Living in a small town in central Indiana during the early 1960s, with strict religious parents, can be rather difficult for kids like myself who have identified as a nudist from early childhood. As long as I can remember, I have loved to be naked and was naked at every opportunity, and that’s why I loved to go to grandma’s house; she let us run naked all the time, but at home, in my family, nudity was strictly prohibited. Getting caught, even in my own room, meant a paddling which would likely be on my bare bottom. Sometimes I received my punishment completely nude; at other times only my pants and underwear were pulled down around my ankles.

Now my mother wasn’t exactly a child phycologist, as the only time I was permitted to go to bed nude was when I was paddled, which may be one reason why I really didn’t mind a spanking, even though it stung like hell.

I had a friend, Brian, who lived a half block down the street. He also enjoyed being naked, and getting the neighborhood girls to go behind the bushes to play ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. I don’t know how we thought we couldn’t be seen in broad daylight, in the back yard or behind some bushes by the alleyway, but we did.

One incident that really stands out in my mind is a time when Brian and I were playing in my back yard and were laying under the slide on the swing set with our pants and underwear pulled down and we were masturbating. We were only about six years old and didn’t know we were masturbating. We thought we were hidden, but my mother looked out the kitchen window and saw us. Next thing we knew she was standing there, paddle in hand telling us to get up. When we did, we didn’t have a chance to pull our pants up before she was swatting our bare butts right there in the back yard.

She then took us to the front yard and down the sidewalk to Brian’s house. When we got there, she knocked on the door and, when Brian’s mom answered, my mother told her what we had been doing and that she had paddled us. Then she handed the paddle to Brian’s mom who paddled us on the front steps on our bare backsides.