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June 10th, 2019

Eight of the Best – Volume Two

Now on Sale

Eight new stories from Kenny Walters, all unique to this ebook.


A Traveller Abroad

A woman travelling in the Far East is caught with a quantity of cocaine in her luggage. She knows she didn’t put it there, but is unable to prove who did. Consequently, she has to choose between prison or a caning.

The Gym Mistress

A sixth form girl enjoys a friendly relationship with her gym mistress, until she finds the mistress has been assigned the task of slippering her.

Hello Uncle Mike

After continual problems at home, a girl arranges a visit to her Uncle Mike. He has brought up children of his own and she reckons he will know how to deal with the brat she has become.

The Predicament

After a serious incident at school, a sixth form girl runs home to her mother. Eventually, they both realise there is no alternative to going back to school and facing the music.

The Eight Chairs

A story set in an American school. A twelfth grade girl has difficulty finding a parking space, which results in a row with a staff member. She finds her punishment has to be carried out over two days.

An Arrangement

A shy sixth form girl seeks the help of her favourite teacher as a means of avoiding more serious consequences. She gets her wish, but not quite as she envisaged.

December 24th, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Seasons Greetings to all our authors and readers, and for the many who kindly email to pass on their thoughts about our stories.

June 23rd, 2017

Woman seeks female disciplinarian

I’m late 50s living Canberra, Australia and would like to meet on a regular basis a female disciplinarian to hold me to account for my behaviour and punish me when I fail to meet pre-set goals. You would punish me with severe hand spankings, also using where deemed necessary a wooden ruler, plimsoll and other implements, possibly the cane.

Ideally, we’d meet weekly or fortnightly. I can come to you if you are within 100 kilometres of Canberra or I can accommodate. Someone in Canberra or Queanbeyan would be easier.

Female disciplinarian only considered; no males please.

Please contact me at for more details and an initial discussion.

July 31st, 2016

Gap Year – a new ebook by Bella Bryce


A second book in the Walden School series

Samantha Holloway is one of the few teenagers who knows of Walden School and wants nothing to do with it, but Walden has ties with Cheswick Ladies Football Club and Sam wants everything to do with CLFC. Sam lives and breathes the game, and sometimes football is the only breath she has left in her. Coach Wiley knows that, which is why she pushes Sam to attend the Walden girls’ football trials. When originally Sam thought boarding at Walden would be a serious inconvenience on her personal freedom, Walden may just end up being the place that saves her from hopelessness.

Aficionados of football and character-driven boarding school stories will enjoy following the process to get to Walden and becoming part of its system. Meet the prefects, who run the school, and the seniors – who wish they did. Follow juniors through their first term and Sam, who hates posh schools but needs Walden more than she realises.

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August 8th, 2015

A question for girls who were slippered

During a number of private discussions, we’ve noticed that a fair proportion of girls who were slippered at school kept it entirely to themselves and never mentioned it even to their best friends. We’re intrigued as to why this should be. Was it simply embarrassment? Shame? The shock of the punishment?

If anyone has a view, especially if you were one of those girls, then please email us your thoughts. Obviously, total confidentiality is assured as with all our contacts.

Please email:



March 10th, 2015

Susan Thomas’s Amazon Author Page

Susan Thomas is one of the contributors to our sister fiction website, writing solely by herself as well as in collaboration with Old Tom. She has also published a number of spanking related novels as ebooks. For further details, visit her Amazon Author Page – click here

January 1st, 2015

Assume the Position – latest Kenny Walters ebook now on sale

assumetheposition_front cover image


A collection of Eight short stories

Judged and Punished

A judge’s daughter is caught drinking alcohol with three of her friends, with predictable consequences.

Parking Lot Punishment

A girl changes schools when her parents move from California to North Carolina and finds the style of discipline very different.

The Head Girl’s Dilemma

Even Head Girls get themselves into trouble sometimes, but when this Head Girl’s punishment is considered too lenient it causes bad feeling.

Old Tom

The daughter of the big house is considered by some to be a spoilt brat. Read how she gains her come-uppance.

A Personal Experience

A story told, unusually, in the second person describes in intimate detail the thoughts and actions in the caning of a girl by her headmistress.

A Piece of Mud

Retaliation leads a sixth form girl into serious trouble.

A Paddling

A reluctant teacher has to discipline one of his students.

Unit 52

If you have ever thought of visiting a disciplinarian to experience a punishment for yourself, this story gives a valuable insight.

This ebook is available now from the following sources:

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Stormy Nights (the Publishers): click here

Visit Kenny Walters’ Amazon Author Page: click here

December 29th, 2014

Female thoughts about punishment

We’re always grateful for all contributions of true corporal punishment but as an added feature we’d like to hear from ladies particularly about the other non-corporal punishments they received and how they felt about them. Were you given detention, made to stand in the corner or at the front of class (to name just a couple of options)? How did you feel about that, and how did you feel about seeing others getting corporal punishment?

Contact us at:

June 7th, 2014

Seeking Holly J

Three years ago, we published Holly J’s experience of being paddled in North Carolina. Due to a change of web host, we unfortunately have lost Holly’s email address. A well-known (to us and some others) researcher of US paddling experiences would like to make contact, so if Holly is reading this, or someone else can assist, then please email me:

June 7th, 2014

The Glass House – a new ebook from Bella Bryce


Waldorf Manor is enchanting. Not just because of the formality of its residents and the privilege of wealth, but because it guards and protects a lifestyle some could easily mistake as traditional. It isn’t traditional to Brayden James, it’s very deliberate. Beyond the protective gates of Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House are the lives of two men who believe formality and discipline are necessary strongholds in life. Some strongholds, however, can be crippling; especially when they prevent a man from pursuing love. Simultaneously, a thirty-year marriage is hanging by a thread and despite the shell of their lives being moulded by similar wealth and formality, their roots have come undone. The mother of the groom can’t let go of controlling everything around her, and her husband is finally faced with the consequences of his apathy. Either way, there is truth to be spoken, healing to come, love to be shown and plenty of discipline to be administered. (See below for sample extract)

Available from:

Sample Extract

Excerpt:  from Chapter 7


“Uncle Brayden phoned me last night,” Bennett said.

Elisabeth set her fork and knife down onto the plate and lay the napkin on the table beside her.

“I shall find it hard to keep my temper if you push me,” she warned, quietly.