In the second year at grammar school I got my first canings from men teachers. It may sound surprising that I had not been caned by them before but the majority of my teachers were ladies. However that changed quickly in the first term. I was 13 at the time and was running along a corridor. I ran into a lady teacher, Mrs G, and knocked her over. She was furious and marched me to the deputy head. I was not taken to the Headmaster because he was on long term sick leave.

The deputy, Mr L, listened to Mrs G and then asked for my version. I admitted running in the corridor and colliding with Mrs G. He asked me what punishment I deserved for assaulting her like that. I said that I deserved a caning. He agreed and said it would be a severe caning. This made me frightened.

Although I had been caned in the first year this was my first caning by a male teacher. Mr L was a fit man in his 40s and I feared the worst. He went to a cupboard and removed a crook handled cane which looked thicker and longer than those used on me previously. He also removed a book and started writing in it. Finally he stood and removed his jacket and rolled up one of his shirt sleeves. Meanwhile Mrs G had placed a chair in the middle of the room.

I was told I was to receive six strokes and they would be on my bare bottom. He explained that he and the Headmaster were permitted to do this in serious cases. He also explained that normally the school secretary would witness his canings but on this occasion he felt it appropriate for Mrs G to do it. I agreed as she was the victim in this incident.

Mrs G stood behind the desk so I was facing her when bent over the chair. She was in her late 20s, long blond hair in a pony tail, a large curvy lady, and wearing a formal black dress with high heeled shoes. I removed my blazer and was told to stand at the chair back.

Mr L then told me to drop my trousers and pants and then bend over the chair back. I did as I was told and waited for my fate. Mr L stood alongside me and soon his cane touched my bare bottom. It felt strangely cold but that soon changed when he whipped it down for the first time. The burning pain followed and I let out a slight yelp.

The second stroke seemed harder and I yelped louder. Tears had started flowing by now. Three more strokes followed with the same result. The final stroke crashed down hard and low, making me cry out loud. Thankfully Mr L retreated behind the desk. He told me to face him. I was rubbing my bottom furiously by now, totally oblivious to the fact that my front was fully visible to both teachers.

Mr L tactfully suggested I get dressed and I realised and got dressed. Mr L asked me to apologise to Mrs G which I did before he asked how many detentions I had that term. I said one, so he awarded me one which was to be served the next night after school. This meant one more in the term meant a repeat visit to him. I was then dismissed and rapidly made my way to the toilets to freshen up.

Well, as you can guess, it did not take long before I got the third detention. It was in a music class with Mrs G as the teacher. What a surprise! The next morning my name was read out in assembly along with a fifth form girl. I was sent to the deputy Head and she was sent to the senior mistress.

Mr L was a long time coming and the girl had already had her caning before he arrived. As I expected, she left rubbing her bottom and red eyed. Finally Mr L arrived and ushered me in. The secretary soon followed. Mr L read me the riot act about my behaviour before announcing that I was to get six strokes. I removed my blazer and stood behind the chair. He ordered me to drop my trousers which I did before bending over the back of the chair.

The secretary moved forward and tucked my shirt up before gently pulling down my pants. I did not have long to wait and soon the first stroke arrived, closely followed by the next two. Mr L seemed in a hurry that day. The last three were slower and harder making me gasp as the pain arrived. The last stroke was extremely hard and low as usual. Finally it was over and I wiped my tears away.

I was told to stand and to my relief the secretary was stood behind me. She was very tactful in not adding to my embarrassment. I rubbed my bottom furiously before I was told to get dressed. I was dismissed and went to the toilet to freshen up before reporting for registration. Luckily I never visited him again but I did get three more canings in my second year but that’s to be told later.