I joined my sorority back at a college in rural Maine in the early noughties and didn’t really know what I was getting into. First pledging weekend we were taken out to the woods near the campus, stripped naked, and then bent over to be warmed up with paddles. There were a lot of tears and a lot of very red bottoms. I had never been spanked before and the shock I felt the first time I felt that paddle slam against my bare behind is difficult to describe. After the first shock of pain comes the stinging sensation and

I joined a sorority in college in the early 1990s and, like the other contributors to your site, there was some spanking involved. I was raised in a small town in Maine and went to college in a big city, and my older cousin was a member of the sorority I joined. She had warned me ahead of time that spanking was used for discipline, but I don’t think I thought she was all that serious. It was the first time my cousin, who was now one of my sorority big sisters, called me to her room and had me pull my

The Mason Pearson Hairbrush Once you reach a certain age, getting a spanking is pretty humiliating. My most humiliating spanking by far was when I was 18 years old. I went to a women’s college in the northeast of England back in the 1960s when female students had a curfew. The men didn’t! We had to be back at the dormitory by a certain time and sign in. The 1960s were a fun time to be young, so I of course ignored my curfew many times and received a talking-to several times in the dormitory mother’s office, but I didn’t care. What I didn’t

I too was spanked by my sorority in college. While I must admit that I doubt the authenticity of some of the spanking memories, I can tell you that the recent sorority posts I have read definitely ring true. I was in a sorority in the 1980s and there was a lot of spanking. I think every new freshman pledge was spanked at least once during pledge week, not hard enough to hurt all that much; I think humiliation was the main goal. I remember my first punishment after I did not complete a task to a big sister’s liking and

I was in college in the northeast in the late 1960s, and in the sorority I was a member of there was a lot of spanking. I’m not sure if it’s because women in those days were not allowed to openly express their sexuality, or if it was just a way of getting girls to submit to the sorority, but spankings and other humiliating punishments like nudity were commonly meted out. Like your other contributors, I won’t mention the college or the sorority’s name. During rush period, which is when girls pledge to join the sorority, spankings could be administered for any

I went to a prestigious university in North Carolina from 1990-94, and spanking and paddling were definitely part of the sorority that I joined. There wasn’t much in the way of hazing aside from spanking and submission. Bare bottom spankings and corner time were pretty standard. I don’t think any pledge made it through hell week without at least one spanking. I remember my first sorority spanking during hell week when I was 18 years old, having to lean over a senior sorority sister’s lap and having my skirt, tights, and panties pushed down to my calves and spanked bare bottom with a

I went to an all-girls catholic elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1970s and corporal punishment was the norm in those days. I received a few spankings from a couple of teachers and the nuns. My first spanking at school was age 7 for talking in class. The girl I was speaking with and I were both brought to a little room just adjacent to the classroom, and each of us was put over the teacher’s lap and she raised our skirts, pulled down our panties and gave us each several hard pops with a small round paddle on our bare

During the summer vacation of my first year at university, about 16 months before Jo and I met, my sister and her friend were in the year above me, and I know Bev had the hots for me. Probably because I was tall and very athletic, but we never dated and she did have a conscience. If she had done something bad that her father would have spanked her for, she did ask me to step in. This stood me in good stead when I got together with Jo a year or so later. One Saturday night during the university summer vacation, I offered to take

Mrs Hastings, our Headmistress, was on convalescent leave and Mrs Marbrook, her Deputy, normally in charge of disciplinary matters as well as having her own teaching responsibilities, had been asked to step up to Acting Headmistress. She had been urged to use Mrs Hastings’ study for the period of deputising as it was more in the central hub of the school, and she could make use of secretarial services far more easily than from the more remote wing of the building where she had her own office. She retained her responsibility for school discipline, but now had to see visitors,

A friend of mine introduced me to your website earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed reading many of these spanking memories, so I’ve decided to share my own. My memories are not from childhood but from college during those years between childhood and adulthood. My spankings occurred from ages 18 to 20. Here are my spanking memories from my sorority days in the early 1970s. In those days every sorority used the paddle, either in initiation and/or as punishment. I don’t know if any sorority still paddles today (some do: ed), but any former sister who graduated from college before 1990 who says