Back in the 1980s, I would often end up at my aunt’s house to be babysat as my mom did a lot of weekend courses for her line of work at that time. I knew being at her house meant she was allowed to discipline me if necessary.

One Saturday afternoon, I was allowed to head to the mall, but only if I took my cousin, Nancy, and her friend, Jessica, with me. I was thirteen and they were both eleven at the time. I really didn’t want them to come with me because I knew I would have to watch them and keep them out of trouble. The biggest problem was, Nancy always tried to get me into trouble because she knew I would get spanked.

I agreed to take the both of them, and promised my aunt and her friend I would watch over the girls. I wanted to go to the arcade and just play some games and so on. All they wanted to do was go to every store and window shop.

We went to the food court and I got them some lunch with the money we were given. I told the two girls I wanted to go to the arcade, but they of course didn’t want to. I told them to stay in an area where I could see them while I went to the arcade to play.

About 30 minutes went by, probably even longer. I hadn’t seen or heard from either of the two girls. Being thirteen, I really didn’t care that they were gone, but I knew I had to go look for them. As I left the arcade and went looking at the stores we had already been at, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Thinking to myself I told them I would be at the arcade, so I went back there looking for them. I also knew that if something was wrong then I was going to be in for it.

Back at the arcade, I looked around and went back to the front where I saw my aunt. She looked really mad and told me to get over there. I asked her what was wrong and she said I was supposed to be watching the girls. She also asked me if I even knew where they were.

I just said, “No.”

She replied, “Then you’re in just as much trouble as they are right now.”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the arcade. We walked in to one of the stores and found the two girls in the back. They had been stopped for shoplifting. The owner of the store didn’t call the police, he just called my aunt, and whatever was said on the phone stopped him from involving them.

My aunt looked at Nancy and me, and told us we were in for it when we got back home. Then she looked at Jessica and said, “Your mom is on her way to your place and will meet us there. It was a long quiet ride home. The three of us never said a word.

When we got home, the yelling started. We all knew we were in trouble, them for shoplifting and me for not doing as I was told. I was told that if I was doing what I was supposed to do this would not have happened and we all wouldn’t be standing here. Then the girls were scolded for shoplifting itself.

There were three types of spankings with my aunt. A regular spanking with the hand, a ‘lickin’ was with the wooden spoon, and the belt, of course, was the belt. She looked at Nancy and told her and me that we were both getting a ‘lickin’.

At this time, Jessica’s mom, Tracy, walked in and was told the story. Tracy was furious with her daughter as well. She looked at Jessica and said, “You have two choices right now. You get what they’re about to get, or when we get home you’re getting the belt.

Jessica just put her head down and said, “Here.”

My aunt looked at Tracy and asked politely for her to go into the kitchen and grab the wooden spoon from the drawer.

When she came back, my aunt looked at the three of us and said, “Who is going first?”

Tracy stepped in and said, “Jessica, get over here now.”

This pretty much meant she was going to be first.

Her mom placed her in front, facing her, and told her, “You’re lucky it’s a wooden spoon. Take your pants off.”

Jessica said, “No mom, no. Not in front of them.”

I didn’t think that we were all going to be spanked together, but now even my heart started to race.

“Take them off now!” she was instructed again.

Jessica undid her pants with a lot of hesitation. As she went to pull them down, her mom pulled them down even quicker. I just looked at her as she stood there for a minute or so in her thin black panties.

Her mom said, “This will never happen again, will it?”

She just replied, “No mom.”

To my surprise, her mom pulled her panties down to her ankles, put her over her knee, and the spanking started. One smack after another. She started to scream, kick and cry. The spanking only lasted a minute or so, but her little butt was nice and red after her mom finally stopped. Her mom then stood her up and Nancy and I could see just how red her bottom was and what we were possibly in for.

Tracy handed my aunt the spoon and Isabel, my aunt, told Nancy and me that was what we were in for. She looked at me and said, “Who’s next?”

I pleaded why I had to get spanked at all. Again, she told me I was supposed to be watching the two girls and that I was in just as much trouble as they were. I walked towards her and she told me to undo my pants. I just undid my pants and pulled them down with no hesitation. I stood there in my blue and white underwear as she pulled me over her knee. She started to spank me with the spoon and stopped just after 10 swats. She pulled my underwear down, then continued.

Again, for a minute or so the hard slaps of the wooden spoon rained on my bare bottom. Crying and kicking trying to get off her knee, it felt like forever. When my spanking was done, the two girls saw all of me as I jumped around holding my bare butt. It was probably just as red as Jessica’s. Then there was one left.

Nancy was next. Her mom took off her skirt and she stood there in these thin white panties with small pink hearts all over them. Over the knee she went. Her panties came down and her spanking started as well. Again, one hard smack after another rained on her bare bottom.  Jessica and I also watched her butt go pink to red as we stood in the corner with our underwear back on. She leapt up crying and screaming and holding her own bottom as the two of us watched her jump around.

As the three of us stood there with tears in our eyes, Tracy took the spoon from my aunt and walked behind us. She went behind her own daughter and gave her three more hard swats before telling her to put her pants back on. My aunt told her to do the same to the two of us. Tracy took my arm as I tried to cover my butt. As I turned to fight it, I said, “No more! I’m sorry.”

She sat down on the chair, put me over her knee, and gave me three more swats. Then she went behind Nancy, who just stood there and took the three swats.

A few days later, the three of us were kinda shy to one another as we had all seen each other pretty much naked as we all got spanked.