When I was at university, my tutor was American and he was also head of the department.  A strong believer in an honour system, he would look kindly on any issues if you owned up to it, but would be very strict if not. My tutor, Mark, was a great, sweet man in his mid-40s. I had drinks a couple of times with him and his English partner, Karl, who was just as sweet. Most of my spankings, having not had a dad at home for most of my childhood, and going to an all-girls school, had been at the hands of

A NON-FICTION ACCOUNT OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT AT A KOREAN UNIVERSITY Reported by Jane Finney   Given my long interest in corporal punishment, the background to which is explained in my story THE PUNISHMENT SLIP, I was intrigued to come across a newspaper story about a girl in Korea was who taking her university to court for allowing footage of her receiving corporal punishment to be leaked onto the internet. The most surprising part of this story, as far as I was concerned, was the revelation that university students in Korea were subject to CP. I had never heard of any