Sometime during the ninth grade, a rebellious streak had come over me, earning me a trip to the principal’s office. “According to the student handbook, which I’m sure you read, the punishment for repeated tardiness is corporal punishment,” Ms Moore, the high school principal, informed me as I stood in front of her desk, my hands clasped behind my back, my eyes drawn to that square, flat wooden paddle hanging on the wall. It had two rows of three holes drilled into it and a rawhide string attached to the handle. “I’m going to give you five swats with the

The question was asked about whether Corporal Punishment dealt out to us during our school years was fair or not. Apart from a few trips to the front of the class in prep school to bend over in front of the whole class for a few whacks with the slipper across my bottom, I received four punishments during my senior school years. These are detailed in my account; ‘Actual CP Experience,’ with further detail in; ‘The Music Master’. As a brief recap, the first punishment I received was a six-of-the-best from the Headmaster having been caught smoking. We all knew

Hand or bottom which is worse? It’s often felt by some that punishment on the hand is a lesser option and somehow less painful than on the bottom. I’m not so sure. Up to a time just before my 11th birthday I attended a junior school in an urban district which was under the control of the county education authority. As I was to discover, that school was fairly relaxed. There was corporal punishment, but it was for serious stuff like bullying, fighting, not usually just for talking. It took the form of the plimsoll or the bat. The bat

In the early 1950s, I attended an all-boys school in New Zealand. Many of the masters had returned from overseas after serving in World War Two and these men were determined to prepare my generation for the next global conflict. So, the cane was widely used to instil discipline. The movie ‘Julius Caesar’ came to our local cinema and it was decided that all boys in Forms 3 and 4 would attend a matinee. 150 boys joined regular patrons at the cinema. There was some talking between boys, and a few giggles, but no unruly behaviour took place. Unfortunately, a

Although I don’t remember the exact date, at the age of 13 I received my only school caning one Friday In Mid-November 1969, so it is now almost exactly half a century since it occurred, yet I remember it vividly to this day, such was the profound effect it had on me. As I have previously stated in memories I have submitted, I believe the memory is so intense because it was the one experience I had of being caned, even if I experienced Corporal Punishment at school in different, and less severe, forms on at least 12 other occasions.

When I was about 12 or 13, I had a fight at school with a girl called Tammy. I can’t even remember quite what it was about, but I remember us rolling on the floor and being separated by the duty teacher. She marched us into school and made us both stand with our noses to the corner. After what seemed like ages, but probably was about 10 minutes, she came and discussed with us what was the matter. By this time, we had calmed down and we made up and agreed to be friends again. So, all seem to

When I was at primary school I had my bum smacked quite regularly, not just because I was naughty but because I always seemed to get caught. Like the time during one wet break I was chasing a boy round the classroom and the duty teacher happened to come in and see me running in front of the class, while the boy had managed to slip into his place so wasn’t caught. The teacher sent me to the corner while she lectured the class about the amount of noise coming from there. Then as an example as to what would

A whole mix of thoughts were going through my mind as I approached the main entrance and could see that people were already on their way to the first lessons of the afternoon. Hopefully, there would be nobody on the door taking the names of late comers. I had been put in the late book only a couple of weeks before and another entry would quite possibly mean a detention, which I could do without. Also, if my form mistress, Mrs Booth, reported me for missing afternoon registration that would increase the chances of another visit to the office.  Fortunately,

As healthy 12-year old’s, Cathy, Sally, and me often found the compound and its school very boring. Even though it was in the swinging sixties, the school imposed strict rules regarding what we could do, where we could go, whom we could see and how we were allowed to dress. It was for this reason that we regularly seemed to find some trouble to get into.  In fact, I had just received a spanking the week before for not hanging my school clothes up after changing into my play clothes. Each of us was dressed in the regulation school uniform

I’d be interested to know whether any other readers have received spanks or smacks, even token ones, as young adults. It’s happened to me several times. My first was June 1987. It was three months past my 18th birthday and I was swotting like crazy for my imminent A level exams. I came downstairs for a break from swotting and, this being the middle of the 1987 General Election campaign, was confronted with a politician greatly detested in our house on TV. I bent towards the TV and gave the politician in question a huge two-fingered salute. Instantly I felt Mum’s