This is Trina. I imagine that most of the memories of a bare-bottom paddling at school are fictional, but this one actually happened to me when I was in 11th grade. I remember it vividly so have been able to recreate it in some detail with the help of my husband Tony, who is a writer.

My high school had an award-winning choir that competed against other schools and went to the state choir competition every year, winning in my freshman and senior years. It was a very large choir, about 160 students, and you had to audition to get in. I was a good singer and got into this competition choir for my freshman year and continued throughout high school.

We had sections based on the part you were singing: first soprano, second soprano, first alto, second alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. There were seniors who were chosen by the choir director to be section leaders or assistant section leaders and, because of the number of students, the section leaders were delegated quite a bit of authority over the students in their section.

Because 80 girls were all putting on our choir robes at the same time, we did so in the girls’ locker room. Since our choir director was a man, he never came in there. He didn’t go in the boys locker room either. He relied on the section leaders to make sure everybody was changing and ready on time.

Over many years, a number of traditions had developed that made us a bit more like a fraternity/sorority than a typical high school choir. This included some hazing of the new choir members by the seniors, mostly by the section leaders, and that included a swat with a paddle when you got your choir robe for the first time. You put on the robe to cheers from your section, then you bent over, flipped up your robe and got a swat on the bottom over your clothes with a school-style paddle. Some of the section leaders just gave you a play swat, but others took the initiation quite seriously and whacked you really hard. I got a full-force whack my freshman year that brought tears to my eyes.

This was back in the day when the choir robes were quite heavy and made with wool. They were extremely hot, and nobody wanted to be sweating up a storm during a performance. On performance days, we wore really light clothing in order to stay as cool as possible. There were rumors that some singers had stripped down to their underwear, or even gone nude under their robes, but I had never seen this in my three years.

My boyfriend, Tommy, was also in the choir. In fact, that is where we met. He sang bass and I sang first soprano, and often those two sections sang the same part, which was really cool because then we could practice together. We did so often, and as our relationship deepened we spent as much time heavy petting as we did singing.

We were playing around the night before a choir performance and teasing each other when Tommy said he had a dare.

“I dare you to be naked under your choir robe tomorrow night,” he said.

I grinned and replied, “I will if you will.”

We talked about how to accomplish the dare, since we certainly weren’t going to undress in front of all the other kids in our locker rooms. I got the idea to put on my robe, then suddenly have to go to the bathroom and go in there with my robe on. Take the robe off, strip off my clothes, and put my robe back on. But then what to do with my clothes? I would have four items; blouse, bra, skirt, and panties. My boyfriend would have three; shirt, pants, and underwear. He had socks, too, but we agreed he could keep those on as that might be noticed.

He suggested that we stash our clothes behind the toilet. This was back in the day when the stalls had old-style toilets with tanks, and there always was a bit of room between the tank and the wall. The tank was big enough that clothes could be hidden back there. However, I was concerned that it might be dirty on the back side of the tank, so I told him I was planning to sneak my clothes back out to the locker room under my robe and find some other place to hide them, like in an unlocked locker. The difficulty there was getting them into the locker and then out of the locker after the concert without anybody seeing. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I definitely wasn’t going to chicken out of a dare!

The next evening I was extremely nervous. All the girls went in the locker room to get our choir robes out of the huge walk-in closet. I noticed an unlocked locker near the bathroom and left the door to it open. I put my robe on and then slipped into to the bathroom. It was a tight squeeze in the stall to get my choir robe off; usually we just lifted them up to sit down on the toilet. I had to hurry because we were going on stage soon. I wiggled out of my clothes and back into the robe, when I realized I could only put one arm in the sleeves because I needed the other hand to hold my clothes under the robe. I hoped nobody would notice. I exited the bathroom, saw no one was looking, bent down like I was adjusting my shoe and slipped my clothes under the robe into the locker, closing the door softly. I had done it!

We went out on stage and I met my boyfriend’s eyes as soon as I could. He was grinning and nodded yes. He had done it too! I guess he could have cheated and just said he did, but I believed him, and it was proven later. We performed well, but I was quite bothered by the itchy wool robe rubbing against my nipples, something I had not figured on. It was very scratchy.

As we exited the stage after the concert, I took a moment to engage my boyfriend back stage. Everyone was heading back to the locker rooms and ignored us. We kissed and he lifted his robe a few inches and showed me that he had no trousers on. I undid the top button of my robe and leaned forward so he could glance down the front and see my bare breasts. We giggled at each other.

I hustled off to the locker room and was the last one to enter. The entire girls’ choir was staring at me, not saying a word. I looked around until I found my section leader, right by the locker next to the bathroom. She was holding my clothes!

I blushed a bright red, but didn’t say anything. What was I going to say? I was caught red-handed!

My section leader gave me the evil eye. She held up my bra for all to see. There were some ooos and ahs. Then she held up my panties. There were gasps from the girls. Everybody knew I had done what had only been rumored previously, performed naked under my robe!

