I had left school having had just one caning (for fooling around on a bus) and one slippering (for loitering in the changing rooms after hockey) but I think the seeds of curiosity in corporal punishment had been sown. I had no idea how the next experience would come about but I remembered those two experiences with shame and excitement.   After I left school I moved to a large town to work in an admin job which I enjoyed. I had managed to get some digs in a nice house owned by an elderly couple. They had explained when

Sunset Elementary School, 263 Church Hill Street, Sunset, Louisiana caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Three 8th grade girls, Emily Eadie, Madeline Odom and Taylor Castille, all thirteen years old, were all paddled by school principal Marquet Rideau at the end of October 2011.   It all started when Taylor Castille excused herself in class to use the rest room before the bell rang. She found the closest rest room closed so walked across school to use the fifth grade rest room and met with her friends, Emily Eadie and Madeline Odom.   They admit they

My experiences go back to the mid 1960s and, like a lot of girls, I was well aware of corporal punishment, but did my best to avoid it in any form.   I went to a girls school that was fairly strict, but later we moved and I went to a girls only boarding school. When my parents and I went for a first visit we got the impression it was quite strict but it was on my first day there that I discovered just how strict it was. The Headmistress summoned me to her study after evening prep and

During our final year (1960) at primary school in Brighton we were taught mainly by our form teacher, Miss C. Miss C had a reputation for strictness and was also regarded as the deputy headmistress although I’m not sure if that was her official title or just an honorary position. She had steely grey hair that was always fastened back in a tight bun and white edges to her fingernails. Punishments meted out by Miss C usually involved standing in the corner or at the front of the class, and only once did I see her use corporal punishment.  

I went to an all boys grammar school in the 1960s where the equivalent girls grammar school was the other end of both our playing fields, if you see what I mean. It was very rare for girls to come to our school and only for specialist lessons and just about unheard of for boys to go to the girls’ school.   On one occasion, though, I was in private study with about eighty other boys and six or seven girls which took place in the dining hall we called the refectory. There were two of our teachers and one

In the late 1960s, Sue my wife, who was in her last year at school, got into a heated exchange with another girl, when a small corridor window was broken. The girl reported Sue to the deputy headmistress, Miss T, who told the girl she wanted to see my wife at 4pm.     At 4pm my wife walked down the corridor to Miss T’s classroom and, looking in, saw the deputy headmistress sitting at her desk writing. Sue adjusted her school uniform, which consisted of a white shirt and tie, a navy blue pleated wrap over skirt, quite short,

SENIOR SPANK DAY 2010   For 34 high school classmates in Oklahoma, only days from graduation, Senior Prank Day turned into Senior Spank Day.   Senior Prank Day is an old, but unofficial, high school tradition where 12th graders can have one last show of mischievous rebellion before they leave high school for ever. But even for 18 and 19 year olds about to embark upon adult life, it can still have painful consequences right up to the last week of school, as 34 seniors from Rattan HS in Oklahoma found out.   The RHS Class of 2010 were a

Friday 27th September 2002 was the first day of the school year for Timpson ISD, a school in Nacogdoches, Texas. In keeping with school tradition on this ‘homecoming day’, the entire senior class took part in a parade at the start of the first period by driving their vehicles through the school parking lot with some hanging out of the windows and shouting.   Mr Robert Cousins, the Timpson High School Principal, was not impressed and ordered the entire senior class to line up and be paddled. The American school paddle is typically a flat wooden blade measuring four or

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT AT ST.CHRISTOPHER’S   At my primary school in Wembley in the 1960’s we had a system of stars and stripes. Stars were issued for good work or behaviour, and stripes for bad. Every morning at assembly, we were asked by the headmaster Mr.McComas whether anyone had any stars or stripes to read out. They were issued by all the teachers, and the stars were on pink slips like as if one tore the perforated edges of one from a cheque-book, and the stripes were green. A comment was written on either, and it would be signed by the

In 1981 Frankie Mass was a pretty high school homecoming queen who got into trouble with principal, Carl Butler, for breaking the school’s ‘no kissing’ rule with her escort and school football team captain, Forrest Kirkes.   Both Frankie Mass and Forrest Kirkes knew they would be in trouble if they kissed, the rule having been in place in the Oklahoma school for about three years. Encouragement to break the rule came from the crowd of fellow students who yelled: “Kiss her, kiss her.”   At the event on a Friday evening, Frankie looked up at Forrest, said: “Well, Forrest,