I attended a co-educational boarding school in the early seventies. Corporal punishment was a regular event. Boys would receive the cane from the headmaster for serious offences and Girls the bath-brush from the senior mistress. Being a co-educational boarding school there were a lot of rules to prevent boyfriend/girlfriend relationships from progressing too far. The girl’s dormitories and the area around the outside were out of bounds for boys and the boy’s dormitories and the area around the outside were out of bounds for girls. Being caught in either place would earn you a caning or a bath brushing. In

I attended an independent boys school in South London during the sixties and early seventies. Corporal Punishment was very much part of daily life and in the prep school a few masters used the slipper and I received my fair share of punishment. These whackings were given in front of the class with the recipient bending over the form desk. In the senior school the Headmaster and two other masters (music and history) punished boys with the cane, usually between three and six strokes for sometimes quite trivial wrong doings. In the senior school I received the cane three times,

Sept. 2012. If anyone has factual information to enhance our understanding of this matter, please email kennywalters@hotmail.com Taylor Santos is a student at Springtown High School northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. She is described as a sophomore student. Recently, a fellow student copied some of Taylor’s classwork – without her knowledge, according to Taylor. They were caught and both girls were punished with two days In-School Suspension (ISS). After serving one day, Taylor decided she didn’t want to return for the second day and so went to the vice principal’s office to ask for the second day ISS to be

Following the account of his first caning, CT now tells us about dormitory discipline. At the boarding school I attended in the early seventies the rules after lights out were simple. Anything other than sleeping or going to the toilet was forbidden. Dormitories contained about fifteen boys and were policed by one or two Dormitory Prefects. Their official tasks were to make sure the dormitory was kept tidy, to call the matron if a boy was sick and to ‘send out’ boys who did anything but breath after lights out. They were not under any circumstances allowed to administer any

Between 1969 and 1974 I attended a co-educational state run boarding school just north of London where there were three forms of corporal punishment. Most offences would attract the slipper; any member of staff could inflict this. Boys committing generally serious offences would attract a visit to the headmaster and his cane. Girls would be sent to the senior mistress and her bath brush. Dormitory monitors and prefects were not officially allowed to impart corporal punishment but while I was there managed to successfully, for the most part, find a way round this. During the five years that I attended

During the late 60s/early 70s I attended an all-boys grammar school in the south east of England . The particular school that I attended was quite strict and the pupils were expected to be smartly dressed in school uniform which consisted of blazer, shirt, tie and dark trousers, although short trousers and knee socks were compulsory for all 1 st and 2 nd year pupils. Pupils were also expected to be well behaved and, as was the case in most schools at the time, corporal punishment was used to maintain discipline. Both the cane and the slipper were employed on

A Grammar school boy’s first experience of being caned I was over thirteen years of age and in the third year at Rochester Grammar School when I felt the cane for the first time. I was one of those in between boys as far as behavior was concerned; not bad, though far from being a goodie-goodie. I’d racked up a fair few detentions, a number of lines, and had felt hand, board ruler and slipper across my bottom, but until that day never the cane. At my junior school all teachers were allowed to cane, but I managed to avoid

Memories of starting at a new boarding school When I was eleven I was sent to boarding school in the South of England; the year was 1960. I was assigned to my class and introduced to one of the upper sixth prefects who took us all, twenty girls, for a tour of the school. We were told that as today was our first day and that school did not start till tomorrow we would not have to wear our uniform. We were show to our dorm and all picked our own beds and unpacked. We then had to attend a

In the 1980s, many state schools and some private schools were switching from being single sex schools to taking male and female pupils. For many girls the idea of entering a long established boys grammar school was extremely daunting. Pauline D reflects on her memories of her first term in the sixth form of such a school situated on the Sussex Coast.   Having just moved from London to the south coast at the beginning of August with my parents and younger sister, I obviously had to look for a new school. Since I had just completed my year in

MY ONLY ENCOUNTER WITH CORPORAL PUNISHMENT   May 5, 1971   My name is Judy Ann Johnson and I cannot believe as I get up this morning that I only have three more weeks of high school. Three long weeks until graduation and them I am off to get married and start my new life with my husband.   I rise as usual at 6 am and set about the chore of getting ready to go to school. I just turned eighteen a couple months ago, accepted a proposal for marriage a couple days later and now I do not