So inevitably it had come to this. I was sat in the Headmistress’s secretary’s office in the comfy chairs which I realised may not feel so comfy in about ten minutes time. For the first time in my life I was actually early for something, which is why I was there in the first place. The detention for persistent lateness had been commuted to 200 lines because I was needed for a school hockey match on the day the detention was scheduled, but with a warning that if I was late one more time I would have to go to

Following ‘Fair or not’, The Music Master and Actual CP Experience, the following are additional thoughts about the four punishments that I received in senior school. To briefly recap, I was caned by the Headmaster, having been caught smoking, I was caned by the music master together with two others with trousers lowered, I was whacked by the PE master with his plimsoll with my shorts lowered and severely caned again by the music master on the bare bottom. There are two additional aspects that I wanted to share. The first is anticipation. Two of my punishments were spontaneous in

I had only been caned once before when I was in Junior School when I was 9, and I wondered what the cane would be like at my senior school. At this school, women as well as men could cane either sex, as each year had a male and female head of year. These teachers not only ran the year, but also taught a subject. It had been two years since my last caning and I had witnessed class canings and slipperings during lessons. Normally it was one or two strokes on the hand or bottom, but for serious offences

I have always been fascinated with caning ever since I was first caned as a 9-year-old, by my headmistress Miss G at my junior school. Since that day, I wanted to be caned by every woman teacher that I came across, and I achieved that aim by ensuring that I was caned at least once a year until I left school. I was caned by a number of ladies, but I want to start with Miss G. Miss G was a woman in her late 40s to early 50s. She was a spinster through and through, always dressed in a

Neither my friend Cathy nor I were that good at Chemistry, but we were partnered up for lab work which was probably not a good idea. This particular afternoon, we were using chemicals to produce water, or something equally pointless. We hadn’t really understood the instructions, but just proceeded blindly on with a Bunsen burner heating tubes and glass bottles. After a while there was a funny smell, not a very pleasant one, apparently emanating from our bubbling cauldron. Mr Hyde, the Science teacher, smelled it a few minutes later, came rushing over, and asked us what the hell were

In my fifth year of attending a private girls’ school in the 1960s, we had several new teachers including one, Miss G, who was newly qualified, probably aged around 22 to 23. She had all the makings of a good teacher, but she did not have much experience in discipline. After about two weeks, one particular lesson descended into some chaos as two of the girls started being stupid and giving her a hard time for no reason other than to exploit her inexperience. Several of us tried to get them to shut up, without success, and most of the

At the age of eight, my parents decided to send me to an all-boys school in the north of England. Mostly I enjoyed it, but the one aspect that came as a bit of a shock was that physical punishments were not infrequent. Only the headmaster was really supposed to use corporal punishment and he had a short cane. At any time, he might come into a classroom and call one of the boys out into the corridor. The punishment would take place just outside the door, so we’d all fall absolutely silent so that we could hear the sound

I was paddled at school quite a few times, worse luck. I wasn’t a particularly bad girl, but I was mischievous and had a habit of getting caught and thus ended up with a sore bottom. The worst time was when my friends and I skipped a lesson. I don’t know why we did it, but it was a silly dare and, of course, we were found out. The principal told us our parents would be informed and we will get a detention on Saturday. Saturday detention takes place once a month and you got it for being really naughty,

From a girl who grew up in the 1950s/1960s and attended a private girls school. Further to my previous memory regarding the three spankings and a detention, I was asked whether I had any other experience of Miss Roberts’ slipper, and in fact I had, previously in the fourth form when she was our Form Mistress. Whilst spanking in her class was not a daily occurrence, you could expect that some poor girl’s bottom would be subject to the dreaded slipper at least once a week. The most common reason involved homework, either the doing of it or failing to

One of the things about secondary school when I first attended was that, being run on something like public school lines, there was an unwritten rule that prefects could spank the girls in younger classes of years one and two, instead of giving 50 or 100 lines, which was the usual procedure. The prefects were in their last year at school, and were tall elegant girls who were only too keen to exert their authority. So, the chance of a smacked bum from an 18 year old hand was a real possibility. Most prefects would just give a girl a