“So,” the section leader said, “Did Tommy go on stage naked too?”

There was no way I was going to rat out my boyfriend!

“I have no idea,” I said in a whisper, my eyes downcast to the floor.

“I bet you do have an idea,” my section leader said. Then she called over the assistant section leader, whispered something to her, and the assistant rushed out of the locker room.

Our section leader told all the girls to go hang up their robes, which takes about 15 minutes for 80 girls to do. They each could have left then, of course, but nobody did. As each girl came out of the closet, she took up a place around the locker room. They wanted to see what would happen!

By the time the girls were out of the closet, the assistant section leader had come back and whispered to my section leader. I had been staring at the floor all this time, still in my robe, and when I looked up the section leader was no longer holding my clothes. She was holding the girls’ choir paddle!

She stepped forward and addressed me. “Trina, we have consulted with Tommy’s section leader and sure enough, he was naked under his robe as well. We have agreed that both of you are to get three swats with the paddle.”

I blushed even deeper. The one swat I had as a freshman really hurt. Now I was going to get three! I hadn’t been spanked by my parents in years, and I feared it would really hurt.

My section leader pointed at a bank of lockers. “Assume the position,” she said.

I reluctantly went to the lockers, bent over and put my hands against them, and stuck my butt out. This was the way the initiation paddlings happened. I waited. Nothing.

“You forgot something,” the section leader said.

I didn’t understand. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“You forgot to lift your robe,” the section leader said.

I gasped, as did about 77 other girls; everybody but the section leader and assistant section leader. She meant to paddle me naked!

“No!” I shrieked. “I won’t do that!” But I did stay in position with my hands against the lockers and my butt out.

“Tommy took his bare,” my section leader said. “Don’t you think you deserve the same thing as your partner in crime?”

I knew she was right. But I just couldn’t do it. I kept my bent-over position with my hands on the lockers. I did not reach down to pull up the bottom of my robe. I was hoping she would change her mind.

Then I felt my robe being lifted and unceremoniously flipped up onto my back. My bare bottom was on display. The robe still hung down in the front and I had my legs together.

“The sentence is three swats on the bare butt,” my section leader said. “Do you agree?”

I nodded reluctantly but said nothing. The tears of shame were already falling.

The first swat landed with a CRACK that echoed through the locker room.

“Ow!” I cried, and jumped up and grabbed for my bottom, but all I got was a handful of robe, as it had quickly fallen back over my rear end. I glared at the section leader malevolently. She stood there with a smirk on her face, and pointed with the paddle at the lockers where I had placed my hands. I bent over again. Once again I could not bring myself to lift my robe. I felt the assistant section leader doing it for me.

“Stick it out,” the section leader said. I complied miserably. I could hear little giggles and snickers around the room.

CRACK! The second swat echoed through the locker room like a gun shot! This time I collapsed to my knees. I couldn’t turn my eyes to face anyone like after the first swat. Slowly I rose and put myself back in position. This time I had the courage to pull up my robe myself. I figured they had seen it all already. I put my hands on the lockers and stuck out my bare bottom. Last one, I told myself.

CRACK! Another echoing gun shot. I yelped and jumped up and started dancing around and grabbing my rear through the choir robe. It stung so bad! My section leader stood there holding the paddle. The assistant section leader had my clothes in her hand. They both had Cheshire cat smiles on their faces. The other girls were softly laughing at my plight.

“Are you ever going to go onstage again without your clothes on?” the section leader asked me.

“No,” I whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“Good,” the section leader said. “Then I think we are done here. I guess you better go in the bathroom and get dressed.” She turned to the other girls. “Let’s go,” she said.

I took my clothes and hurried into the bathroom. I heard the other girls leaving the locker room. I went into a stall and pulled off my robe, but came back out before putting on my clothes. I was extremely curious to see what my bottom looked like, so I turned my back to the wide mirror above the sinks and looked over my shoulder. My rear was bright red, and the right side was bruised a bit.

I went back into the stall and got dressed gingerly. Then I went to the sinks and fixed my face as best I could with a paper towel. I didn’t want anybody to see that I had been crying. I came out of the bathroom and saw that everyone was gone. They had even turned the lights off. I realized my parents must be waiting for me. I hustled into the closet and hung up my robe. Then I exited. I’m glad to say my parents didn’t ask why I was the last one out.

That night I called Tommy from my bedroom extension. We exchanged stories. He had also been paddled bare three times. He said it was really embarrassing, but that he stayed in position. He said the boys clapped and cheered after each swat, quite a bit different than the girls’ reaction to me. We promised to show each other our discolored bottoms the next time we could get together alone, which we did. By then we were laughing about it. Of course we were the talk of the choir and the story had leaked out to much of the school. Some kids thought we were idiots, others thought we were cool. The choir director never found out, and neither did our parents.

We had done the dare, and paid for it, with bare bottomed paddlings at school.