I am the oldest boy out of 3 siblings. In my family, spanking boys was very common. I was spoiled rotten by mom, dad, my aunt and grandmother (Nana) so many times, I acted like a spoiled brat, and was spanked for it from about age 4 to 10-ish years old. There were a couple I felt were unfair, like for not wearing underwear when told it was ok, or not taking the dog out in time. On the other hand, some were very well deserved like smoking cigarettes at 9 years old, or going into a dangerous area.

There are some that I remember in detail, but there are others that I just have vague memories of, so they probably weren’t too bad. My first and second spankings were by my mom and only 15 minutes apart, for not eating breakfast. I was wearing my T-shirt and double padded briefs, so the first was very light and just a few smacks on my bum. In that I still didn’t obey, the second was much harder and longer.

I was primarily spanked in private, but a few times in front of people. I even received dual spankings along with my cousin. I mainly got open hand smacks, but a few with a spoon, a brush and even an unknown spanking tool. I am sure every one was planned, and whoever was giving it to me knew how many smacks I was going to get.

I received 2 kinds of spankings:  a few ‘regular’ which hurt for about an hour and was difficult to sit, and some ‘super’ which hurt for a few hours. Mom spanked me the most, using only her hand, so most of my memories are of her. She spanked very, very fast and covered every inch of my butt. The position I hated most was over her arm, because my feet were mid-air and my butt was at the best angle for spanking. She always told me to hold onto her arm and not let go, so I was helping her spank me harder in this position.

Usually when mom decided to punish me, I was told to take a bath and only allowed to wear briefs. Then she ordered me to get out and come to her. It was the walk of shame as I approached either her room or my room. Would it be on her lap, or ever her arm? Briefs pulled down or left up? After getting spanked I had to sit in my chair for a time out or Mom would put me to bed, tuck me in on my back and would spank me again if I rolled over.

Dad spanked me very calmly over his knee, or on his lap, and once standing up, with only his hand. He spanked my center butt much slower than mom, but it was so hard.

He got me in my Speedo racing bathing suit a few times. Twice mom made him discipline me in front of her. He spanked me in the backyard, front yard, and bedroom.

My Auntie was my second mom. She had 3 boys all older than me that she spanked. Auntie spanked me in the kitchen, living room, in front of the family, and twice in the bedrooms with my cousin Johnny.  She used her hand, a wooden spoon and an un-known effective spanking tool. Once I was in full-briefs, and the other 3 times completely naked, including in the kitchen on a Sunday morning.

I preferred getting spanked on the lap so I could relax and go limp as soon as possible. This showed whoever was spanking me that I wasn’t resisting and taking it like a good boy.