Told by Victoria Johnson   Victoria told of her first paddling at school in our account ‘Mississippi paddling’. Now she relates the second paddling she received at school.   So I promised to give an account of my second run-in with the school paddle. After my first experience (see my other story), I was extra careful to stay on the straight and narrow. I never really came even close to any trouble at school the rest of that year, or even my junior year. Not even so much as a threat of a detention. I had always been a miss

Wendy C*****   We came to England when I was 16 from Zimbabwe, that’s a little more than two years ago. School in Zimbabwe was very strict. You got hit for silly things. Lots of us got the cane. I got it twice when I was 15 from teachers in class.   I got if from a teacher for talking. He really lost it with me. I had to come out to the front, hold out my hand and he hit me, twice. It really hurt. They didn’t mess about. It really hurt.   Then I got it on the

All areas of Australia allow the use of corporal punishment as long as it is reasonable and not likely to cause more than short term discomfort. Some states have banned the use of corporal punishment in all schools. The exceptions are:   Northern Territory   Allowed in all schools unless parents have withheld permission.   Queensland   Allowed in non-government schools   Western Australia   Allowed in non-government schools   South Australia   Corporal punishment not mentioned in legislation.   ACT   Not allowed in schools but with provisos

Related by Victoria Jameson   This true story also appears on the website   My name is Victoria and I’m now twenty years old. I thought that you might appreciate having an entirely non-fictional account of one person’s real experience at a US school.   I grew up in coastal Mississippi. My school had the paddle, but it didn’t use it all that much or at least not like I hear about in Texas and Arkansas etc. It was something we knew about (and were leery of), but usually it was the usual suspects, the repeat offenders.   They’d

By Holly J This is the true account of how I received my first school paddling at a school in North Carolina. “Holly.” My head snapped around involuntarily and my hand, which had been engaged in trying to pass a note to my friend Beverly, ducked back to the “safe” cover of the desk. “Y..yes, Miss Bright?” “Stand up, right now, and give me that note that you were passing to Beverly. Beverly, you too. Up.” Caught. Of course, it wasn’t like I could hide it. She’d seen it. When she had looked up she had been looking directly at

Back in January 1964 My girlfriend Susan S***** and myself, Brian H****** attended a coeducation Grammar school in Northern England. At that time corporal punishment was used on both boys and girls. At our school the Headmaster believed that not only should a child be punished but should also be humiliated, hence he had a section of the school notice board set out under the heading of weekly punishments. These included masters’ detentions and canings. It also contained the names of any child due to attend a masters detention on the following Monday from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.   On the

After being warned not to carry out the homecoming tradition of driving their cars around the carpark, 30 students were paddled at Timpson HS.   The principal Mr Cousins, made the decision, never giving the students a choice.   The students were lined up outside Mr Cousins’ office, 16 boys and 14 girls. Each one was called into the office and told to bend over Mr Cousins’ desk. Each student was given 3 swats each, Mr Cousins paddled the girls and coach Callahan paddled the boys.   Both men were powerfully built men and were more than capable of delivering

I returned to my primary school the September after I was caned (Primary School Caning) to start my final year there. It was going to be an important year because later that year I was due to take the 11plus, the exam that would determine whether I went to a grammar school or a secondary modern (as they were called). Painfully for me, the year got off to a bad start when a couple of months into term I once again bent over in the school hall whilst the headmistress planted 6 lines of fire accurately and neatly across my

We received an email from a young lady at school in Australia with some interesting information. This is what she told us:   I attend a Christian Outreach College in Queensland and wish to correct the belief many in UK have that the cane is no longer in use in the Commonwealth. That is not true.   My school, a private (Christian) school, very much uses the cane although I have never received it myself. Whilst it is far from a common occurrence at my school it definitely does occur and isn’t exactly rare either.   KB (Miss)   Editor’s

This recollection was originally posted on the Yahoo Group ‘Paddled at School’ and is published here with the express authority of the author, Megan Lowry.   Getting Swats as a Senior   In the spring of 1993 I was an eighteen year old high school senior in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. Our school district issued a parent/student handbook each fall containing some rather vague references to corporal punishment but with nothing clearly spelled out beyond its availability as ‘a disciplinary option’.   Some years before, the county school board had voted for some modifications in their paddling policies,