Here is a memory of my most humiliating spanking, which I can laugh about now but for years I couldn’t even talk about it because it was so embarrassing.

I grew up in the south USA near Nashville, Tennessee, in the late 1980s to early 1990s and spanking was a common form of punishment. My aunt had one of those stupid novelty paddles they sell at some truck stops and tourist traps. It had the logo ‘For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind’ with a drawing showing a bear and a deer. In a decidedly low life move, she had the paddle hanging in her kitchen. I was always intrigued by this piece of punster-driven art, but had the class not to mention it to my three younger cousins who I’m sure had been spanked by it.

In August of 1994, when I was 13 years old, almost 14, and a month before starting high school, we were over at my aunt’s house for some family function. One of Mom’s big things was to tell me she “owed me a spanking”. Of course, this was a debt I was always willing to forgive, and I was sure at my age that I was done with getting spanked. Somehow, the subject of spanking came up that day and my mother announced that she “owed me a spanking,” and I was pretty disgusted when my dweeby cousin had to inform her that his mother had a paddle she could use. As if Mom had never noticed the stupid thing! Since he had caught Mom in the heat of the moment, she thought it a pretty good idea to give some immediate feedback on how very much she cared about me. According to my family, you spanked your kids because you cared. My parents were hippies, but my mom came from a strict conservative family that believed in discipline, so I think Mom primarily wanted to show off that, despite her bohemian ways, she was in fact, firmly in charge of her precocious daughter.

So, that accommodating little doof-jerk cousin of mine went and smugly fetched the, some might say, politically incorrect implement. I heard him chuckle as Mom took my arm.

With all eyes on us, we retreated to a bedroom where the bottom whacker was applied, to my mortification, according to the “bear behind” instructions. My mom sat down on the bed and ordered me to take down my pants and panties and lean over her lap. And boy did the spanking with that paddle HURT! Let’s just say it was a much more effective bun warmer than the electric one my Aunt used at the dinner table.

But even more than that, it was extraordinarily embarrassing! Not only being spanked on the bare bottom, but knowing that my aunt, uncle, and cousins probably could hear every smack and every yelp and squeal I let out after the paddle smacked down on my bare flesh.

I can still see my cousin’s smug, amused face when I walked out of the bedroom, and did I ever want to sock him, which given the circumstances was pretty much out of the question, at least right then.