I grew up in a very religious home with two sisters. We were the family that went to church each Sunday and participated in the Wednesday church activities. My parents were both involved in the church and my father would become an elder in the church. We were always expected to talk the talk and walk the walk especially when in public as the perfect Christian family.

If we dared misbehave or go astray of the expectations, my parents were very quick to teach you a lesson via your bottom. My sisters and I were no strangers to spankings. They occurred pretty much the same each time. The kid who earned the spanking would meet with mom and dad after dinner. They did not believe in punishing at the time of the misdeed, but rather would wait till after dinner so both of them would have the time to go through the routine.

The routine went as follows. I would walk upstairs with both parents and into their bedroom. The door would be closed and my mom would go to the dresser drawer and remove a Bible and a wooden spoon. We would read verses in the Bible that discussed children obeying and what parents were expected to do. While reading the verses my parents would explain to me how my misdeed fit into the passage and why they must now use the rod.

When we finished with the Bible I would be instructed to lower my pants/shorts or raise my dress. Then I would have to pull my panties down. I was then to lean over the bed placing both of my hands flat in the bedspread. I was to look forward and not turn back. There would be no reaching back to cover my bottom and I needed to remain as still as possible. The spanks were applied with the wood spoon. I can still remember the pattern my dad used. Left cheek, right cheek, and then one right in the middle across my butt crack. Then he then returned to the left cheek and so on. I would end up pulling a handful of bedspread into my fist as the pain worsened, but I did my very best to stay leaning over and keeping my bottom still. I probably would get 10-15 spanks each time.

When he finally finished I would be given a wash cloth to dry my tears and allowed a few moments to calm down. We then ended with saying a prayer.

I believe I got my last spanking at 13 and my sisters would have been close to the same age.