, for order, two to three people kept up the talking and disruption to her maths lesson. Finally, Mrs S had had enough. Normally a fairly quietly spoken woman of

I’ve written couple of fictional short stories for the www.overthedesk.com website, but I would like to share with you a true recollection that happened a few years ago. It was late summer and I had a business meeting in central London. My wife wanted to come with me so she could go shopping for a new dress to wear at a friend’s wedding in a few weeks hence. Of course, I agreed but explained that I would need to attend the meeting first. Things didn’t go well from the start. I took a while to find somewhere to park, my

Joanna was a lovely girl, sparkling personality, very caring, and a really great friend. Against all that, from the school’s point of view she was impulsive, forgetful, and the Headmistress’s daughter. Of course, everybody thought when she arrived that she was bound to be every teacher’s pet, not one of them wanting to upset or offend her mother. It made it a bit difficult, too, for Joanna because she didn’t want to be a teacher’s pet or the perfect pupil. So she developed a rebellious streak, mainly little things, nothing serious, just to prove she was not the angel she

So here I was, early in my fourth year at the school, standing, facing what we all call the spanking desk, the spare desk at the front of the classroom used for that very purpose, affording a good view of proceedings for the rest of the class, mainly as a deterrent for any other would-be wrong-doers. It also allowed the student a little privacy in that she does not have to show the class the pain and distress on her face during the punishment. It is enough for them to see the impact the slipper has at reasonable force on

I was a skinny boy with reddish hair, and at fourteen my voice hadn’t even started breaking yet, so I was behind the eight ball when it came to fitting in at my local high school, Newquay County Grammar, a coeducational school. I was no good at football or cricket either, though I was quite good at athletics and cross country running. I had a couple of friends, but in reality I was a bit of a loner. Girls weren’t interested in a skinny red-headed boy who sounded like an eleven year old. Or that’s what one of the girls

I’d like to share a few real life experiences of mine. During my MBA days, I used to tease girls a lot and act cool. In spite of repeated requests from the girls, I never used to listen. One of my favourite targets was my batch-mate in MBA. One day, as usual, I pulled her hair. She never used to get angry, but that day got wild at me. Unfortunately for me that day, she was carrying an umbrella with a long and sharp tip at the end. She started chasing me wildly. I tried to escape, but I slipped