And so I entered my last term at grammar school. I had been luckier than most girls and only felt the cane on 2 occasions. But there was a sting in the tail so to speak.   After our exams the fifth form had to return to normal lessons until the end of term. There was no exam leave or finishing early for us. It was late June in 1978 and school seemed boring now. On one nice hot day I decided to skip school early and go to the beach. I figured that no one would notice too much

This account recalls my second meeting with the cane while I was at grammar school. After 3 years of unblemished rear end I discovered the pain of a caning in year 4 as previously explained.   At the first assembly in fifth year we were advised that the school had a new head. The surprise was that is was a lady, Mrs Phelps. She was a refined lady in her 40’s, always well dressed in a dress suit. She was approximately 5 feet tall with long brown hair. She advised the school that there would be some changes to the

This is my first story and relates to my time at a grammar school in the south of England in the 1970s. This was an era when the cane was in full use and even we girls were not exempt. I will set the scene first before explaining how I got whacked.   The school only used two types of punishment, detentions or the cane. For minor offences pupils were put on report and awarded points based on the seriousness of the offence. When you reached a certain total in a term you were caned. The teachers were very clever